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VOL 005

The Super Bowl Edition

I've got to be honest, I didn't watch a single down of professional football this year. I view it as my civic duty, however, to be excited about the Super Bowl - hence the themed newsletter. First off, a quick reminder: it's spelled "Bowl" not "Bowel." Super Bowel is something entirely different. 

In this, the fifth edition of Mike's Weekly Three, you'll find an infographic that'll help you interpret those funny roman numerals, you'll find a Super Bowl commercial marketing lesson idea, and while we're at it an interesting read from Forbes about the value of a Super Bowl ad.

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This week, I fly solo and share a student created interview with an eSports shoutcaster! 

Save yourself some embarrassment this weekend and brush up on your Roman Numerals with this Roman Numeral Infographic from

A little Google Searching will reveal an unwatermarked version of this image  (if you're into that sort of thing).
If you're a business/marketing teacher, the Super Bowl offers wonderful opportunities to connect course content, skills, and concepts to the real world. The link above features a lesson from my Intro Business class that includes an article about lessons from Super Bowl commercials. I've included each commercial for viewing as well.
I can't predict the winner of Super Bowl 50, but I can predict that your colleagues will be talking about all of those crazy commercials that aired during the game. Before you congregate around the water cooler to share your favorite ad, read this: Is a Super Bowl Ad Really Worth $5 Million?

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