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We can't make it

We cancelled the yarn festival "Handwerkbeurs Ghent"

I am so truly and deeply sorry about this. Because I was really looking forward to seeing our Belgian friends again, to meet new people, and to see other yarnshop friends again.
Events like these aren't just about selling stuff, they're just as much - or even more so - about feeling the connection, sharing the love of crafting, about inspiration and making it happen together.

Still, I have to cancel. Because of personal circumstances.
Usually, this means something very sad. But even though one of the consequences is sad, because I really don't like to cancel the yarn festival, in this case the "personal circumstances" are actually quite happy!
Yup, you're looking at it, the "personal circumstances"...

I am expecting a baby!

Me and Mr Yarnz are over the moon...
Only the temporary downside is that I am feeling sick as a dog and have been for weeks... I had hoped I'd feel better in time for the event, but I don't.
A yarn festival is already a very intense event for "normal" people.
Right now I just can't cope!
Sad, but true. I wish it were otherwise, but I have to take care of myself and my going-to-be-little one...

So it's good news with a sad consequence.
What do we do, be happy or sad?
Can we be both?

To make it up to you

10% discount on November 08 to 10

We don't usually do sales. You can read more about our pricing strategy and the how & why of this here.

So this is a big exception. But I reckon such a big disappointment/such great news deserves a treat. I know I need one... so here goes!

A "celebratory" No-Show Sale

10% off on November 08-09-10.

No coupon needed.
Valid on everything, 
except items that are already on clearance sale.

Shop the No-Show Sale on Nov 08 to 10
For all our yarn friends.
For everybody who was looking forward to seeing us again. Who wanted to show us how a sweater has turned out. Or to ask personal advise on colours, or see our yarns in real life.
For everybody who was interested to learn more about our Project Club and who were looking forward to seeing the latest issue, Tendresse, in real life.
For everybody who will miss us. We'll surely miss you.

And also for everybody who has never seen us in real life before.
For those of you who were looking forward to meeting us for the first time.
And also those of you who didn't even realize that we were gonna be there ;) we might have met anyway.

And even for those who weren't planning on going to this yarn festival at all. Either because you can't (for example I know that some of you lovelies live on the other side of the earth) or because you just don't like these crowded events, or whatever reason.

The No-Show Sale is for everybody.
Whether you wish to celebrate and congratulate me, or grieve that we can't come to Ghent, or both.

Shop the No-Show Sale on Nov 08-09-10

New colours of Nomadnoos

A selection:

Today I Accomplish Zero
In Stitches Over
Rainbow Yaka
Mountains in my Bag
View all Nomadnoos yarns here

KOKON Handspun

Coming soon 💖

Non - superwash
Ultra soft and squishy
Hand spun merino
Qualifies for Large Project Benefits
Expected mid/end December

Big clearance sale

It's a bit sad... but also fun!
Get these yarns now at a huge discount.


approx 30% - or even 50% off!

Nurturing Fibres Kidsilk
View all
Nurturing Fibres Supertwist DK
View all

My mother-in-law artfully combined the speckled and semi-solid colours of Supertwist DK, using Roxy's Cafe for the body and Smokey Nights for the cabled border, cuffs and collar 💜
She used 800g of yarn. (Unfortunately I do not have the pattern for this sweater.)
Nurturing Fibres Supertwist Sock
View all
Manos del Uruguay Alegria
View all
KOKON Alpaca Worsted Weight.
View all
KOKON Alpaca Lace Weight
View all
Check out all the yarn on clearance sale

Project Club


Cozy knitting during the long autumn nights and dreaming of windy, salty walks on deserted beaches...

Alina Popovici from La Maille aux Tableaux has designed our latest Project Club issue!

Join our Project Club and gradually fill your wardrobe with handmade, sustainable staple pieces.
Swoooooooooooooooooon..! 😍

Coming soon: the Tendresse-for-kiddies
and the Mummy & Baby set
(or Daddy & Baby, or Granny & baby, or... )
Join our Project Club

Thanks for making it all the way to the end

And thanks always for your support and interest.
I am really sorry about the yarn festival, but I trust in your understanding and forgiveness. And I hope you will enjoy our "celebratory" No-show sale...

With love, Michèle

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