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Preorder yarn kit for #Nelltunic

The pattern for the Nell Tunic by Eri Shimizu will launch on May 01.
In response to popular demand, Eri will also host a KAL.
More info about Eri and her beautiful designs via Ravelry (click).

Making the Fair Way Project Club

We're so happy and proud that the talented Meret of Butzeria has designed our next Project Club Edition.
I can't wait to reveal what the double knitting queen has come up with for us!

We will launch this new kit at the Swiss Yarn Festival on March 30 🎊
And of course our members will get first access via email and the VIP part of our webshop.

If you haven't already, you're welcome to join our Project Club. With the Project Club, you gradually fill your wardrobe with sustainable and versatile handmade items. Membership is free, no obligations, no strings attached 👌

Swiss Yarn Festival

Preparations for the Swiss Yarn Festival are in full swing.

As I have still not figured out a way to be in two places at the same time, I'll have to impose a shipping stop again around the festival.
This will probably be from approx. 25-03 until about 03-04. I don't know the exact days yet, keep an eye on our social media and our website.

New: Pascuali Nepal

100% vegan yarn
Nepal is a soft, all-season vegan yarn.

A blend of cotton (GOTS), linen and nettle.

Coming soon...

I'm so happy and proud to soon welcome the wonderful yarns of Nomadnoos to our collection 💕 

This beautiful handspun and sustainably sourced Yak, Camel and Sartuul yarn will make its debut at the Swiss Yarn Festival.

Also coming soon...

Besproke. Organic. British.
Gorgeous organic laceweight Cairngorm.

This new collection by Garthenor Organic is to be launched soon, and Yarnz will be one of the first stockists! 🤩

New website

I'm still working like crazy on a new webshop.
It has been a lot of work to find the right platform, and now it's even still more work to set everything up.
But it will be worth it!

The old patterns will not be copied to the new webshop however, and a few others may be added only after the launch.

Bring on Spring!

Plus size sweater quantities

In the online discussion about inclusiveness, discrimination and racism in the knitting community, I am looking at my own behaviour and choices. And I noticed another voice, that of another underrepresented and often slighted group of people. The voice of the plus size knitter/crocheter.

Apart from having to deal with disrespect and all sorts of judgment, you also often face a practical problem. The yarn shop simply doesn’t stock enough yarn for a project in your size.

Now I cannot begin to understand the pain of being constantly denied to be the way you are. The big and the little ways in which a majority says “but not you”, intentionally or not. If you have experienced this pain, know that I feel for you. And if I have been in some way the cause of that pain, I apologise for it.

So, back to what I can do. I see one pretty obvious thing that I can do, and that is to stock enough yarn for plus sizes. Because I understand that it must be frustrating to hear “we don’t have that much in stock, but if you really need it, of course we can order it for you” all the time.

On the other hand, as a small businessowner it is very difficult for me to have 10 or 20 or more skeins of all colours of all of my yarns. It’s a bit embarrassing, but I simply cannot afford that (yet).

So here’s my suggestion. I am now more aware of the frustrations of the plus size knitter, and I will bear those in mind. I will make sure that I stock as much plus size quantities as possible.

You, dear plus size knitter, I beg that you will help me. Tell me what you need, via social media, or privately in an email (, whatever you prefer. You are part of my community and I cherish you. Please don’t hesitate to reach out and inquire, if you need more yarn than I have in stock, or if you have any other questions or suggestions.

That is then and this is now.

For now, you may like to know that I already have quite a lot colours of Bio Shetland in large quantities, and Eco-Fusion, Garthenor and KOKON merino follow close behind. 

And for the luxury yarns, we also have the Large Project Benefits scheme, which gives you 10% off on 10 skeins or more.
More info:

Fair all round with Large Project Benefits

These sustainable luxury yarns apply for LPB, all year round
KOKON Merino
From the Mountain Cashmere
Nurturing Fibres
Supertwist Sock
Nurturing Fibres
KidSilk Lace
Large Project Benefits in a nutshell:
5 - 9 skeins = 5% off
10 or more skeins = 10% off
More info about Large Project Benefits

Each handmade item has a story to tell

There is always a story to a handmade item. Some are spectacular, some are more ordinary, but a handmade item always has a story to tell.

I started with these colours (Peat and Manx Moorit) in a brioche knitting experiment. Had some inspiration for a poncho or perhaps a sweater. Left it lying around for a while and then pulled it out, for another idea. Left that, too.

And it turns out that they were meant for me to knit socks with, during the final days of my grandmother's life. So these socks are particularly dear to me for their comfort, on many levels.

In some ways, she was not an “easy to love” character, and life itself had left its marks too. She was an accomplished Complainer, could be very demanding, and had a gift for alienating the people she cared about.

She was also vulnerable, kind, and had a mind broad enough to accommodate three football fields and a bowling alley (yes, that’s Terry Pratchett, too). For example she was absolutely comfortable with LBGT+, which is not usual for her generation. “What does it matter, girl, so long as people are happy and love each other?” Succinct and to the point, kudos to you, grandma.

As she grew older and older, she became more and more self-absorbed, as is often the way with the very ancient. I am grateful that we had enough time to get to know each other when her mind was still sharp, and that her heart would let me in despite its bruises.
We found common ground in our love of knitting, when I was in my early 20s or so, and we built on that. In this picture, we’re on a short holiday together, rampaging through a beautiful little Dutch town somewhere. It was one of those warm Summery Springs, she in a wheelchair, me pushing her along on those picturesque little damn cobblestones and sweating like a pig, and she loudly commenting on everything and everyone she saw. It was hilarious.

She lived through a world war, buried three children and a husband, survived breast cancer and pulmonary embolism. She was sinfully fond of chocolate and all things sweet. She was my mother’s mother. She left 5 children and a score of grandchildren and great-grandchildren behind. She was 92 years old. I loved her.

Me & my mother's mother 💖

Thanks for making it all the way to the bottom

Have a lovely day today, and #bekind
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