October 25, 2022  | Volume XIX, Issue 41

Addressing Pushback on Health Equity
Health care leaders need to anticipate some resistance when making crucially important changes to close health equity gaps. This article provides guidance for health care leaders to effectively prepare for and address pushback, including using data and stories to harness curiosity as an antidote to fear and resistance.

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AHA Equity of Care Award Applications Open
AHA's Carolyn Boone Lewis Equity of Care Awards are given annually in recognition of outstanding efforts among hospitals and health care systems to advance equity of care to all patients and to spread lessons learned and progress toward diversity, inclusion and health equity. To provide more equitable opportunities for various types of hospitals and health systems to be recognized for advancing health equity, the awards have been redesigned so hospitals and health systems can apply to the category that best represents their progress on the health equity journey. 
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COVID-19 Community Transmission Level:
CDC's COVID-19 data that DC Health uses to measure levels of transmission.
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August 2022 Utilization Report
Highlights: Looking at utilization metrics, all measures show an increase in volumes this month. Emergency department visits went from -27% last month to -25% this month below pre-COVID baselines. The biggest increase in volumes was for ambulatory surgeries going from -21% to -4% below baselines (see Fig. 1). Moreover, there is an increase in newborn admissions, the highest volume in the last 15 months as depicted in Table 11 of the report.
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Hospitals Play Vital Role in America's Health
Hospitals and health systems and their teams have been on the front lines battling the COVID-19 pandemic for nearly two years. Despite the many challenges they have faced, the dedication to patient care has never been stronger and all members of our hospital teams have remained steadfast in their commitment to provide care and improve health. Hospitals and health care workers have stood strong for their communities, and they have a vital role in our society to keep communities healthy. THANK YOU!
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Skilled Nursing Facility Provider Preview Reports: Review by November 14
Review your data by November 14 for the SNF Provider Review Reports and contact CMS if you have questions. The data will be published on Care Compare and in the Provider Data Catalog in January.  
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No Cost Sharing for COVID-19 Boosters for Young Children
Insured and uninsured American children aged 5-11 can receive the new bivalent Pfizer and Moderna COVID-19 boosters at no cost as long as the federal government continues to purchase and distribute them, the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS) announced. As a reminder, regardless of what coverage you have, or whether you have coverage at all, COVID-19 vaccines are free to anyone who wants one, for both children and adults. This coverage is part of the ongoing commitment to protect children against severe COVID-19 illness.  

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ONE-DC Membership Meeting

Are you interested in shaping the future of nursing and health care in the District of Columbia? Learn about ONE-DC, the voice of nurse leadership in the District, on October 27 from 5:30-7:30 pm at The George Washington University Hospital Auditorium. This meeting is open to current and prospective members of ONE-DC.

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Resiliency Educational Sessions: Compassion & Civility
DCHA is sponsoring a webinar series, powered by the Maryland of Healthcare Education Institute (MHEI), to support wellness and resiliency among our hospitals. As leaders and staff, you may be interacting with patients, families and visitors who seem a little more impatient and a tad more demanding. Maybe as leaders and staff we are even more impatient and demanding with each other. This session provides an opportunity to reset expectations among employees as well as strategies to address incivility coming from patients, families, and visitors.
  • October 26, 2022 @ Noon
  • November 7, 2022 @ 4 pm
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Resiliency Educational Sessions: Self-Care & Well-Being
Compassionate care starts with self-care and well-being. This session explores the value in taking care of self and strategies for well-being that can positively impact physical, social, and career well-being.
  • October 26, 2022 @ 7:30 am
  • November 15, 2022 @ Noon
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Give the Gift of Warmth This Season
No one should go without warm, dry socks, but too often, those living on the street do. Let's give the gift of warm and toasty feet; and warm the sole and soul this season. DCHA is partnering with Catholic Charities for distribution to community members in need. All donated socks will be picked up by DCHA by November 4. Participating hospitals include Howard University Hospital, Psychiatric Institute of Washington, St. Elizabeths Hospital and The George Washington University Hospital.
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Emergency Room, 911, Urgent Care, Doctor Visit: Which One?
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Measuring Quality and Operational Efficiencies Across Continuum of Care
Improving the quality and safety of patient care is critical for success in value-based care models. More than 80% of the care delivered by integrated delivery systems occurs in ambulatory-care facilities or other outpatient settings. Quality and safety initiatives in nonacute-care settings can achieve goals central to value-based care success, such as disease prevention, chronic-care management, reductions in avoidable emergency department visits and hospitalizations, lower costs and improved population health. This executive dialogue looks at how leading hospitals and health systems are redefining their care continuum and adopting innovative ways to collect and use performance data to build patient-centered and high-value care delivery models.
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Better Care Delivery Starts with SDoH Ecosystem
November 9, 2022  |  2 pm  |  Webinar

As the industry shift to value-based care continues, payers and providers are looking for ways to deliver better care, particularly to those in greatest need. The biggest barrier? Information silos. When care managers, providers, payers, community organizations, and members are all using disparate systems that aren’t sharing insights in real time, outcomes suffer. And that’s not just for patients, but also for the staff tasked with caring for them and for the community as a whole. Learn how connecting the entire care continuum across a closed-loop SDoH ecosystem will expand access for greater health equity while delivering better outcomes.
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