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We have a new webshop
It seemed to take forever, but since a week it's finally live.
Not perfect yet, not complete yet, but the new webshop is there!

It may take some getting used to. It sure does for me. And if you're missing things - you're right! I still have to put on things like the Needle Library and the Project Club.

But the new platform has much-needed upgrades.
Such as reviews. And checking out without VAT, when you're ordering from outside the EU. Previously, I had to refund the VAT manually. Now this is done automagically.
And there are some more options and possibilities that I will set up a.s.a.p. Like a "notify me when this is back in stock" - button. How convenient would that be?!

So I really hope that, once you're used to the new look, you will enjoy this new webshop!
Would you do me a kindness?

Like I said, the new webshop allows for product reviews. But with a brand new webshop, it's still rather empty. And that looks a bit, well, sad really.

You would help us enormously by posting a review!
This image is just an example where to find the review links, you can review any product.

Just click "be the first to review this product" and tell us how you liked your purchase.

Whether or not your kid is still running around in those knitted garments. How your needles are to live with. How you liked the shipping process. How accurate the colour as pictures was in real life.

Help us out - leave a review on a product

Meet our packing rockstar

A small business is nothing without the people who support it. Spouses, family members, friends. So many people helping out in so many ways, big and little. Without them it would be impossible to let Yarnz become more than a hobby.

I want to express my special, heartfelt thanks to this lady. Karen has already done a lot for us in the background. And starting tomorrow she'll hold a key position in Yarnz. She will take the load of stock management off my shoulders and also pack the webshop orders with even more love and care than I did.

Karen is immersing herself in the world of Yarnz and loving every minute of it.

We've had such fun working together already! It's wonderful when you can work with people who only need half a word, and laugh together, and just have fun doing what you love.
It's just better when you can share 😄 and build on something together with others.

I am back home now and will return to her place tomorrow, for a couple more days of working together.

Yarn news

New: Nomadnoos
Gorgeous handspun Yak, Sartuul and Camel yarn, handspun and sustainably sourced.
Bio Balance
Lots is back in stock, the rest will follow soon (in a couple of weeks max).
New vegan yarn: ReJeans
A soft and durable cotton yarn, made from recycled jeans. 
Is this goodbye?
No more From the Mountain Cashmere for a while...
Running a social business is really not only always good news about the good works and beautiful products and happy people and unicorns etc... 😓

We had a good thing going with this precious cashmere. It provided dignified and well paid work for the Afghan women, many of whom are widowed and need to care for their children as well as earn a living. It was an unparalleled luxury yarn for handknitting.

But Aghanistan is currently just too dangerous for production or transportation. The produces does not expect any shipments at all anymore this year. Apparently the news on Al Jazeera reports a lot of fighting, and also natural disasters like floods in the region.

Such things are not fixed in a couple of week's time. If ever... 😞

My heart breaks for all those people who just try to live their lives, raise their kids, and who have to live through such violence from all sides.
I can only hope that the situation will change enough for courageous people to start making a difference again. So that we can help do our bit, being part of a chain of honest trade. I'm not any good at world politics, but I strongly feel that we have the power to empower others by how we spend our money. A well established co-operation may just help that little bit towards a peaceful stability. 🙏
Preorder yarn kit for #Nelltunic
Deadline May 29.
The pattern for the Nell Tunic by Eri Shimizu will launch on July 01.
In response to popular demand, Eri will also host a KAL.
More info about Eri and her beautiful designs via Ravelry (click).

The preorder deadline is May 29.
Preorder here

In the spotlights: Brittany Needles

Brittany was the first brand of knitting needles that Yarnz started out with. And I'm still happy and proud to stock them 😄

Brittany knitting needles & crochet hooks are made in the USA from sustainably harvested Birch and Black Walnut. These finely crafted wooden tools are hand finished and exactly sized. They are not only beautiful to look at but feel warm and smooth in your hands and are a pleasure to work with.

These exquisite needles are handcrafted by Chris and Michri themselves, in small batches with extreme care.
Sustainably produced walnut wood is not available in abundant supplies, but happily most of the Black Walnut needles are back in stock now!

Thanks for making it all the way to the bottom

And I *really* hope you like our new webshop and will leave a review on one of our products! 🙏

With love, Michèle

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