UKAGP Newsletter ~ August 2014
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UKAGP Newsletter ~ August 2014

Dear Gestalt Colleagues

Firstly a reminder for all those who would still like to attend the One Day conference on 21st September to book tickets as soon as possible, and Trainees to get your special discount held until 31st August (subject to availability).  
There are a few tickets left for the Pre-conference Dinner - you need to book by 12th September at the latest.
*Best deals are all inclusive tickets for both events*

If you would be happy to provide overnight accommodation to colleagues attending the conference, we would be very pleased to hear from you.
Please contact Natasha 

Tickets still available for both events: 
Pre-Conference Dinner & Social 7pm at The Wesley
to include 3 course dinner, quiz & music

‘Enriching Our Community’
UKAGP One Day Conference
9.00 – 5.30 PM SUN 21ST SEPTEMBER 2014

The Wesley, Euston, London, NW1 2EZ

Conference Programme


9.00: Registration, refreshments, book-stalls, poster sessions 

9.30: Welcome from Conference Organising Group 

9.35: Keynote: Dr Belinda Harris 'From Surviving to Thriving in a Time of Austerity' 

10.05: Workshop Choice 1 

11.35: Refreshments, book-stalls, poster sessions 

12.00: AGM 

1.00: Lunch, book-stalls, poster sessions 

2.00: Panel Discussion in response to the keynote address, facilitated by Belinda Harris, with Billy Desmond, Di Hodgson, Gianni Francesetti, Malcolm Parlett & Beatrix Wimmer 

3.15: Refreshments, book-stalls, poster sessions 

3.45: Workshop Choice 2 

5.15: Closing Session 

5.30: End

Workshops with Dieter Bongers, Guus Klaren, Nurith Levi, Helen Rowlands, Tomaz Flajs, Peri Mackintosh, Jan Roubal, Jon Blend, Judy Graham, Jenny Colls, Janice ScottJames Bailey & Simon Jacobs
Full details of workshops on our website

•Accommodation details are on Eventbrite and our website, or contact our administrator, Natasha Wilson, with any queries. 

tickets - join us - queries to Natasha Wilson 

Please let us know of any further events, courses etc for our next issue of the newsletter in October 2014; please send all event details and article submissions to by 30th September.

Opportunities for Member Involvement
For ecological, financial and practical reasons, we wish to switch from paper feedback forms at conferences to an online system such as Survey Monkey. If you think you have the skills to design a form, using the templates at with support from the committee regarding content, please let us know by 3rd September.  
Please contact Natasha
2014 / 2015
Committee Nominations
There are currently spaces on the committee.  If you would like to nominate someone, please download and complete the 'Nominations Form for Organising Committee' and bring to the One Day Conference at the Wesley on Sunday 21st September 2014
Gestalt Tutor Vacancy
Vacancy for a primary tutor on the MSc in gestalt psychotherapy
for the new academic year at Metanoia.  
All details are on the Metanoia 
Dr Di HodgsonProgramme leader MSc gestalt psychotherapy, Metanoia Institute

Marianne Fry Lecture Day
Saturday 27th September 2014,
10:30am – 4:30pm
Armada House, Bristol
With Toni Gilligan

Distinguished Gestalt trainer Toni Gilligan has identified a contradiction between a major Gestalt theory we all subscribe to and what we put into practice in our own back yard. The theory is that of the indivisible field, and the contradiction lies in our dealings with each other, in the complex but increasingly significant field of therapeutic ethics, and specifically complaints procedures, a topic that every therapist needs to think about, and know about.

She will explore the contradictions in this year’s Marianne Fry Lecture and experiential session, entitled Moving Beyond ‘Who's to Blame?’ A Critique of Complaints Procedures.
Marianne Fry Lecture 2014 Poster

For full details and to book a place go to the website at:

Launch of New Programme in Leading and Facilitating Transformative Change in a Volatile World: A Masters in Organisational, Team and Personal Development from
a Systemic Gestalt and Complexity Perspective 

At the Metanoia Institute in Partnership with Middlesex University
Entry into Year 1 and 2 commencing October 2014

Our core faculty team consists of:
Jenny Mackewn, Programme Leader

Simon Cavicchia, Core Tutor for Year 1
Eliat Aram, CEO of The Tavistock Institute

Jenny is a specialist in Organisational, Personal and Ecological Constellations as well as author of two well-known books on Gestalt, with an interest in applying Complexity to organisational systems.  Simon is a specialist in Organisational Gestalt and Embodied Approaches to Executive Coaching and Eliat is a specialist in Complexity as well as CEO of an internationally renowned organisation.

Ffi: Launch of New Programme in Organisational Development from a Gestalt
For more information or an application form: please contact Jenny Mackewn ( or Sarah Osman ( 

Changing Relationships: Certificate in Couples Work 
Beginning October, 2014 
Led by Dr Lynda Osborne, Carole Ashton and Dr Marie-Anne Chidiac

This programme of five two ‐ day workshops will build your confidence and skills in providing couples counselling and psychotherapy.

