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If you are still reeling from the shock and implications of the US Presidential election results - now might be just the time to book a place on the 2017 UKAGP conference, taking place from 30th June to 2nd July in Reading. This is an innovative opportunity to engage with others in a distinctive ‘learning and research’ experimental gathering. We will use Malcolm Parlett’s Whole Intelligence Approach (whi) and engage in dialogue  with international writers, such as Lynne Jacobs, Margarita Spagnola Lobb, Joe Melnick and Peter Philippson, all of whom have published influential articles and books over many years, and who have been invited to celebrate the 25th anniversary of the British Gestalt Journal. Just in case you missed the announcement, the first 75 tickets are being offered at a specially discounted rate to members only, and they’re selling fast.

It is a real pleasure to publish Chris O’Malley’s thoughtful and reflective piece on his experience at the joint AAGT/EAGT conference in Sicily this September. Chris has written a moving personal account of being one of almost 1000 participants who came together for contact, dialogue and learning. For those who didn’t attend it gives a flavour of one person’s experience; for those who did, there’s an invitation to respond with your own story - do send them in.

In a similar vein, John Gillespie has written about his pragmatic response to the energy and enthusiasm expressed by participants at the UKAGP Trainee Day in June. They communicated a need (and desire) for  support for writing and for community for Gestalt students across the world. John has therefore launched a successful Kickstarter campaign to set up an online journal for student’s writing. This is inspirational, and exactly the kind of grassroots pollination that UKAGP hopes to seed!  Perhaps this will  also support, encourage and inspire students to submit their work to the British Gestalt JournaI which awards an annual student essay prize of £100, and publishes the winning essay in the journal.

You may also be interested to learn about a new take on the ‘Gloria Tapes’. Margaret Rosemary is the Gestalt therapist, who along with 5 other therapists of different modalities offered to be filmed  with the same client during a 20 minute therapy session. This issue of the newsletter provides details of how to access the films and subsequent discussion.

There is also news below of the next Gestalt Research Conference in Paris, and in the wider professional field, I felt it important to mention the ‘Changing the Game’ conference on 3rd December by the recently launched Psychotherapy and Counselling Union. 

Invitations to contribute to the next newsletter are open now - so do consider submitting your thoughts and reflections.

I hope you find this issue of the newsletter informative and engaging. Please remember to send in your responses or a short piece on any issue, which may be of interest to the wider Gestalt community.  

With warm regards,


Chair, UKAGP

Tickets now on sale for the UKAGP National Gestalt Conference 2017


+ Special Offer for UKAGP Members 

Tickets are now available for the UKAGP National Gestalt Conference 2017 - Celebrating 25 years of the British Gestalt Journal. The conference is being held from 30th June to 2nd July 2017 at Wokefield Park Executive Centre, Reading, UK.

There, the Gestalt community is invited to join a dialogue with: Lynne Jacobs, Joe Melnick, Peter Philippson and Margherita Spagnuolo Lobb who will publish new papers on current aspects of  their work in the Spring 2017 BGJ, which will be explored throughout the conference in seminars and workshops.

The conference offers an innovative gathering providing a rich opportunity for Gestalt practitioners to engage together, in a unique ‘learning and research’ experiential gathering.

There is a discount price for the first 75 tickets sold - UKAGP members only - and these are selling fast - so please do take advantage of this special offer.

Visit our dedicated conference web page for full conference / venue information, and please email if you have any questions or need any further information.

We look forward to seeing you there! 
Book Now!

Article - Taormina: A Conference Beyond

Reflections on the AAGT/EAGT conference by Chris O'Malley

Something happened for me around the recent AAGT/EAGT/SIPG Conference in Sicily, and the shift I’ve experienced since the Conference is why I’m writing this article (my first at length). Other changes include making a fundamental change to a primary relationship, giving a speech at a public occasion and performing and believing in myself as a pianist again. This article is not going to be the end of the process of digesting what happened and, as I write, I notice ever more resonances underpinning the experience.

My sense is that the event was in some way seismic- albeit that this is a loaded word in connection with contemporary Italy and the recent terrible earthquake which laid waste to historic towns near the epicentre of Accumoli, destroying places like Amatrice with their rich history. The movement I have experienced inevitably has elements of destruction to it, but the sense of growth and creation is figural for me and I’d like to reflect here on the factors -or vectors- that may have contributed to this.

