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Security News

DARPA is working on technology to help them find dormant botnets. Link

Amazon is having problems with employees selling internal information for side money, and the issue is particularly bad in China. Link

AT&T, Verizon, T-Mobile, and others are looking to create their own authentication framework for mobile, called Project Verify. Looks like the competitors will be Google and Facebook. So when you go to a website that has it enabled, you just click the Project Verify link to sign in. Interested to see how that develops and competes against the incumbents. Link

Google's new search engine in China evidently links searches to phone numbers, which, is exactly the type of behavior that people are protesting and leaving over. Link

The FBI shut down an observatory in New Mexico, but nobody knows why. Link

Alex Stamos says Putin was personally targetting Clinton during the 2016 elections, with the goal of weakening her and not necessarily getting the alternative. I'm not sure I agree completely, but I'm sure he's right to some extent. Link

Phishing is massively outpacing malware attacks in malicious email attacks. Link

🔥 Equifax had serious worries about internal Chinese espionage back in 2015. Link

Almost half of all mobile phone calls will be spam by 2019. Link

📺 A new documentary, called Active Measures, has been released talking about the rise of Putin and what he's attempting to accomplish through intelligence operations in the United States. It includes methodologies used to target people over the long term, and how it relates to our current predicament. It's not particularly revealing in terms of new information, but does a fantastic job weaving together everything we already knew. Anyone who's been following my writing on Russian influence operations will find it to be a high-quality review, but I encourage everyone to watch it. People need to better understand what we're dealing with regarding Russia. Link

Advisories: Adobe, Patch Tuesday

Technology News

The military is investing in microphones that clip onto your back teeth. Link

We're starting to use AI to look for signs of life in the universe. It's a good use of it, as I talked about in my piece on AI and coverage. Link Essay

Atrium is a company that replaces lawyers with machine learning. It basically digitizes documents and then builds applications that can access the data. Basically, law firms make their money off hourly charges, so they have little incentive to be faster.  Link

This store called Standard Market in San Francisco has no cashiers, and is instead monitored by an extensive set of sensors and cameras. Link

Mary Meeker has left Kleiner-Perkins, and is starting a new firm along with a few other partners. Link

Facebook has released SapFix (AI-based bugfixing) and Sapienz (automated software testing) to automate the discovery and fixing of software bugs. Link

Verizon is launching a new home internet service based on 5G. It'll be $70/month, and will have 300Mbps to 1Gpbs of speed—supposedly with no caps. But I'm skeptical. I bet there will be some sort of clause that says unlimited "normal" use, or something, which will be up to them to decide. Link

Human News

📚 A study was done comparing reading comprehension while reading an e-book (text) vs. listening to an audiobook (audio), and they found no difference in retention. Link

Progressives and Conservatives are narcissistic in different ways, with people on the left broadcasting their values, and people on the right broadcasting entitlement. Link

SpaceX has signed up its first customer for a trip around the moon. Link

The mayor of London is calling for a revote on Brexit. Link

There's a 20-year gap in life expectancy between counties in the US, and we've now seen the largest decline in life expectancy in over 50 years. Link

Ideas, Trends, & Analysis

Stop Trying to Violently Separate Privacy and Security Link

Maybe a really good way to tell if a company is a monopoly is to call their customer service line. If it's obvious that nobody cares to help you, it might be a monopoly. Link

The Humanities Are In Crisis Link Chart

Extreme Athleticism is the New Midlife Crisis Link


What If — Automated machine learning model inspection without code. Link

The world's most secure password. Link

🎵 EDM by robots. Link

How to manually set your IP in the new Linux distributions that have deprecated ifconfig. Link

Curl is getting a URL parser. Link

Switzerland is becoming a leader in drones. Link

Getting started with Tensorflow data validation. Link

This app tells you five times a day that you're going to die. Link

A Practical Guide to Testing Amazon S3 Link


🔥 We've had a great response to our Attack Surface Monitoring Service called HELIOS. The concept is simple: we monitor your entire external infrastructure (including cloud) for sensitive changes—in near realitime—and let you know immediately if something happens you should know about. Examples include exposed sensitive services, new subdomains you weren't aware of, S3 buckets becoming publicly readable, etc. If you are concerned about what you have facing the internet right now, or what could be exposed at any moment without you knowing—reach out to us.

I've really been wanting to watch The Americans, and this review by Wired is pretty much making it an imperative. Link

Linux is moving off of ifconfig, and it's a big deal for me. I feel like ifconfig is a central friend in my life. But it's being deprecated (actually has been for a while) for ip and netplan, which are iproute2 applications based on YAML.You will be missed my friend. Link


How I Reduced My Spam Phone Calls by 90% Link


“He has half the deed done who has made a beginning”.

~ Horace

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