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Security News

👋 We're preparing to release the 2018 version of the OWASP IoT Top 10, and we would love your feedback! Link

Facebook has had a serious security issue regarding the theft of single-sign-on keys. The stolen keys of up to around 50 million people could give attackers access to sites that are enabled for Facebook authentication. In addition, a number of people were reporting that they were being stopped from talking about the issue on Facebook itself. Link Link

Russia's Fancy Bear group has added a new piece of EUFI-based malware to their arsenal that has the ability to persist through reboots. Link

Cisco's Talos group is reporting that the VPNFilter malware is being actively updated with new functionality, such as improved obfuscation, lateral attacks, and proxies. Link

China is not waiting on anyone to launch their space force. "China is on track to create “a global, 24-hour, all-weather earth remote sensing system” by 2020, including satellites with EO, SAR, and ELINT payloads. " The US needs to move quickly or it'll get completely dominated from the literal high ground. Link

Students and faculty at this cafe in Rhode Island can pay for coffee with their personal data. Link

AWS Console now supports YubiKeys. Link

Iraq continues to be at risk of being taken over by its mortal enemy and neighbor—Iran. That's what happens when you create a vacuum: things come in to fill it. In this case, that something is the enemy we were helping Saddam to fight in the first place. It'd be funny if it weren't so ironically tragic. Link

The US is helping Ukraine supplement its Navy to defending against Russia. Link

Advisories: Aspire Health

Technology News

A single tweet cost Elon Musk his chairman seat and $40 million dollars. Link

A company called Athena is making a camera that can identify guns with 99% accuracy. Expect this everywhere eventually—but for all object types—not just guns. This will allow us to ask things like, "How many people wore designer shoes in this subway vs. another one?". Advertisers will be the innovators, as we've seen from Google and Facebook. Link

Berkeley has put out a study on the future of American trucking after automation. Link

Human News

There are more gig economy workers than ever, but they're making about half as much as they were in 2012. Link

Millennials are massively dropping the US divorce rate. Link

The Flu killed 80,000 last year, which is the most we've seen in 40 years. Link

Ideas, Trends, & Analysis

Ideology is the original augmented reality. Link

A new book called Blueprint makes a strong case for genetics being far more important for how people turn out than we've been taught to believe for the last few decades. He argues that even the environmental pieces of the puzzle ultimately come down to genetic as well. I'll read it. I think it's obviously a mix of the two: the question is simply where to draw the line. I'll let you know if I find the arguments compelling or not. Link


The world's largest collection of live video feeds. Link

The Lever — Applied Machine Learning best practices. Link

10 handy Bash aliases for Linux Link

The NCSI is an index of Cybersecurity readiness. Link

The Glitch Employee Handbook Link

Everything You've Always Wanted to Know About Optical Networking Link

Sonatype's latest report says attackers are going after supply chains more often. Link


I just finished The Coddling of the American Mind, and am currently reading iGen.

👋 We're preparing to release the 2018 version of the OWASP IoT Top 10, and we would love your feedback! Link


Reset your Facebook password and any password where you have used Facebook authentication to log in.


“Policy is a guide to the wise and a rule to the fool”.

~ Royal Canadian Mounted Police Guide

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