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Every week I consume ~20 hours of content about security, technology, and life, and then curate what I learned into a digestible summary.

Security News

A self-driving Uber car has killed the first human in Arizona. Uber has stopped all self-driving experiments while they investigate. Meanwhile, many other people died when struck by cars driven by humans. Link

Facebook is under considerable scrutiny right now for allowing a developer to download data for over 50 million users, which he later shared with Cambridge Analytics—the company that helped get the president elected. It was basically all technically ok, until he shared the data with a third party. Expect a lot of blowback and conversation to come from this. Link

The U.S. government is looking at changing the rules to be able to take in hacking talent regardless of age or gender. Link

PayPal just released the list of over 600 vendors that they share your personal data with. As I just wrote about here, this is how most people will lose their privacy—not from some illegal underground market. Link

Microsoft is launching a new bug bounty program for Spectre / Meltdown type bugs. Link

Britain and Russia have expelled each other's diplomats after Britain slammed Russia for assassinating someone in a U.K. pub using a nerve toxin so Russian that it might as well have had a logo. Link

Madison Square Garden is using facial recognition on its customers. Link

And here come the surveillance systems in U.S. schools. As I wrote about a couple of weeks ago, I expect this to be followed up by heavy machine learning to do prediction of violence. Link

Technology News

YouTube is going to start linking to Wikipedia to counter fake news and conspiracy theories. Link

Sierra Leone just became the first country to run an election on a blockchain. Link

Lyft is experimenting with a subscription service like Netflix, where you pay a flat fee and get a certain number of rides. Yes please. Link

Human News

Fertility rates are falling almost everywhere, and we're getting close to the magic number of 2.1 children per mother where the population stabilizes and declines. Link

Doctors get paid to prescribe opiates, and opiate use in the U.S. continues to rise. It's almost like these two things are correlated. Link

Lead exposure appears to still be killing many Americans. Link

10 days before he died, Stephen Hawking submitted a final paper on how to test for the existence of alternate universes. Link

1% of Reddit communities initiate 74% of the drama. Link

The ability to feel empath is largely determined by your genes. Link

A new 3D printed house debuted at SXSW can go up in 24 hours and only costs $10,000. Link

Ideas, Trends, & Analysis

🔥 Learn to Tell the Difference Between Real and Fake Machine Learning Link

An argument that we're moving from the Information Age to the Reputation Age, where we only consume content that's been filtered through a desirable source. As I wrote about before, I think this is going to be vastly sped up by the fact that we're soon going to be able to make it look like anyone said anythingLink


12 million sensitive URLs available for download. I'll be adding these to SecLists as well. Link

GAN — Extract subdomains from certificates. Link

Laura Demming's Longetivity FAQ Link

Probable Wordlists — A likelihood sorted list of passwords. Link

Internal Monologue — Retrieve NTLM hashes without touching LSASS. Link

Odin — A comprehensive OSINT data extraction tool. Link

Data & Statistics

Lyft's revenue is apparently growing at nearly 3x that of Uber's. Link

San Francisco is $10 billion dollars in debt. Link

The national debt just hit $21 trillion. Link

Apple Music now has 38 million paid subscribers. Link


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I am now reading everything written by Nassim Taleb, of Black Swan fame. I have mistakenly thought for years that I already knew the punchline for his work (that infrequent random events are interesting), and that there wasn't much I could learn from reading more from him. I was very wrong. I just started reading his latest book, Skin in the Game, and it made me stop and start Antifragile after the first chapter. I started reading that, and it made me stop and start reading The Black Swan after the first chapter, So then I started reading that and realized it all started with Fooled by Randomness, which is what I'm currently reading. I'm basically in the middle of a deep dive into questioning one's certainty and preparing for low probability events, and it's utterly fascinating! Link

Not sure if anyone knew—or cares—but I happen to be a fan of shoes. Allen Edmonds is my go-to, but I've lately been getting way too into Allbirds, which I now own five pairs of. They have a great supply chain and ethics story (because we need that from our products now evidently) and just released a new style based around trees (as opposed to wool), which use Eucalyptus as the main material. Man, too bad I'm not doing sponsorships anymore—this is one of the companies I'd definitely promote for money. But now I'm doing it for free, and that does feel way better. I hate not knowing if someone I follow is promoting a product because they like it or if they're being paid to do so. Maybe I'll do an occasional 'Products I Enjoy' release or something like that, for those who also like curation of nice things as well as information. Let me know if you'd be interested in that. Link
I'm going to be trying out Canarymail.io, an alternative email client for Mac and iOS. Let me know if you use it and what you think of it. Link


Once a quarter—or at least once a year—look at your calendar and don't think about whether or not you're doing all your projects and tasks efficiently. Instead, look at your current goals and ask 1) whether those are still the right goals, and 2) whether your existing projects are still the best way to accomplish those goals.

Understand that Machine Learning is much like Love and Sex. If you take the time to learn about them, in their true forms, they truly are MAGICAL. But if you see someone lead with them— when they're trying to sell you something—you can almost guarantee they're lying to you. Learn the difference between the two. Link


“There is nothing so useless as doing efficiently that which should not be done at all”.

~ Peter F. Drucker

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