November 8, 2022
Dear Leaside Residents Association Members,


You may already be aware of the 1837-1845 Bayview high-rise proposal by the Gupta Group (the “Proposal”) that will have a direct impact on our community.
Bayview Broadway Good Planning Inc. (“BBGPI”) is a non-profit incorporated entity of concerned neighbours in the direct vicinity of the development seeking to positively influence the Proposal. BBGPI is not opposed to thoughtful development and intensification, especially around the new Leaside transit nodes, but rather our aim is:

(a) achieve a more appropriate small or mid-rise building (in consideration of the distance from the transit node and immediate proximity to 2-storey single family homes), that enhances our community and provides positive integration into the Leaside community as a whole; and
(b) set a precedent for future development that ensures positive integration into our community for all stakeholders (e.g., traffic, education, amenities, and so forth).
If BBGPI can positively influence the development it will set the stage for what is appropriate throughout the Bayview/Eglinton corridor, including the new 34-storey Glazebrook Avenue proposal. It will also have a cascading effect of bolstering the LRA’s work in our neighbourhood, ensuring that future developments respect good planning principles that support our community – a principle that the LRA has worked tirelessly to implement with great success.
The LRA has been extremely gracious lending their time and expertise to our cause, but we need your help to bring our defence over the finish line. Our team of lawyers and planners have been given “party” status by the Ontario Land Tribunal. Party status, as opposed to participant status where you may only send in a written submission, puts us in the strongest position to effect change. Unfortunately this process is very expensive and heavily tilted in favour of the developer due to the enormous cost. We need at least $250,000 to mount our defence.
We have been working tirelessly for months engaging in analysis through various lawyers and planners to ensure our efforts are successful. The professional advice we have received is that the site is suitable and appropriate for a “mid-rise” development. The City of Toronto’s definition of mid-rise can be found here: development/official-plan-guidelines/design-guidelines/mid-rise-buildings/.
In 2023, with our team of lawyers and planners, we will be attending the Ontario Land Tribunal to mount our case. The neighbourhood in direct vicinity of the site has already raised over half of our funding goal, but we need your help to ensure we meet our goal. Without all funds secured before the tribunal we will not be able to move forward with our full defence.
Our ask – please, if you are able, consider donating to our legal defence fund. We can’t stress enough that if we can’t hit our $250,000 funding goal our defence will be severely limited (or may not go forward at all). That will nearly assure a high-rise development not only at 1837- 1845 Bayview, but also at Glazebrook.

Your donation, whether $500, $1000, $2500 or more is an investment in your home and community. If 50 households donate $2,500, we will hit our funding goal. But we appreciate smaller amounts as well. Each and every donation counts!

For more information please visit or email us at
To donate please visit where we have provided instructions to donate via credit card, cheque or e-transfer. You may also drop off a cheque to our treasurer at 348 Bessborough Drive, or send an e-transfer to
Of course, if you have any questions at all, we invite you to email us at or visit our FAQ page at We would be more than pleased to answer any questions you may have.
Thank you for your consideration. We hope you share our vision of ensuring Leaside continues to be the great community we all chose to live in.
Bayview Broadway Good Planning Inc
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