Today's InfiPoints DP webinar, Phi.3D 2.2, Dot3D Edit 2.0, & more.
Announcing Phi.3D 2.2 and Dot3D Edit 2.0
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Here's the latest from DotProduct. Read on to find out more about the release of Phi.3D 2.2 and Dot3D Edit 2.0, today's live webinar with Elysium on Handheld 3D Scanning into SolidWorks with InfiPoints DP, our latest demo video on the new parallel planes feature in Phi.3D 2.2, where to find us at OTC 2018 next week in Houston, our latest blog on the three options for bringing DP scan data into SketchUp, and our workshop schedule for GEO Business 2018 in London.

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Announcing Phi.3D 2.2: Download now for the DPI-8X and DPI-8X SR
Today we are glad to share the latest release of Phi.3D, our core 3D scanning application for the DPI-8X and DPI-8X SR handheld 3D scanners. Version 2.2 improvements include new parallel plane constraint functionality, optional staircase scanning capabilities, improved re-localization, Android 7 compatibility improvements, and upgrades to the overall user experience. Please click here to download the upgrade now. Note this new release is only available to customers subscribed to active Phi.3D Software Support and Maintenance. If you are due to renew, please click here to request a quote and get your scanner up to date. WARNING: If you attempt to upgrade with an expired Phi.3D software support license, your scanner will not function. You can either renew by contacting DotProduct support or you can revert to your original version of Phi.3D. For any questions, please contact support.
Dot3D Edit 2.0
Announcing Dot3D 2.0: Improved measurement, editing, and more!
We are also very excited to share the official release of Dot3D Edit 2.0, the latest upgrade to our Windows and Android editing application for DotProduct scan data. Version 2.0 improvements include surface and cylinder annotations, surface area calculation, diameter measurement, coordinate system editing, AprilTags optimization, batch optimization, new export options (E57, LAS, LAZ, POD), send to Pointfuse functionality, orthographic viewpoints, decimation options, user interface upgrades, and more. Please click here to download Dot3D Edit for Android now. The Windows release will also be available via the same link soon.
InfiPoints DP
Live Webinar at 10am ET: Handheld 3D Scanning Into SolidWorks
You're invited to register now for our live webinar with Elysium today at 10am ET. Learn how easy it is to capture 3D data with the DPI-8X and import straight into SOLIDWORKS® with InfiPoints DP on Android. We will also be demoing the new features in Phi.3D 2.2 and Dot3D™ Edit 2.0.
Parallel Planes Video
Phi.3D 2.2 Demo Video: Using the New Planarity Constraints
With the release of Phi.3D 2.2, we are excited to offer another accuracy improvement option for DotProduct users when capturing flat and parallel planes. Please click here for a new video explaining how and when to take advantage of this feature. Please click here to download Phi.3D 2.2.
OTC 2018
OTC 2018 - Find us with ShipConstructor next week in Houston
We will be joining SSI (ShipConstructor USA) at their booth #2660 in Houston next week for OTC 2018. Stop by for live demonstrations of our latest tech and discussions of the applications for handheld 3D scanning in oil and gas and shipbuilding. Please click here for more information.
Scan to SketchUp - The Three Workflows for DP Scan Data
Please click here for the latest DotProduct Blog on options for bringing DP scan data into SketchUp design projects. InfiPoints DP, Pointfuse for DP, and Undet for SketchUp offer SketchUp compatible export options.
GEO Business 2018
GEO Business Workshop: Tuesday May 22 - 12.30pm, Room C
We invite you to join us in London on May 22nd and 23rd for GEO Business 2018 at the Business Design Centre. We will be presenting a live workshop on handheld 3D scanning and real-time data processing on Tuesday May 22nd at 12:30pm in Room C. Click here for more info.
Also meet with us at these upcoming events
April 30-May 3: OTC 2018 - Houston, TX - Booth #2660
May 22-23: GEO Business 2018 - London, UK - Stand N19
June 5-7: SPAR 3D & AEC NEXT - Anaheim, CA
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