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February, 2015
New education initiatives are being launched, a new student forum is formed and field campaigns are rolling throughout the Arctic realm.
The ASP UpDate is distributed twice a year (September & February) to highlight activities within the ASP. Visit our website to find information on ASP research, logistics, education and upcoming events!
Featured News story: Climate change redistributes fish species at high latitudes (link)
ASP-ICE: One of our partners (University of Manitoba) is leading a large multi-institutional, international, multisectoral research consortium through the Arctic Science Partnership to pursue a new funding opportunity in Canada called the Canada First Research Excellence Fund. If successful the program will secure funding for a 7-year program that will examine the role of sea ice and glacial ice centered around the Greenland ice sheet and associated marine areas.  Research campaigns will focus on three main study areas: Baffin-West Greenland; Northern Greenland; East Greenland, as well as a proposed circum-Greenland science cruise.  ASP-ICE would place UofM, Aarhus, and GINR at the center of an international consortium of researchers, industry leaders, policy-makers and community stakeholders putting science to work for the benefit of society.
2015 Station Nord – This new campaign is still in the planning stage. Visit to the website to see the location and preliminary plan for this exciting campaign. 
2015 SERF – The 2015 series of projects are underway at the University of Manitoba Sea-Ice Environmental Research Facility (SERF).  This year’s projects include: 1) Microwave remote sensing of artificial sea ice; 2) Phosphate removal by Ikaite precipitation and; 3) quantification of Ikaite.
Also, check out the news section for more research news and the calendar for upcoming events and dates for fieldwork.
A new ASP-student forum is launched for young scientists. The ASP Young Scientists executive committee acts as the student voice of ASP.   Their objective is to integrate and coordinate students across ASP by providing or announcing opportunities for science communication, networking, student exchange, field schools and outreach. The committee held its first networking event in Ottawa during Arctic Change 2014 and much more is to come!
If you have any questions or want to get involved, just contact:  Jakob Thyrring (ARC), Ann Lennert (GINR), Lorenz Meire (GINR), Michelle Kamula (CEOS) or  Wieter Boone (CEOS). 
Follow ASP on Facebook! As a joint effort between the ASP student committee and the communication team. The ASP Facebook page will keep you up to date on events, and provide information on graduate student and research opportunities.
If you have research news and want to promote it in the media or on the ASP homepage contact a member of the ASP Communication Team.
During the coming month, ASP is running a series of field course located in Nuuk.  Aarhus University, the University of Manitoba, Canada and GINR will make teaching staff and facilities available for an education program designed to give university students expertise in Arctic climate, ecology, strategy and society.
These six courses that are offed through the next six months are the first step in a process towards a genuine scientific education with a permanent base in Greenland.
  • Snow covered sea ice (3 credit hours/5 ECTS). John Iacozza (lead)
  • Climate forcing, effects and adaptation in the Arctic (10 ECTS).  Lise Lotte Sørensen and Carl Egede Bøggild (leads)
  • Arctic marine ecosystems (10 ECTS).   Dorte Søgaard, Thomas Juul-Pedersen, Kristine E Arendt and Peter Grønkjær (leads)
  • Governance of climate change and economic development in the Arctic: political, social and legal contexts (7.5 ECTS). Maria Ackren and Cecile Pelaudeix (leads)
  • Arctic marine resources - Environmental impacts and prevention (5 ECTS). Janne Fritt-Rasmussen, Susse Wegeberg and Pernille Erland Jensen (leads)
  • Introductory safety course (non-credit course). We offer instruction in first aid, safe travel on snow, sea and land ice, as well as handling of emergency situations.
The Greenland Self-Government has made it possible to provide housing for the students enrolled in all six courses.  
To learn more about courses and teaching initiatives visit the Education section on our website or contact one of the members of the ASP Education Team.
IMPORTANT: You might require a visa, if you are going to participate in the St. Nord campaign this year. Citizens of countries with a visa requirement to Schengen (see list) need special permission to enter Greenland and travel via Svalbard. If this applies to you, please contact Christina Levisen or Egon Frandsen at least two months in advance of your stay.
For any administrative assistance (Purchasing, Travel, Shipping, Booking of Facilities, HR and Financial Budgets, etc.) please contact the following local administrators:
Aarhus - Christina Levisen, office: +45 8715 6695 mobile: +45 2094 7108
Greenland - Administration, office: +299 361200
Manitoba - Linda Chow, office: 1-204-272-1541
The ASP operations team met on November 4th and 5th 2014 in Ronde, Denmark to discuss the year's activities and plan for the upcoming 2015 field programs. Cargo is being organized and sent to Denmark for staging for the Station Nord project. Timelines and planning for other field programs are underway in early 2015: SERF, GreenEdge, Statoil, and the ArcticNet 2015 Amundsen cruise.
ASP Student Opportunities and Jobs
  • Research Associate – Analytical Chemist - UofM
  • PH.D Student - Sea Ice - Ocean Modeling in Hudson Bay - UofM
  • PH.D or M.Sc Student - Biogeochemical Tracers in Arctic Coastal Marine Environments. UofM
  • Postdoctoral Fellow - Northern Climate Change Modeling - UofM
  • PH.D Student - Carbon Cycling in Arctic Coastal Marine Environments - UofM
  • Postdoctoral Research Associate - Mercury Cycling in Arctic Coastal Marine Environments, UofM
  • Do your master´s study in Greenland
Link to ASP Student Opportunities and Jobs
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Follow ASP on twitter
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Follow ASP on facebook
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