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Information Security news                                                    

Compromised IoT systems are being used as proxies. Link

MITRE looking for a way to tell the difference between good and bad IoT devices. Link

Verizon says the Yahoo! breach had a "material impact". Link

More SWIFT attacks being detected. Key thing to realize is that it's not really SWIFT that they're targeting, but rather banks that have poor security and communicate transactions VIA SWIFT. Big difference. Link

The US is preparing a major and secret cyberattack against Russia. In other news, secrets are secret. Link

Healthcare security ratings are abysmal. Link

TrendMicro and Microsoft trying to protect cars from hackers using machine learning. Link

Apple could be looking to do authentication via heartbeat. Check out UnifyID to see how deep this rabbit hole goes. Link

People starting to do virtual kidnapping, similar to demanding money for emergency surgery. DoS + Urgency = Payment. Link

Supposed new set of ShadowBroker exploits available for 10,000 bitcoins, or approximately 6 million USD. This will include an estimated 40% more content than was already publicly leaked. Link

UK banks are supposedly under constant attack, but they don't report it because they worry about repercussions. Link

Scotland Yard is prosecuting someone for: researching encryption, developing an “encrypted version” of his blog, and instructing others how to use encryption. WTF. Link

Forrester launches a Digital Risk Monitoring Wave Link

Europe pushing new IoT guidelines. Link


Technology news                                                    

Google's new Deepmind system can learn without human input. If there were ever a candidate for a current technology that could become "true" AI, this might be it. It's linked its storage and it's neural net so it can learn form its own memory. Link

Is Google stealing mobile data by preventing actual site visits and keeping people in search results? Link

Newegg now owned by a Chinese company. Link

Google splitting its index into two, with mobile being primary and desktop being secondary and less-frequently updated. Link

Duolingo's chatbot lets you learn language via chat. Link

Note 7 recall and cancellation could cost Samsung up to 17 billion. Link

Samsung Galaxy Note 7 now available as a weapon in GTA 5 Link

The Apple Watch is about 91% accurate at capturing your actual heart-rate. Another offering scored as high, and most others were around 80% Link

Free SSL providers are massively raising the number of SSL-protected websites. Link

Shine is getting into life coaching via textbot. Chatbots are the future; get used to them. Also get used to them taking over for bad customer service representatives. And expect them to take many of their jobs. Link

AI is changing online retail. Link

Walt Mossberg says Siri is way behind its competitors in AI. I completely agree. Talking to her is massively frustrating 70% of the time, especially when compared to Alexa. Link

You can now create your own "Moments" in Twitter Link

AI is being used to assist with LHC analysis. Link

Key CMU AI Expert hired by Apple to head their AI efforts. Link

Amazon looking to expand service with curbside pickup and convenience stores. Also getting into shipping to compete with UPS and FedEx. Nothing is safe from them. Link

Human news                                                  

Study finds a ketogenic diet effective against migraine headaches. Link

IRS spent 12 million on Microsoft software it doesn't even use. Evidently built an email system that was completely unusable. Link

MI6, MI6, and GCHQ illegally collected data on British citizens for over a decade. Link

Complaints against police officers wearing body cameras drop 93%. Link

Unvaccinated adults cost the U.S. more than 7 billion a year. Link

69% of Americans have less than $1,000 in savings. Link

Americans think crime has gone up when it's actually plummeted. Link


Ideas, trends, and concepts

Machine Learning is the New Statistics Link

Two Distinct Ways to Disrupt an Election Link

Why is Russia Trying to Get Trump Elected? Link

Evolutionary Algorithms Will Be Bigger Than Machine Learning Link

The Future of Insurance is Auto-adjusting Risk Ratings and Premiums Link

2016 Took Scott Adams from Us Link

What Else Can One Do With an IoT Botnet Link

The Difference Between a Vulnerability Assessment and a Penetration Test Link

Dave Winer describes how he'd teach Computer Science. Link

Recommended links

Birdwatcher: OSINT and Data Analysis Framework for Twitter Link

OSINTFramework: An...OSINT...Framework! Link

The Honeypot Turing Test Link

Map of airport wireless networks and passwords around the world. Link

Online tool that shows how you're being tracked online via Social Media. Link

A fascinating series on bitcoin and the blockchain. Link

Tips, announcements, and miscellanea 

Here's my image album from my trip to London and Paris. Link

If you like this show and are looking for a new TV series, you might want to look into Westworld. Also, Black Mirror, and a new season for that is coming out soon (if not already). Phenomenal tech/dystopia/future stuff.

I was quoted in a CSO Online article about airline security. Link

I was quoted in a TechTarget article about Cisco vulnerabilities. Link

The latest Rogue One trailer is spectacular. Link


“The good life is one inspired by love and guided by knowledge."

~ Bertrand Russell

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