The British Gestalt Journal
13th annual BGJ Seminar Day
Future Sense: Five Explorations for an Awakening World
with Malcolm Parlett
Saturday 22nd November 2014
11:00am - 4:00pm
Venue: Toynbee Hall, Lecture Hall, 28 Commercial Road, London E1 6LS.


Lynne Jacobs & Gary Yontef
5 day workshop

1- 5th April 2015 
Lydiard Park Conference Centre

 3rd - 5th JULY 2015

We are looking to hold our next conference in a venue located in the north of England. Please let us know if you have any recommendations or suggestions; they will be very gratefully received!

Conference Call

Would you like to take part in a group and design, plan, and run the next UKAGP conference with support from the committee and administrator?

We are looking for inspiring, creative, practical, focused individuals who would like to take part in this opportunity, sharing skills and learning new ones in the process.

For either of the above please email us via Natasha at  

BGJ Website

Dear All,

We are currently in the process of a major rebuild of the British Gestalt Journal Website and I am writing to keep you informed of developments and to ask for your help and support.

Over the next few weeks we will be collating and digitising the entire BGJ archive.  This will mean that any article will be availble for download on demand for a nominal fee.  Not only will we continue to bring out the journal in printed form twice a year as usual, but we will be publishing news, articles, reviews and more informal content on the website, including visual images.  This opens up all kinds of new possibilities and opportunities.

This is where we would like your help. In order to develop this history of Gestalt therapy in the UK for the website, we are looking to collect facts and memories and to chart the lives of the various Gestalt trainings, and conferences, past and present. If you have any contributions to make, such as when a training started (or ended), who was involved, significant events, photographs, memories, or ideas, please get in touch. All contributions will be credited if used on the website. Please also let us know of people who might be interviewed.
Best Wishes,
Editor, British Gestalt Journal

2014 Marianne Fry Lecture: ‘Moving beyond who’s to blame: a critique of Complaints Procedures’

A Request for Assistance

Dear Colleague

I will be giving this year’s Marianne Fry Lecture, in which I want to explore, and initiate a conversation about, the congruence and non-congruence between key underlying assumptions of our theory and the structure and assumptions of our complaints procedures.

As part of this I wish to discuss the experience of complaining, and/or being complained against.

I would be very grateful to hear from anyone who is willing to talk with me about their experience of complaints procedures, either of making a complaint or seriously considering complaining; or of being complained against, or under threat of being complained against.  I don’t need (or want) to know the specifics of the complaint, or whether or not it was upheld.

I will treat all conversations in the strictest confidence. I do not need to know your name so if you prefer you can text me a mobile number to contact you on. I will want to use some comments in my lecture as illustrations: I will negotiate that at the time of our conversation, and will agree with you how this will be disguised and made anonymous.  

Thank you very much for considering this.

Toni Gilligan

UKCP accredited; Director and Tutor, The Gestalt Centre, London. 
tel: 01386 561528 mob: 07799 626269


UKAGP Administrator: Natasha Wilson

Following on from my assisting with the organisation and administration of the UKAGP Residential Conference in June 2013, I was invited to continue working for the UKAGP for a further 18months as a pilot scheme.  I shall be assisting with membership processing, and giving support to the Committee in whatever administrative and organisational capacity is needed.  I will also be assisting with a review of the administrative and operational systems currently in place to increase efficiency and coherence.

My background is in health care, complementary therapies, and administration and I now combine these skills in my work.  Along with the administrative role for the UKAGP, I also work as General Practice Manager of The Practice Rooms, an organisation that provides space for the practice of talking and complementary therapies.

I am passionately interested in the process of change and transformation and so am very happy to be working with the UKAGP.  

Jacqui Lichtenstern – Chair

I have been working therapeutically in a variety of contexts since age 14, including integrated play, youth and care work, and completed my MSc in Gestalt Psychotherapy at Metanoia after an initial training in Integrative counselling. I am passionate about making connections, engaging with the wider community from the beginning; becoming  a member of GPTI, AAGT & PCSR, attending diverse conferences and CPD training across modalities, assisting teaching at Manchester Gestalt Centre and to prison inmates, and facilitating groups & workshops on issues of identity, belonging and mixed heritage. I have a small private practice and work as a therapeutic mentor to university students, and as part-time librarian at Metanoia. I am delighted to represent UKAGP in EAGT, and see my role as playing a part in enabling UKAGP to grow and develop into becoming more widely known as the National Organisation for Gestalt Therapy (NOGT) in the UK. 

Rod London – Secretary

I worked for 20 years as a primary school teacher in various Birmingham schools. Alongside this I trained initially at Birmingham Counselling Centre, followed by psychotherapy training at Metanoia. By the time I graduated in 2011, I had left teaching and currently work co-managing a university counselling and mental health team, in GP practices and run a small private practice.

