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Hi <<First Name>>

I realised that I have been sending out newsletters that more or less only consisted of price announcements.
Well enough in its way, but there is much more to us than that! If you're interested in some inspiration, yarny goodness and news & love from Planet Yarnz, keep on reading.

Crafting Fair the Handwerkbeurs in Ghent
It was quite the adventure for us. Of course we're regulars at the yarn festivals Breidagen by now, but that doesn't mean we can "do" any event just like that.
It was our first time abroad - OK, Holland to Belgium is not at all far away. But it did mean staying in an AirB&B, managing our stock in a different way, setting up a booth instead of a market stall, etc.
A yarn festival on a grander scale than what we're used to.

And of course we had no idea how the fest would be. Would it be busy? Would we be overwhelmed or bored to death? Would people come and visit us, would they be interested in our products and our message?
Would people buy from us..?
What if nobody likes us.... 

Anxieties and insecurities like that, you get the picture ;)

But as you can see, we had a blast! 🤩
Joos and me rocking it at the Crafting Fair Handwerkbeurs Gent.
Yes, it was busy, but in a manageable way. We had plenty of time to catch our breath and, also important, to catch up with fellow exhibitors.
Yes, sometimes we were overwhelmed. And admittedly, sometimes a bit bored too. It's all part of the dynamics of such an event.

And YES people did come to visit us! It was great to see our Belgian friends, who had already bought from us in the webshop at some point, and now meet them in real life.
And YES people were interested in our products and our message of Making the Fair Way. Yes, people bought stuff from us. And I think that in general, we were not wholly disliked... ;)

So yeah, do this again next year..?
It's been almost a week and I'm still catching my breath, haha. So I can't make any promises yet. But if we can manage it at all, the yes, I would like to join again next year!
Sneak peek: Michèle's dream project
You might have seen this on our social media. Me finally sitting down after the Handwerkbeurs aftermath, with a cuppa and my pet project. This is a sneak peek into a dream of mine.

I'm testing this yarn to find out if it can make this dream come true... It will be a long road, but oh so worth it! If it works out...

I'm not ready to reveal the ins and outs yet. Partly because I don't want to jinx it, partly because I don't want to raise expectations, partly because it will probably take forever to get this done... and admittedly also because I like keeping this to myself for now 😏
But keep an eye out for updates. If I can get this thing done, it will be jaw-droppingly GORGEOUS!
Do you have a dream yarn, material, colour palette, dyeing technique?

We're on the prowl for new yarns to add to our collection, so I appreciate all suggestions. Send us a line at or reply to this email.

(Of course our first requirement is that the yarn is sustainably produced.)
New yarn!
Coming soon to Planet Yarnz:
New colours KOKON Merino
✨ Moon, Star, Cosmos & Space ✨
We're as chuffed as a seagull with a French fry that we have this unique yarn in our collection.

KOKON Merino is a sustainably sourced luxury yarn from South Africa. It is hand dyed in an exquisite palette, by a small team of independent women. They get those things that should be a matter of course for all people, like a fair wage, sick leave and holidays.
The yarn is guaranteed mulesing-free (if you don't know what mulesing is and have the stomach for it, google it. Warning: you will find horrible images. We explain it in less bloody detail here on our website.)

We hope to welcome these new subtle greys mid December.
Want to get to know this unique yarn?
We also have mini-skeins available in our webshop!
Show me!
Needlework Retreat
A crafting mini-holiday
Today, Autumn is suddenly tightening its grip on us. Grey, wet weather, a bite in the wind and a hint of frost in the air. It makes me so look forward to our needlework-mini-holiday in January!

A couple of days where you have to do nothing at all except enjoy yourself with your needlework. Sounds like pure bliss to me...

All lovers of textile crafts from all countries are welcome, whether beginner or advanced makes no difference whatsoever.
The retreat is about you doing what you love, at your own pace, in a comfortable and inspiring environment.

You can find more info & book a Needlework Retreat for one or for two on our website.
More info & booking
Swiss Yarn Festival
Yeah, that's right. We have hardly recovered from the previous event, or we're already planning the next one 😆
(In our defense, these things have to be planned well in advance...)

Anyway, so forward the drumroll, fireworks and dancing girls... WE'RE GOING TO THE SWISS YARN FESTIVAL!!

30 & 31 March 2019 in a gorgeous venue, the Riverside hotel in Glattfelden.

The bees' knees of yarnshops will attend, check them all out on the SYF Website.
Free international returns
So here's another crazy idea. We're offering free international returns.

Meaning that if you order something from our webshop and wish to return it, you don't have to pay the shipping costs to send your items back to us.
We have been blessed with very few returns up till now, even though return shipping within Holland is already free.
So we're taking a leap of faith and offer free returns for all international orders.

Obviously it's quite a financial risk for us. We're no Amazon. But the idea is not that people start buying loads of things they don't really want anyway and then return them.
The idea is that it is a vote of confidence. We realise that you, as a customer, are taking a risk when you order from us. With the free returns service, we show that we are as good as we say we are. That our products are really high quality and that you will not be disappointed.
And if, for whatever reason, you are disappointed, we will fix it for you.

I haven't announced it on the Social Media or on our website yet, but prefer to share this new service first with our newsletter friends.
Not that it's a secret, feel free to share this information with your friends. But we'll see how it goes, perhaps we will come back from this with our tails between our legs. But I hope and trust it will turn out to be as successfull as our free-returns policy within Holland!
Just in: new HiyaHiya Flyers!
These flexible double-pointed needles come in sets of 3 and are available in Steel and Sharp. They're perfect for socks, sleeves, hats, etc, anything with a small circumference.

Two of the needles are used to hold the stitches of your knitting, while the third is used to knit with. Because there are less needle transitions, knitting with the Flyers will be quick and smooth.
Show me these Flyers
Hand crafted DPNs
We love new gadgets, but we're just as fond of The Olde Ways...

Hand crafted and sustainably sourced by Brittany Needles, these finely crafted tools are made in California by the Barnes family since 1976.
Their knitting needles and crochet hooks are not only beautiful to look at, but feel warm and smooth in your hands. Birch wood nurtures sensitive fingers, while its tensile strengh and stability maintains size, resists warping and allows for an extremely smooth surface.
Made from sustainably harvested birch and packed in 100% recycled paperboard.
View Brittany's craftsman and -womanship
The perfect gift for a crafty friend
(Or for yourself 🙈)
Koel Magazine issue 7 and Brittany's Walnut knitting needles.
A match made in heaven.
It's that time of the year again...

And whilst we don't join in the Black Friday frenzy, we do hope that you will think of us when you do your (gift) shopping.

You get amazing products and you make us happy dance... win-win!
Thank you!

Your interest, support and your purchases make all of us a part of the ever growing movement of sustainable crafting and fashion. Thank you for being a part of it, and for reading our emails!

Do you miss the Dutch translation of this mail? Let me know.

Have a lovely weekend,

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