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Security News

🔥 Digital Shadows performs step-by-step MITRE ATT&CK analysis of Russia's GRU hacks against the United States. Link

Equador is handing Julian Assange over to the U.K. Link

A video of someone taking around 2 seconds to install a credit card skimmer. Link

Facebook has suspended another analytics firm's data access (Crimson Hexagon) after suspecting it of misuse. Link

Cisco has seen five new backdoors in their routers in the last five months. Link

Microsoft says they stopped Russia from hacking three congressional campaigns. Link

35% of organizations don't have a cybersecurity expert. Link

The primary threat in cloud deployments at this point is complexity. The more systems you have, the more accounts you have, the more admins you have, etc.—the more complexity exists in the environment. And that complexity, if not managed properly, can easily lead to misconfigurations and loses. Link

Breaches & Leaks: Mega File Storage Robocent Voter Data Telefonica

Technology News

DARPA is looking to fundamentally change how electronic components are made. Just one part of the project focuses on building specialized hardware according to the algorithms and tasks that it'll perform. Definitely one of the most ambitious projects I've heard of from them in a long time, and that's saying a lot. Link

Researchers are now producing images of peoples' faces by looking only at their genome. That's next level remarkable. Link is a company that uses AI to detect early signs of time-sensitive medical conditions. Link

Evolutionary Algorithms are beating Deep Learning at video games. I talked about this in my chapter called Getting Better at Getting Better in The Real Internet of Things. They're two different types of learning, and stacking them together is going to be extraordinarily powerful. Link Chapter

A. Harvard study has found that open plan offices actually discourage face-to-face interaction. Link

Lots of people thought Best Buy was going to die like Circuit City, but they survived in part by moving into personal tech consulting and other services. Link

Human News

Ultrasound on the brain appears to have some extraordinary restorative properties, including helping the formation of blood vessels and regeneration of nerve cells. In previous studies it worked by removing plaques, and in this study it helped the brain grow. It also appears to have no side effects. My question is how do we get these devices or go get these treatments? I know of several people who could use it right now, and I'd like to do it myself as a preventative or enhancement technique. Link

A New Zealand study showed that working 4 days instead of 5 increased work and life satisfaction significantly while at least maintaining productivity. We need to see some private companies step up and try some of these policies to see if they result in more productivity. If they do, they should be adopted—if not for the people then in the name of profit. Link

Researchers show that frequent sex increases a sense of meaning in one's life. Link

Antiherpetic medicine (an anti-viral against Herpes) can reduce the risk of Alzheimer's disease by 10X, and the treatment is low-risk and easily available. Link

People shoot black robots faster than they shoot white ones. Link

Last year, OpenAI beat some DOTA players in 1-on-1, but now they're competing in team play and are starting to beat some amateur teams. They're playing some high-level teams on August 5th in San Francisco, and plan on playing against pros at the DOTA Internationals at the end of August. Link

Ideas, Trends, & Analysis

💡 The Problem With Pinker's Positivity: My analysis of how Steven Pinker is missing the point in his focus on how great things are compared to the past. Link

The difference between owed respect and earned respect at work, and why they're both important. Link

Why punk keeps connecting people across space and time. Link


My Explanation of DNS Rebinding Attacks Link

Riot's approach to cheating defense. Link

The Quality of Nationality Index is a rating of the best countries to have citizenship and/or a passport in. Link

Timeline of the far future. Link

The weekly spending of someone who retired with $3 Million in net worth. Link

China has a massive need for bodyguards, and they have lots of schools that are creating them. Link

SNIPE-IT — Open-source asset management (created by a fellow security professional) Link


Within the last couple of months I finished the following few books: I'm about to start:
  • Venture Deals
  • The Accidental Universe
  • Superforecasting
  • ???
I need fiction recommendations!!!


I believe The War on Normal People is the most important book in America right now. If you are reading this sentence, then you should be reading this book. Link

Make sure you're spending most of your time with positive people. Link


“Abundance, even of good things, prevents them from being valued”.

~ Miguel De Cervantes

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