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Every week I consume ~20 hours of content about security, technology, and life, and then curate what I learned into a digestible summary.

Security News

The FBI wants people to reboot their routers, especially if they're on the known list of affected hardware. But to be safe, a factory reinstall would be best. This won't stop it from being reinfected though. Netgear has some advice for their devices. Link

China hacked a U.S. Navy contractor and stole around 600GB of top secret data. Evidently we agreed to go lighter on the civilian side, but that says nothing about attacking military targets. Link

Newark, NJ is monitoring much of the city with surveillance cameras, and they're making the camera footage available to the public. Link

Facebook also shared data with a number of Chinese companies. I think people are confused...Facebook isn’t a social media company accused of data sharing. Facebook is a data sharing company that collects its product (your data) through social media. Stop being surprised by expected behavior. Link

It's apparently easy to steal voter data by pretending to be part of a campaign. Link

Axon and DJI are partnering up to make police drones. Link

Advisories: SOHO RoutersFoscam Cameras

Breaches: Ticketfly, MyHeritage

Technology News

Google Hangouts is about to gain integration with Cisco and Polycom work phone hardware. Link

Patreon acquires Kit to gain merchandising capabilities for its influencers. Link

Wired summarizes how tech companies are partnering with police departments to basically build pre-crime detection like in Minority Report. Link

The U.S. is now once again the leader in supercomputers, with IBMs Summit system. It's a 200 petaflop system. Link

Yahoo messenger is shutting down. Link

CrowdStrike is offering a $1 million dollar payout if a customer gets breached while using their product. My friend Jeremiah Grossman and I have been talking quite a bit about insurance over the last several years, and he's particularly bullish on warranties. It seems his predictions are coming true. Link

There may be a new Diablo game in the works. Link

Microsoft took the idea of water-cooling to an extreme and built a datacenter 100 feet underwater. Link

AWS now fully supports Kubernetes with its official rollout of EKS. Link

80% of machine learning engineers work at Google or Apple. Link

Scientists at MIT created a psychopathic AI by feeding it content from specialized content on Reddit. Note: I'm guessing this works on humans too. Link

Human News

Suicide rates in the U.S. are up 30% since 1999. And for teens in London they've more than doubled recently. Link

China is continuing to advance its military's presence in Africa. Link

2019 will supposedly be the first year that we spend more time online than watching TV. Link

It appears Facebook and Netflix are helping to reduce crime simply by keeping young people at home and out of trouble. Perhaps the tradeoff is more mental health problems, though? Link

Turns out the pyramids were built by skilled workers, not slaves. Link

Ideas, Trends, & Analysis

The Cost of Developers. Link

AI is the True Opiate of the Masses. Link

Using Nassim Taleb's Ideas to Start a New Career Link


We're about to get a new John Coltrane release. Link

RouterSploit — An exploitation framework for embedded devices. Link

BadMod — Find CMSs and exploit them. Thanks to Mohsan for the link! Link

Amazon GuardDuty — Threat monitoring and detection. Link

AttackNav — A docker image for the MITRE ATT&CK navigator application. Link

VocalFish — You submit a URL to this website and it'll give an audio file back of an actual human reading it. Link


The coolest thing released at WWDC is possibly the new Walkie Talkie app for the Apple Watch. Can't wait for this. It's like the entire point and culmination of all tech we've created since 2001. Link


How to pose for a photograph. Link


“Take one simple idea and take it seriously”.

~ Charlie Munger

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