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Your inbox is probably full of newsletters on how businesses deal with Corona, and how difficult these times are for everybody.
I will not tire you by repeating more of the same ;)

But if you like a little more insight in how things are going on Planet Yarnz, do read on. We still have our health, which is of course the most important thing. But we are going through difficult times all the same.

I hope you and your loved ones are still going strong! 

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Commercial consequences.
Sales have plummeted - is it Corona or just a coincidence?

Well, I did promised some open-hearted sharing of how things are going. In terms of orders, they're going badly.

It seems rather coarse to focus on the commercial side of this horrible pandemic. Still, this a hard reality too. Not only for me, but for many other (small) businesses as well.

I realise that I am probably very lucky compared to other yarn shops, who have had to shut down their brick-and-mortar store. But a webshop isn't free either, I too have to pay the rent.

It's a strange thing. Wouldn't you expect that people spend more on knitting and other handicraft in these days of isolation and even quarantine? Am I doing something wrong then, or missing something here?
On the other hand, many people are hit very hard both emotionally and financially. If you can't visit a sick loved one, or not even attend a funeral, you may not be in the mood for creativity. Also, people lose their jobs or their income from their business in consequence of Corona. Or have a very real fear that they might, in the near future...

We see here on the news that some businesses are booming and some are bleeding.
Yarnz is bleeding.
The orders that we do receive are very small ones. It's a real trend all of a sudden. A set of needles here, 2 skeins of yarn there.
We treasure all our customers, we really do. And not everything always has to be only about making money.

Besides, I do understand that you might be able to afford just one or two skeins, especially now. I wouldn't want to deny you that treat.

Yes there is a Big But. 
There is a limit to this amiable philosophy. I can't run a business on ideals alone.
If I only receive orders that actually cost me money, or break even at best, I can't keep going.

"How can an order COST money, you silly woman?
People pay for their stuff, don't they?"

Well, yes. The problem is the shipping.

I charge only a part of the actual shipping costs. It depends a bit on the destination country, the weight and size of the parcel, etc. But in general, it costs me (much) more to send your parcel to you than what you actually pay in shipping fees.

This has been totally OK for a long time. It's a bit of give-and-take. On larger orders we make some profit, on smaller ones we don't. Sometimes we get a really big order, which is nice - or a really small one, which costs money.
It used to balance out, more or less.

And of course, as a young business, what you really want is to shift your stuff. You want to make sales, get things going, grow your audience, please your regular customers who are so invaluable, expand and get to know new customers, etc etc... Profit can come later!

Well, yeah. But it has to come at some point 😅 

"Well, just raise the shipping fees then!
Oh wait no, I don't really want that, do I..."

Yep, there you have it. To fix this, I'd either have to raise my product prices, which I think is not very transparant and also unfair.
Or charge more for shipping.

If I raise the shipping fees and free shipping threshold, you will either have to spend more in one order to get free shipping, or pay a higher fee for the shipping costs.
I hesitate to raise shipping fees, especially in these Corona times.
It seems hardly suitable to raise the price now, when so many people are suffering.

Like I said, right now people may be able to afford just one or two skeins of the less expensive yarn.
I wouldn't want to deny anyone that treat.
In fact, you deserve a small prize 🏆  for still choosing eco products even when you yourself are in trouble!
So, what to do?
I don't know yet, perhaps a solution will come to me. In a way, communicating about this with my customers like this - however indirect and intangible - helps me clear my mind.

Or possibly the cycle will change again and things will look better in the near future.

Want to help now?

Not just us. Think also of other yarn shops and small businesses that can really do with a bit of (financial) help.


Suggestion #1: buy Gift Cards


Treat yourself to a future shopping spree to look forward to. Also very handy if parcel delivery near you is delayed at the moment.

Or treat a friend, a mother, a neighbour, any loved one who is having a rough time.
People you miss, can't visit, can't give a hug, perhaps can't even send a parcel to right now.

View our Gift Cards here.

Suggestion #2: follow @Coronayarnfestival on Instagram


No, this is not a party to celebrate Corona. On the contrary.

It's a virtual yarn festival to support yarn shops, let yarn lovers come together and generally spread some love and cheer in difficult times.

Check it out on Instagram.

Suggestion #3: keep smiling and share the love:


Lighten up - some more yarn fun!


Dried Lavender Shawl by Giulia Bertelli from Un Peu Sauvage

Two versions in 2 different yarns!


With Balayage
(Alpaca & organic wool)
With Eco-Fusion
(Cotton & bamboo)
Dried Lavender is a new Project Club edition, to be launched mid April. (If Corona doesn't destroy the world.)
Find more info about our Project Club on our website. Membership is free, no obligations, only creativity.
Tell me more about this Project Club

New colours of Eco-Fusion

Arrived just in time before the South African lockdown.


Meet Rose, Mulberry, Gluhwein and Squirrel 💖
I want!

Mystery yarn... coming soon!

A sneak peek of this gorgeous plant dyed yarn that will soon be added to the Yarnz family. I am still stunned with the intensity of the colours and the variations in shades.
By an indie dyer friend from Italy, I stole this image from her website 😁
Maybe you recognise it?


Planned for mid/end April as well - if Corona doesn't wreak more havoc 🤞
Life has always been a messy business, but things are even harder to plan these days!

Being pregnant in times of Corona

Everything is the same and everything is different

Me, Mr. Yarnz and the little one in my belly are all doing really well.
The biggest complaint that I have is that I am very tired, because I sleep very badly. That is of course inconvenient, but on the grand scheme of things it's not really a big deal.

Our due date is June the 3rd. How Corona will influence us by then is a major issue for me now. How much freedom will we still have to deliver our baby in the way that we want? (Insofar as you can plan these things, of course.) It seems probable that we can't have the people with us that we would wish, even when giving birth at home. Afterwards, visits will probably also be limited, or even impossible.

Strange and difficult times, in many big and small ways.
Meanwhile, my baby bump is growing steadily 😆

Strangely enough, I don't spend much time knitting at the moment. There is still so much to sort out and to learn, this is my first pregnancy after all.

And needing lots of extra sleep doesn't really boost my efficieny either...
Our resident superhero Karen is still ready and eager to pack your orders with her usual loving care. Even when I can't afford to pay her for her work 🙈

And even when I'm having the baby in a couple of week's time! There might be some slight delay of course, but we hope and expect that it will mostly be business as usual.

In the spotlight

Tutti Frutti cowl
A previous Project Club edition and now a special offer in collaboration with Butzeria.
To soften some of the Corona blues, you get the pattern for free with the kit. Valid until April 19.
View the Tutti Frutti kit here
Haru Koharu
Collab between KOKON and Eri Shimizu

Extra edition, shipping by the end of April. We have a few kits left to pre-order.
View the Haru Koharu kits here

Thank you for making it all the way to the end 

Your support is what makes Planet Yarnz go round.
Take care of each other, stay happy & healthy!


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