I see UKAGP as offering a unifying opportunity for what sometimes seems a very disparate gestalt community. It could become the first place anyone interested in gestalt looks for information about gestalt practice and practitioners in the UK. Additionally, UKAGP events and communications have provided a sense of belonging for me - something I hope you find too.

Ruth Nightingale – Finance Officer

I came to Gestalt in 2006 having reached a stuck place in my working and personal life. Gestalt made sense and I began studying for a career in this field; qualifying with an MSc in Gestalt Psychotherapy from Middx/Metanoia in June 2011.

During this time I was fortunate to be able to also study with Ruella Frank in New York. This complementary training on Developmental Somatic Psychotherapy (DSP) enhanced my Gestalt learning and remains a clear interest in my client work, and I deliver Introductory workshops in DSP and Relational Movement. 

I live and work in London; am in private practice, support a counselling placement delivering to NHS patients, provide business consultancy for counselling services in the region, am an assistant tutor at Metanoia Institute and run a Women’s Therapy Group. 

I joined UKAGP at its inception, and bring to the committee my skills learnt through running my own business along with a need for order! I have a passion for our work which has led me to meet Gestalt Therapists from all over the world. The opportunity to be part of a UK community that brings peer support and peer learning both face to face and virtual is what UKAGP can provide through its membership. 

Liz Beauchamp - Honorary Treasurer
MSc (Gestalt Psychotherapy), UKCP Registered: MBA.

I graduated from Metanoia in 2011 and I work part time as a psychotherapist in private practice in East London. Having completed an MBA in 2005 I became a self-employed business consultant working primarily with owner/managers helping them to achieve their goals. Whilst studying I realised how compatible my consultancy work was with Gestalt and so completed a Diploma in Organisational Gestalt. I’ve found this has complemented my consultancy work and enables me to use my passion for Gestalt in a much wider context – my business clients seem to find it quite useful too!

In my spare time, which I’m always trying to increase, I love to travel and enjoy trekking in far and distant lands where I’m never happier than when the phone has no signal, the only running water is in a nearby stream and the only decision to make is whether to wear an extra layer!  

James Bailey - Membership Recruitment, Publicity and Marketing Officer

Background: I have spent my nearly 30 year business career working in UK and International media, primarily in advertising sales and commercial strategic/business development, and currently work at CNN, the international news broadcaster. In 2003 I began my training as a Psychotherapist at the Gestalt Centre, graduating in 2013, and I now balance my working week between CNN, private practice and voluntary therapy work in London and Sevenoaks.

Committee Role:  My role in UKAGP is to ensure the function and importance of the organisation is clearly explained to existing and new members, training institutions and organisations. I have a real interest in ensuring that members have a clear understanding of why UKAGP exists, the benefits and importance of membership to themselves and the UK Gestalt community, and that you develop a sense of how you can actively give to the community. All issues I heard voiced at the 2013 Conference. I would value any input you might like to offer so UKAGP can begin to offer you support in your life as a Gestaltist. Feel free to tell me what you’d like us to be/offer you, by email at 

Jane Flint – Regional and Special Interest Groups Co-ordinator

My Gestalt training began in 2002 with GPTI at the York Psychotherapy Training Centre. In 2009 I completed my MSc in Gestalt Psychotherapy at Metanoia. Prior to my MSc, I completed an MA in Integrated Counselling Studies at the University of Nottingham.  I have clinical experience in the NHS, voluntary sector and private practice. As Regional and Special Interest Groups Co-ordinator, I’m interested in facilitating the formation of regional groups and special interest groups by helping members to connect with each other.  If you are interested in starting or being part of a group, please get in touch with me.

Helen Thomas – Trainee Representative

I began my Gestalt training in 2010 at Metanoia/Middlesex and am currently in my 4th year of study.  My current placement work is at a low cost counselling service in west London and I plan to begin a small private practice in 2014. My background is in software development and management in both the private and public sectors and I now work at the Houses of Parliament.

As Trainee Representative, I’m interested in how the wider Gestalt community can both support and benefit from the trainee community especially as trainees transition to fully fledged therapists. I am aware how vital peer support has been throughout my training so far and want to keep giving and receiving this as I progress professionally. I volunteered to be the trainee representative at the June 2013 conference (when I was one of two trainees there!) and I enjoy bringing naive and challenging questions to the committee on behalf of newer therapists as well as trying to help answer them. 

Dawn Gwilt – Co-Welsh Representative and Pre-accreditation and Research Representatitve

In July 2013 I finished the taught part of my psychotherapy training at the Welsh Psychotherapy Partnership in Cardiff.  I am now working towards UKCP accreditation, and therefore I am very interested in finding ways to support those of us at this stage of training - pre-accreditation/ post-training.  I am also keen to encourage more links with research, and would be very interested to hear from members on either of these topics. 

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