By any standards this was an unusual Conference, not least from the angle of having nearly 1000 attendees from all over the world. Sicily, historically the quintessential ‘crossroads of civilisations,’ is frequently now reported as a figural European location in terms of navigating receiving large numbers of refugees arriving from war-torn regions. While Palermo has been the focus of this process, the Conference at Taormina reflected this challenging backdrop in taking as its theme ‘The Aesthetic of Otherness; meeting at the boundary in a desensitised world’, a proposition appropriate to the multi-continental, multi-organisational meeting as well as to the international reality on the doorstep and the real possibility of xenophobia in the situation.  

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Gestalt Therapy New Writers Web Journal

A group of Gestalt therapy trainees and new graduates met recently at the UKAGP Trainee Day and decided to explore how we can support each other, and create "community" amongst fellow Gestalt students in the UK and abroad. Our discussions supported the emergence of a web-based Journal hosted by students, for students (and for anyone else who wants to write).

Jon Gillespie had the idea of setting up a journal for student Gestalt writers for some time, but it was the UKAGP's Trainee day in London, in June, that gave him the impetus to put the idea out there.

As John explained to UKAGP recently:

“I remember it was actually the way that the day was facilitated (or not facilitated) that urged me into action. Helen Thomas and Dawn Gwilt, from UKAGP, who notionally facilitated the Trainee Day, were at pains to stress that they didn't want to take ownership away from participants and invited an open dialogue from which this idea emerged.

My background is in community development and I've worked with a lot of groups who have given away their power to outside agencies, and with this insight I wondered if, we as a student community, we were at risk of doing the same.

During the Trainee Day we talked about a lack of 'community' amongst the wider student body, and I remembered that the solution isn't to wait for ‘community to happen’; community comes from doing stuff that you're passionate about. 

So this is what gave me the courage to put the idea out there. UKAGP ran a bulletin and mentioned my idea which developed a fair amount of interest from trainees, and a supportive conversation with Christine Stevens of the BGJ, in which we shared our passion for getting more trainees to write.

All these ideas coalesced, and a number of us joined together to discuss what a journal might look like. This proved an exciting and engaging time, and yet I realised it needed an extra push; I sensed a lot of students wanted to write, and yet we had a chicken and egg scenario. The Journal needed to exist before people would take it seriously. 

This was when I decided to put the advert on Kickstarter, an online funding site whose mission is to help bring creative projects to life.

The response has been amazing. We hit our initial £500 target in 4 days, and we've had pledges of support (both money and help conveying the messages to trainees) from the US, Australia, Russia & Eastern Europe.

I am blown away by people's generosity. Some individuals have given as much as £100, and Relational Change has agreed to fund us to the tune of £100 at its recent annual gathering. 

Now of course we have the onerous responsibility of delivering the Journal. The main thing now is that we attract interest from budding writers, and I know there are a lot of individuals out there who have amazing stories to tell, and amazing capacities to tell them.

I have no doubt we'll have a wonderful publication come next July with additional funding being used to run writing workshops and to support translation so that we can accept articles in native languages."

There'll be a website up in a few weeks, but for the moment, if you are interested in writing for the journal, which (tip-off) will be called New Gestalt Voices, please email John Gillespie at 

All support is greatly appreciated.

Paris Research Conference - Call for submissions

Dear colleagues,
We would like to invite you to come and enjoy the Research Conference in Gestalt Therapy co-organized by the French Gestalt Associations, the EAGT and the AAGT. We also want to encourage you to propose your presentation. The conference will take place in the center of Paris, from May 26th to 28th.
There will be events addressed to people just interested to learn more about research in GT, people that want to discuss their research projects, people presenting their research, people that want to enjoy to be part of this exciting and growing movement in the Gestalt community. You can get more information at:
The first deadline for registrations is November 30th: there are about 80 people already registered and we have room for a maximum of 200 people. So, if you want to come, don't wait too much or it could be too late.
You are also very much invited to propose your presentation which deals with the topic of research in Gestalt therapy. A variety of different presentation types is wellcomed. The dealine for sending your proposals is January 31st.
Please, find attached the flyer and the call for proposals.
Looking forward to meeting you in Paris!
The conference's conveners
Vincent Beja
Gianni Francesetti
Mark Reck
Jan Roubal

"Gloria Tapes" Update

Earlier this year an initiative was set up to make a new version of the "Gloria Tapes", where a client was filmed during therapy with three different therapists, including Fritz Perls. This time therapists of several different modalities volunteered to be filmed, mostly by Skype.

