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Members of Community Futures BC are eligible to take advantage of services at a reduced cost. Please check out the Member Benefits on the website.  Providers include Delta Vancouver Suites, National Bell Mobility Program. Avis Rental Cars, CAA and Equifax negotiated rates. 

$1000 per year to defray Regional Meeting costs.

Each year a region can request up to $1000 to help defray the cost of a regional meeting.  The organizer simply needs to send their request to our office to apply.  

Leadership Institute
Don’t forget that, as a Community Futures staff member, you have access to over 100 free online courses aimed at growing your knowledge and skills. Topics include key areas such Business Writing, Communications, Leadership, Project Management and many more!  Click Here 

Board Development Program - REDUCED PRICING!

Community Futures Pan West has announced new pricing for online orders of its face-to-face or virtual presentation sessions: $500 per session for 3 hour or 3.5 hour sessions.   In addition, you now have the choice of ordering session manuals at $25 each OR printing the manuals at your own cost.  Go to to order your training modules today.
A User Account is required to access the resources in the Member's Area of the Community Future BC website.  To create an account click on the button below.  Need more help watch this 
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Now available
  • Member's Forum  - Got a question, post it in the forum and members of the Network can answer.  Topics include CED, BA Support and Peer Support.
  • Network Connections Database - Don't know who to ask about what?  Try searching the database for an individual with the experience you are looking for.  Got skills to share, complete the form and get your name added.  
  • Online Legal Loan Application - Online web application to assist with the completion of loan documents.  Based on the loans documents that were created for the Network in 2013.
  • Salary Survey 2015 - Results of survey of salary ranges for employment positions within the BC Community Futures Network from March 19 to 27 2015.
  • "What If?"  Marketing Campaign Center - videos and print materials available for use.  
For more information on any of the Member's Area features, contact Vanessa Tveitane at or 604-289-4222 ext 221

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September 23rd – 25th,  2015  Kimberley, BC

Have you registered yet?  In addition to key, core events such as the Annual General Meeting, Roundtables, Business Analyst Workshop, and more, conference guests will have the opportunity to experience inspiring and insightful guest speakers.  Early Bird rates end on June 30.
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Entrepreneurs with Disabilities Program 

To support  Entrepreneurs with Disabilities Program lending,  an online marketing campaign is in progress using Google and Facebook social media ad purchases.  The campaign started on May 9th and so far ads have been seen by over 9000 people.   Ads to date have attracted 12 people interested in EDP loans.  The campaign will run until end September.
The EDP Coordinator will travel to Community Futures Fraser-Fort George in June for a regional support open house to increase awareness of the EDP in their community.  Invited participants will include lending partners, Chamber of Commerce members, disability groups and business consultants.   
The Disability awareness training developed for Community Futures staff and volunteers on March 25 is available for viewing on Adobe Connect.  Presented by Disability Alliance BC,  the session included rights and responsibilities to accommodate persons with disabilities requesting service and best practices for outreach to this group of clients.  Go to: Link:   Passcode: 4222

For more information contact Garry Angus  604-289-4222 ext 226.
2015 National Conference Video
Video du Congres National 2015 National Event Video
What if?
Community Futures What If? Campaign - full length video
30 Year Anniversary of Community Futures program logo.

Community Futures Stuart Nechako sparking creative juices with 3D printer. 

Available for public use, the recently acquired 3D printer will be domiciled at the Men Shed in Vanderhoof.  Designers, artists and other entrepreneurs will have access to the printer and the its advantages. Benefits that include reduce development costs, increase time from development to market, and increasing innovation.  Prototypes in hand within hours, modified and reprinted.  Although not expected to be mainstream for another 5 to 10 years, Community Futures Stuart Nechako’s purchase has made a valuable resource available to their community. For any questions, please contact Graham Stanley @    
3D printer to print bridge over water in Amsterdam   

Economic Gardening Training, Penticton - June 18-19 2015

Community Futures BC was pleased to contribute to help bring the Economic Gardening program to BC. Chris Gibbons, the originator of the concept of Economic Gardening, will travel from Colorado to facilitate the training. A condensed version of the full certification program, the training will be sufficient for attendees to recognize appropriate businesses and to be able to liaise with the Economic Gardening team.  Everyone attending will go away with a better understanding of Economic Gardening.  Community Futures Okanagan Similkameen partnered with Okanagan College, Penticton Campus and the Canadian Center for Business Growth (C2BG) to deliver this training. Proceeds from the training will be used to pay for the tools and to hire a part time coordinator to work with the Community Futures offices to deliver the program throughout BC.
On the web
On the web