PrePex Newsletter #10, August 2015
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Dear PrePex Friends, 
We like receiving good news- and we like sharing it even more!
Read our updates below:

Device Forecast Research: Preliminary Data Suggests that PrePex Creates Incremental Demand for VMMC!
During the PSI/CHAPS session "Scaling-Up VMMC with PrePex" held at the IAS 2015 Conference in Vancouver (Click here for the session's summary), preliminary data was shared regarding market research on VMMC in Zambia and Zimbabwe. The research, performed by IPSOS, a world-leading marketing firm, included device forecast, to assess if devices could generate incremental demand for VMMC. The device segment was a projection, survey-based, cohort study. According to the information shared during the dinner session, the study data suggests that PrePex could potentially create significant incremental demand for men opting for VMMC.

Results showed the incremental demand was found to be up to 59% in Zambia and up to 45% in Zimbabwe, dependent on the age group. It is anticipated that the results will be published in the JAIDS supplement, by the end of 2015. We have also learned that the study found that PrePex was the only WHO-Prequalified non-surgical device displaying substantial incremental demand. Another WHO-Prequalified surgical MC device included in the study created only minimal incremental demand, similar to that of surgical circumcision.
PrePex Nominated for the 2015 TECH Awards
We are happy to announce that PrePex has been chosen as one of 25 finalists competing in this year's prestigious Tech Awards in the Sutter Health category.
A signature program of The Tech Museum of Innovation, The Tech Awards is an international awards program that honors innovators from around the world who are applying technology to benefit humanity. Out of the 25 finalists, 10 laureates will be announced and awarded with a $50,000 USD prize.
Circ MedTech Ltd. CEO, Eddy Horowitz said: "We are honored to be selected as one of the finalists and I hereby state that, should we be selected as a laureate, all money we receive will be directed towards VMMC & HIV Prevention advocacy and awareness activities in Sub-Saharan Africa." 
Uganda & South Africa to Start PrePex Passive Surveillance
The Uganda Ministry of Health has approved the PrePex Active Surveillance results and are now on their way to the PrePex Passive Surveillance phase.
In addition, the South Africa National Department of Health has accepted the PrePex Active Surveillance safety and acceptability results and approved commencement of Passive Surveillance. 
Click on the photo to watch what South Africans have to say about PrePex! 
The video shows CHAPS-PrePex Mobile Clinic training campaign at Alexandra, Johannesburg during June 2015.
Three Countries will Implement Adolescent MC with PrePex
As recently reported, the "Technical Advisory Group on Innovations in Male Circumcision" meeting report concurred that the use of the PrePex device could be extended to eligible adolescents aged
13–17 years.
The report advises that active surveillance must be followed until a minimum of 2,000 procedures have been completed, in at least three countries. We are happy to inform you that three countries have suggested contributing to the PrePex adolescents' active surveillance results and they are: RwandaZimbabwe and South Africa. Details will be shared when available. 
Kenya to Start PrePex Active Surveillance
The Kenya Ministry of Health - National AIDS and STDs Control Program (NASCOP) - will soon begin the PrePex Active AEs Surveillance phase. The Ministry is planning to circumcise at least 1,000 men with use of the PrePex device, supported by PEPFAR/CDC and in collaboration with six implementing NGOs. 
In the photo: Dr. Ojwang Lusi, Chief Officer of Health at Kisumu County - with the VMMC technical team and PrePex trainers and trainees - during his visit last week to the NRHS Clinic at Lumumba Health Center in Kisumu, where a PrePex training session supported by PEPFAR was taking place.
Photo Credit: Circ MedTech Ltd
A Team from MoH Botswana & ACHAP Completed PrePex ToT
Two physicians from Botswana MoH and ACHAP participated in a PrePex Training of Trainers (ToT) session held last week at the PrePex Center of Excellence in the Rwanda Military Hospital in Kanombe, Kigali.
According to ACHAP, they have committed to support the efforts of the Government of Botswana in scaling-up Safe Male Circumcision (SMC) services to reach the intended national target of 385,000 (0-49 years) by 2016. ACHAP will directly contribute towards reaching the target of 127,000 (27.2%) of the national target among males aged 15-29 years.
ACHAP's articulated support included two approaches:
  • Supporting general government efforts in the scale-up process
  • Supporting implementation of a service delivery model that would facilitate rapid scale-up of SMC in 14 districts over a period of five years.
We are proud to have ACHAP teams implementing the innovative PrePex technology to assist Botswana in its national scale-up process.  
In the photo (left to right): Dr. Leon Ngeruka (PrePex Master Trainer - Rwanda Military Hospital), Dr. SAMUEL AJAYI (ACHAP Botswana), Dr. Kutlo Motlhobogwa (Botswana Ministry of Health), Ms. Josephine Uwambaye (PrePex Trainer - Rwanda Military Hospital), Ms. Hagit Freud (PrePex Product Specialist) and Dr. Japhet Niyonzima (PrePex Trainer - Rwanda Military Hospital).
Photo Credit: Circ MedTech Ltd.
PrePex at the IAS 2015 Conference
 It was our pleasure to represent PrePex and to meet with the HIV/AIDS research community at the IAS 2015 Conference held on 19-22 July, in Vancouver, Canada.
Click here to read the article written about us in the Vancouver Sun
Click here to watch the video article on YouTube!
In addition, on July 21st, a PrePex professional dinner session was held by PSI-ZIM and CHAPS-SA within the framework of the IAS 2015 Conference. This was facilitated by Dr. Karin Hatzold (Global Deputy Director HIV, Biomedical and Clinical Interventions) and Dr. Dino Rech (Co-CEO, CHAPS South Africa).
The session - named "Offering VMMC Services with PrePex" - was held at the Vancouver Marriott Pinnacle Downtown Hotel and attended by PrePex stakeholders who also participated in the IAS 2015 Conference. The goal of this session was to stimulate a useful exchange of ideas and information with representatives from Sub-Saharan African countries who are implementing PrePex VMMC services and conducting operations research on PrePex. Researchers and implementers shared their most recent updates, experiences, successes and best practices. The summary of the session was distributed among PrePex stakeholders and is available in this link
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