DPI-8S & SR Out of the Box Tutorial, Dot3D Pro 3.1.1, and more.
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Here's the latest from DotProduct. Read on to find out more about the release of Dot3D 3.1.1, the new DPI-8S / SR Out of the Box Tutorial Video, upgrade information for Dot3D™ Pro on existing DPI handheld 3D scanners, the official release of the new Design Comparison feature in Dot3D Pro, our latest video from the NSRP ShipScan project on the design comparison workflow with AutoCAD, and our new blog post on the IAFSM 2018 Offsite Event: "Active Shooter: Documenting the Aftermath".

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Dot3D 3.1.1
Dot3D 3.1.1 Now Available: Update Across Platforms Today
Following up on last month's landmark release of Dot3D 3.1, we are glad to report that the next Dot3D update is now available across all DotProduct 3D scanning and editing platforms. This 3.1.1 update includes several improvements to the user interface, file management, optimization, and AprilTag detection, as well as various bug fixes. All DotProduct users should upgrade to Dot3D 3.1.1 today. This applies to Dot3D Pro, Dot3D ScanDot3D Edit, and Dot3D View on both Windows and Android platforms. Please click here to download Dot3D 3.1.1 now.
Out of the Box Tutorial Video: Dot3D Pro on the DPI-8S / SR
Please click here for a full overview video on getting started with the new DPI-8S and DPI-8S SR handheld 3D scanners, powered by Dot3D Pro on Android. This introductory video is recommended for all new users and covers both hardware and software tips. Please click here to view now.
Dot3D Pro Upgrade
REMINDER: Upgrade your DPI handheld 3D scanner to Dot3D Pro
All current DotProduct DPI-8X/SR and DPI-8/SR customers are reminded to upgrade their Android tablets to Dot3D Pro today. Dot3D Pro has succeeded Phi.3D as the primary 3D capture application for these devices, and is now included with all active DPI support and maintenance plans. To upgrade, please complete this form asap. If your maintenance and support agreement is current, we will deliver the new license key and installation instructions right away. If your maintenance has lapsed, we will first deliver a quote to get you up to speed. Click here to upgrade now.
Design Comparison
Now Available: 3D Design Comparison and Registration in Dot3D Pro
We would like to take a moment to highlight one of the most exciting new features now available in Dot3D 3.1.1: Design Compare. This new feature is only available in Dot3D Pro, and can be accessed from the main menu bar. The first iteration of this functionality includes direct OBJ import into Dot3D for convenient registration and comparison of as-built scan data to as-designed CAD models. To export OBJ files from AutoCAD, Revit, and more, we recommend ProtoTech Solutions OBJ Export plugins. Please click here for several videos on this new feature, and below for more on the latest video tutorial on the full process from AutoCAD.
Design Compare AutoCAD Tutorial
Registering and Comparing DP Scan Data to an AutoCAD Model
Please click here for our very latest full video on the new design comparison workflow mentioned above. This video was produced as part of our participation in the NSRP ShipScan project in conjunction with ShipConstructor, Ship Architects, and more. This tutorial covers the process of OBJ export, registration, and in-field comparison. Please click here for the video, and here for more on the NSRP ShipScan project.
Blog: 3D Scanning the Fort Worth Police Tactical Training Village 
This past December we were glad to continue our support for the IAFSM at their annual conference in Fort Worth, TX. To kick off the event, we were invited to participate in a unique project: "Active Shooter: Documenting the Aftermath", a scenario-based, multi-disciplinary 3D scanning workshop at the Fort Worth Police Bob Bolen Public Safety Complex. This highly impressive indoor and outdoor training facility provided us the opportunity to put our very latest technologies to the test, working hand in hand with a wide variety of law enforcement personnel, crime scene investigators, manufacturers, and different 3D capture hardware and software platforms. Please click here for some excellent images and data from the event in our latest DotProduct Blog post.
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March 12-14: NSRP All Panel Meeting - Charleston, SC
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May 21-23: SPAR 3D 2019 - Anaheim, CA
September 17-19: INTERGEO 2019 - Stuttgart, Germany
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