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Fall, 2015
New education courses posted, new research initiatives are being planned, new facilities being built, and ASP continues to grow!
The ASP UpDate is distributed twice a year (Fall & Winter) to highlight activities and share information within the ASP. Visit our website to find information on ASP research, administration, operations, communications, education, student opportunities and upcoming events!
Featured News story: Field Campaigns: (this page is updated on a regular basis).
Reminder: : ASP project summary form MUST be filled in and completed by PI's or project leads before (Part 1), and after (Part 2) each field campaign.  This information is critical for reporting as well as keeping the website up-to-date.
  • 2015 Station Nord – This campaign wrapped at the end of August. Note to team leads, ASP fieldwork reports will be requested soon. 
  • 2015 Amundsen –  Campaign is still underway.  The last leg of the expedition started October 1st  in Resolute NU.  conducting oceanographic sampling operations in Lancaster Sound and along transects between Ellesmere Island and Greenland; an ice survey in northern Baffin Bay; mooring deployments off the coast of Greenland; operations along coast and in fjords of Baffin Island;ending in Quebec City on November 1st.
  • 2016 SERF (Sea-ice Environmental Research Facility) campaign – currently in planning stage. General timeline is seawater formulation and equilibration in December, followed by two full-scale experiments in January and February.  SERF presents the opportunity to follow the entire cycle of ice growth from formation of frazil to melt.  Details will be posted after the planning meeting in October.
 New initiatives:
  • BaySys study at the University of Manitoba: CEOS is launching a new research program to understand the contributions of climate change and hydro-electric regulation to the variability and change of freshwater-marine coupling in the Hudson Bay System.  The BaySys study is a 4 year project that will include field programs in the bay and estuaries, process studies, modeling experiments, and modeling projections (prognostic and diagnostic).  See below for student opportunities.
  • Churchill Marine Observatory (CMO) The CMO facility will allow researchers to directly address technological, scientific, and economic issues pertaining to Arctic marine transportation and oil and gas exploration and development throughout the Arctic. CMO will include an ‘Oil in Sea Ice Mesocosm’ (OSIM), an Environmental Observing (EO) system, and a logistics base.
  • 2016 Baffin Bay Sanna Campaign will conduct a multidisciplinary study of Greenland ice sheet-ocean interactions in Greenland fjords.  This study will include oceanographic surveys along 5 transects from the shelf towards main outlet glaciers in NW Greenland. It is important that ASP researchers with funded projects in and around Baffin Bay to provide a list of their upcoming field activities and campaigns for 2016 to facilitate cooperation across instituitions and add more value to the individual projects. Planning starts now. Send a mail to Mikael Kristian Sejr with a short description.
Check out the news section for more research news and the calendar for upcoming events and dates for fieldwork.
  • ARC has employed Susanna Pakkasmaa as new centre manager. Susanna has a PhD degree in biology and supplementary education in journalism. She has administrative experience from positions in Denmark, Sweden and Germany and has also been employed at Aarhus University as international coordinator with focus on international PhD students. We look forward to welcoming her at ARC and ASP!
  • For any administrative assistance (Purchasing, Travel, Shipping, Booking of Facilities, HR and Financial Budgets, etc.) please contact your ASP Administration contact.
  • The operations section includes information for field sites - Nuuk, Young Sund, Cambridge Bay, Station Nord, and the CCGS Amundsen.  This is the place to find logistics plans, project overviews, site manuals, shipping, and licensing information relevant for each campaign.  If the answers to your questions aren’t in the handbook, the Operations team will assist you in finding the information you need.
  • Follow ASP on Facebook! This is a joint effort between the ASP Young Scientists and the communication team. The ASP Facebook page will keep you up to date on events, and provide information on graduate student and research opportunities.  Follow us on Twitter: @aspscience
  • NEW!!  The ASP website now has a photo gallery for sharing photos. You can now register to submit photos from the field. Visit the Arctic Images gallery; click ‘Add new gallery image’ for instructions. Help us communicate the great work that is being conducted in the very unique field sites of ASP!
  • If you have research news and want to promote it in the media or at the ASP homepage contact one from the ASP Communication Team.
  • 2015 ASP Field School offered by University of Manitoba – see story.
  • 2016 ASP Field School - Sea ice in the Arctic marine system (5 ECTS/3 credit hours, offered by UofM) in February 2016 – more information to come.
  • Graduate courses in Greenland: The 2016 “course package” is now posted on the website. Courses will run again in the spring semester 2016 starting in February and ending in June. The courses are all at the graduate level.
  • High Schools – GINR:  A field excursion followed by a day of lectures on ecology of the marine ecosystems and mineral resources was conducted by GINR and GEUS-Nuuk for group of Danish and Greenlandic high school students during summer 2015. In addition, a theme day on fisheries and management of natural resources is also planned for a high school class from Nuuk during autumn 2015 by GINR.
  • High Schools – CEOS: The Schools on Board program will take a team of 10 students and 2 teachers onboard the CCGS Amundsen during Leg 4b of the Amundsen Campaign.  Discover other SonB programs here
  • The ASP Young Scientists (ASPYS) executive committee acts as the student voice of ASP.  If you have any questions or want to get involved, just contact:  Jakob Thyrring (ARC), Ann Lennert (GINR), Lorenz Meire (GINR), Michelle Kamula (CEOS) or  Wieter Boone (CEOS).
  • ASPYS will be planning activities in conjunction with the 2015 ASP Annual Meeting and ArcticNet Annual Scientific Meeting this December in Vancouver.  Participants, keep an eye on your mailboxes for the final announcement.
  • A new email list among PhD students at ARC has facilitated the exchange of funding opportunities across work locations and research fields. The easy and fast way of communicating important information regarding opportunities for PhD students have already resulted in multiple successful grant applications for Danish PhD students.
  • The Greenlandic ASP Young Scientists executive committee have been teaching courses both at the Climate Research Center and Ilisimatusarfik. At Ilisimatusarfik, Ann Eileen Lennert arranged an interdisciplinary course where students we taken together with older local hunters to the Godthåbsfjord, learning about environments and environments through traditional knowledge. Second leg of the course was on the research vessel Sanna, where the students were introduced to the natural scientific aspects of climate change, through marine sediment cores, CTD, trawls among others.
  • Prestigious international award to PhD student from ARC! Congratulations! Jacob Thyrring!  See story here
ASP jobs and student opportunities
  • CEOS - Tenure-Track Assistant/Associate Faculty Position – Engineering/CEOS
  • CEOS - Two Tenure-Track Assistant/Associate NSERC Industrial Research Chairs
  • CEOS - PhD or MSc Student - Mercury Cycling in Arctic Coastal Marine Environments
  • CEOS - PhD or MSc Student - Oceanography and Biogeochemistry of Arctic Estuarine Systems
  • CEOS - PhD Studentship in Arctic Ecotoxicology
  • CEOS - PhD or MSc Student - Mixing and Stratification in Hudson Bay, Canada
Link to ASP Student Opportunities and Jobs

Upcoming Events
ASP Annual Team Meeting – December 5-6, 2015 in conjunction with the ArcticNet 2015 Annual Science Meeting – December 7-11, 2015, Vancouver, Canada

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Follow ASP on twitter
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