Margaret Rosemary offered to be involved and her Gestalt session was filmed by a camera crew in her own therapy room as Margaret insisted on being with the client in person. The filming of the 'Gloria revisited' session took place in October and 70 people were watching and commenting in the international chat room during the live work. After the 20 minute therapy session, Margaret was interviewed online and answered participants' questions.

The filming cost Margaret £250 altogether, and if you are interested in viewing the film, Margaret has asked for a donation of £5 towards the cost. The organisation which set up the chat room is willing to give a month's free access to their archives and chat room to any of you who donate to the cost.

The archive contains all 6 sessions recorded in recent months with therapists of different modalities. Each therapist worked with the same client on the same issue for 20 minutes each. The project is ongoing.

If you wish to contribute to the cost and to benefit by free access to the archives, please contact Margaret directly by email:

News and Events

Within the UK Gestalt Community

A Certificate in Couples Work

Led by Dr Lynda Osborne & Dr Marie-Anne Chidiac

Beginning January 2017, Kingston upon Thames

This programme of five experiential and applied modules (over 10 days) offers an approach to couples work grounded in a relational perspective of practice. The emphasis will be on a pragmatic and creative approach to working with couples within a relational frame.

As well as practical processes and skills, participants will also be offered the opportunity to explore more embodied and experiential ways of intervening. The course is suitable for practitioners who wish to extend their work into or with couples, particularly for those trained as individual counsellors in Humanistic, Integrative, Person-Centred, Gestalt, TA, Process or Contemporary Analytic approaches. 

The workshops will be facilitated by Lynda Osborne and Marie-Anne Chidiac.

Cost for individuals: £1100 or £1000 with early bird discount if booked before 5th November 2016.

Email: for more information or for booking.

For full information on costs and dates etc. please download our flyer.

A Dialogue with Diagnosis: A Field-Theoretical Approach to Emotional Understanding

with Laurence Hegan

“We cannot avoid using power, cannot escape the compulsion to afflict the world, so let us, cautious in diction and mighty in contradiction, love powerfully.” Martin Buber

At the heart of relational psychotherapeutic approaches’ is a belief that human beings are born with an intrinsic desire for intimacy and attachment. The world that we inhabit is endlessly unpredictable and the impact on relationships results inevitably in human suffering. As psychotherapists our focus is on the phenomenological worlds of our clients as we attempt to understand the nature of their specific suffering. In doing so our emotional equilibrium can de disrupted and our diagnostic frameworks offer support in the face of what might be unbearable.

In this experiential and practical workshop participants will be given opportunities to focus on meaning making in more complex ways than merely as ‘a knowing” clinician labelling phenomena into diagnostic categories as they emerge. Rather emphasis will be placed on focussing on the aesthetics of each relational situation to find a deeper emotional understanding guided loosely by our diagnostic knowledge.

Location: Edinburgh Gestalt Institute.

Dates: 11-12 February 2017.

Time: 9:30am-5pm.

Cost: £235 including a non-refundable deposit of £100.

Gestalt Centre Wales

CPD Events November 2016 / Feb 2017

At Gestalt Centre Wales there are various events / workshops open to both the public and professionals in the field of Psychotherapy & Counselling.

Upcoming Events include:
  • Stolen Love: Working with Attachment and Abandonment (Friday, 9 December)
  • Return of the Secret Agent Of Shame with Martin Capps and Gillian Downie (Friday, 6 January)
  • Working with Children the Oaklander Way (Friday, 17 February)
  • Secret Agent of Shame : Shame in the Therapeutic Relationship (Friday, 24 February)

Further details are available on our webpage:

or download our flyer

Evening Conversations @ EGI

Spirituality and psychotherapy: intersecting paths to wholeness?

