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Baby Brioche Sweater

I am trying out a little brioche experiment.
These nice summer colours of Eco-Fusion will look lovely on my little girl. Even if the sweater probably won’t be finished until Fall... 😬
I just love how the texture of this knit is turning out and the endless possibilities of different colour combinations turn my mind to contemplations of a matching set of mommy-daughter sweaters, with some changes and tweaks. But being a prime member of the #slowknittersclub, I am daunted by the time it will take me to knit an adult size sweater.
Still, it is very tempting. I love to contemplate new variations on a project as I’m working on it. Sometimes to the extent that I can’t even bring myself to finish the first project 🙈
Anyone else get carried away like this? I think it’s part of the creative process, but a scattered brain with loads of WIPs and finish-itis does not contribute to the number of actual finished projects...

Sometimes I think knitting is more about the process than the result, for me.

I’m considering other yarns too, I think Amble would be fantastic for a brioche sweater like this as well.

How-to 2 colour Brioche

Basic instructions for knitting 2 colour brioche in the round

I thought it would be nice to share the how-to for knitting 2 colour brioche in the round. You can't really call it a pattern, it's just a very basic set of instructions.
There are doubtless many other ways to do it, but this is how I do it, so here goes:
  • Row 1 and all odd rows: knit, in MC. 
  • Row 2 and all even rows: purl, in CK.
  • Always slip purlwise.
Cast on & setup:
Cast on an even number of stitches in MC in the round very loosely. 
  • Row 1 in MC: knit all stitches.
  • Row 2 in CK: YO, slip 1 purlwise, purl 1. Repeat.
  • Row 3 in MC: Knit stitch & YO together, YO, slip 1 purlwise. Repeat. (Last stitch on this row: YO + slip.)
  • Row 4 in CC: YO, slip 1 purlwise, purl stitch & YO together. Repeat. (Last stitch of this row: purl stitch & YO together → don’t forget the YO!)
Repeat row 3 and 4.


Slow motion knitwise (odd rows) two colour brioche in the round
Slow motion purlwise (even rounds) two colour brioche in the round


An ode to one of my favorite yarns

So I’m using Eco-Fusion for the baby sweater, which is a blend of eco cotton and bamboo by Nurturing Fibres.
It is one of my favorite go-to yarns for all seasons. It is lush and very soft for a plant based yarn, it has this cheeky little twinkle which is more or less obvious depending on the colour.
In good old stockinette stitch, it has a wonderful drape, when held double it is a great yarn for cosy sweaters and cardigans, and with a Fisherman's Rib or Brioche stitch the texture just feels absolutely lovely.

But mostly I love it because of the fabulous colour palette. Eco-Fusion is hand dyed and the colours are very lively, reminding me somewhat of aquarelle colours. They’re intense, but not over-dyed or harsh.
The colours combine wonderfully, whether you prefer a subtle difference between colours that are very similar, or want to play with different hues and tones, or entirely different colours like I have used.

Combine similar colours such as Fawn and Coco

Combine different hues such as Cornflower and Aventurine

Combine any neutral with any pop colour,
such as Charcoal and Lime

For this little sweater I have gone quite wild – well, for me that is. I’m usually much more into subtle contrasts.
But for once I have gone for a candy cane effect, with the colours Ruby Pink and Bessie. And as I am knitting and thinking about all those other colours of Eco-Fusion, I can’t stop fantasizing about more brioche projects with this yarn. Maybe this mom-kid duo sweater will manifest into being one day after all!

Ruby Pink and Bessie

Right side
Wrong side
The real beauty of 2 colour brioche is of course its fascinating reversibility. Ideally the mom-kid sweaters would be reversible... But I think that is a bridge too far for me 😅
But cowls, scarves, skirts, ponchos... relatively straightforward knits that can worked in the round are ideal for reversible 2 colour brioche knitting like this!

More yarn love

Amble: Eco (sock) yarn by The Fibre Company

Amble is a fingering weight yarn made from a blend of eco-friendly washable wool and alpaca for comfort and recycled nylon for strength.
Although designed especially for sock knitting, this soft and durable yarn is also great for easy-to-care sweaters and accessories.

The Fibre Co named this yarn Amble to reflect the kind of slow relaxed walking they enjoy in the English Lake District. 
View all colours of Amble

Also available in mini skeins

Check out Amble mini's

Patterns for Amble

One sock booklet.
A classic top-down sock pattern to fit all feet.

View here
Planetary by Melanie Berg.


Clearance sale on KOKON Handspun

Very last skeins of KOKON Handspun.
When they're gone, they're gone!

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