In this third year of our popular evening conversation series, we will be exploring the relationship between spirituality and psychotherapy.

Where is the common ground? Where do the paths diverge? Are there places where psychotherapy can’t or shouldn’t go? Are there paths which psychotherapy is best placed to lead on?

We will reflect on these questions with regard to the role of the therapist; the theoretical and spiritual framework of each approach; the kind of conversations and activities which can be supportive for clients, and the spiritual orientation/style of the practitioner. There will be opportunities for questions, discussion and mingling. Drinks and nibbles will be provided.

All biographies are in our programme and on our website.

Location: Edinburgh Gestalt Institute.


Thurs 9 March 2017: John MacFadyen and Kirsteen Greenholm

Thurs 1 June 2017: Theo Dijkman and Graham Colbourne.

Times: 6:30 - 9:30pm.

Cost: £15 per event.

The Eros Series – Creativity, Vitality and Sexuality in a Relational World

with Leading International Trainer Dr. Leanne O'Shea. 

February 2017 - London and Oxford

The emergence of erotic energy in therapeutic, collegial, coaching or other professional relationships has long been a challenging issue and inappropriate behaviour has cast long shadows across individual lives, team relationships and whole organisations. How can we approach this crucial aspect of work and human relating in ways that support and nourish ongoing growth, learning and development?

This series of workshops will help you explore Eros in a wide range of professional settings and options for working ethically and effectively will be considered. Through all the workshops, care will be taken to build an environment that feels safe-enough for participants to look at these complex issues. The series builds but can also be taken as individual workshops.

Workshop 1: Introduction – Eros in a Relational World.
February 4th 2017, London.

This one-day workshop will provide a general overview of Eros, beginning with an exploration of the cultural contexts and history that largely shape our understanding of creativity, sensuality and sexuality within relationships. Participants will be invited to consider how their theoretical frames, histories and values shape their understanding and responses to the emergence of erotic energy in professional practice.

The workshop will be facilitated by Leanne O'Shea and Marie-Anne Chidiac. Cost: £55. For more details, download the Workshop 1: Introduction – Eros in a Relational World flyer. To book your place please

Workshop 2: Supervision – Eros in Professional Practice
February 6th 2017, Oxford.

This one-day workshop will be oriented towards a practical exploration of the complex ways the themes of Eros and sexuality emerge into professional practice. This workshop will combine didactic presentations with case material from clinical and organisational settings.

The workshops will be facilitated by Leanne O'Shea and Kate Glenholmes. Cost: Individuals/charities: £95 or for Corporate attendees: £110. For more details, download the Workshop 2: Supervision – Eros in Professional Practice flyer. To book your place please email:

Workshop 3: International Masterclass – Eros in our Relational World
February 7th to 10th 2017, Oxford.

This four-day workshop will provide participants with an opportunity to explore the complex mix of theoretical, contextual and personal stories that shape their attitudes and values in relation to creativity and Eros. The workshop will give attention to the ways our energetic vitality is supportive for our clients, and necessary to our wellbeing as practitioners, coaches, consultants, leaders etc.

The workshops will be facilitated by Leanne O'Shea and Sally Denham-Vaughan.

Cost: Individuals/charities: £395 or for Corporate attendees: £495.

For more details, download the Workshop 3: International Masterclass – Eros in our Relational World flyer. To book your place please email:

New Psychotherapy Practice

Therapy Rooms to Rent in Old Street


We Ongea Limited have opened our second psychotherapy practice in London.

After establishing Pimlico Counsellors and Psychotherapists we have opened a venue in Old Street, 4 minutes from the station.

The practice offers:

  • 11 therapy rooms, large windows,

  • well decorated, original artwork in each room

  • large waiting area

  • staff room

  • kitchenette

  • two bathrooms

  • fast broadband

  • Practitioners will be able to advertise on practice profile that is search engine optimised.

Some support will also be provided to practitioners developing their first counselling practice.

Prices are competitive for central London and one of the best in the city for those looking for a six/seven hours’ slots.

ADDRESS: Willen House // EC1V 9DX


PHONE: 020 3808 9603

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