PrePex Newsletter #21, August 2016
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Dear VMMC Stakeholders,

When the founders of Circ MedTech developed the PrePex device in 2009, they had a vision – to expedite the scale-up of Voluntary Medical Male Circumcision (VMMC) Programs and so help prevent the spread of HIV/AIDS in Africa. They focused on creating an innovation that would be safe, cost-effective, and allow task shifting to nurses in a way that would create incremental demand for male circumcision.
The AIDS 2016 Conference in South Africa was a week full of clinical insights, progress shared and hope for the future. As we concluded our participation, we left the Conference feeling more engaged, more supported by the VMMC community and more motivated than ever to reach our common goal – 27 Million Male Circumcisions by the year 2021 – potentially saving millions of lives and billions of dollars in long-term healthcare costs. 

Research presented at the AIDS 2016 Conference proves that PrePex is indeed living up to the expectations of its founders – making their vision a reality.

A population-based survey, conducted in Zambia and Zimbabwe, measured the willingness of men to undergo Male Circumcision (MC) and found that the PrePex device has up to 50% greater potential than other surgical MC methods to provide an overall incremental increase in MC demand among men. In an article reporting the findings, the authors concluded that "PrePex may provide the greatest potential increase in demand", surpassing all other devices and methods included in the survey.

A costing model, undertaken by the Zimbabwe Ministry of Health, found that in both urban and rural settings a PrePex procedure was less expensive than any surgical method. Zimbabwe, together with other countries, has therefore decided to scale-up use of the PrePex device on a nationwide level. Consequently, we are proud to announce that PrePex has reached an important milestone. As of July 2016, 200,000 PrePex Procedures have been conducted across 12 countries in Africa and Asia!

This could not have been achieved without the support of government officials, funders, researchers, providers, trainers, community leaders, advocates, mobilizers and indeed, the men themselves – all of whom believed in the ability of the innovative PrePex device to enable a safe and cost-effective non-surgical male circumcision procedure!  

With the introduction of PrePex into more countries in Africa and around the world, we now have the ability to avert more HIV infections — faster and more cost-effectively than ever before.
We are grateful for your support of the PrePex non-surgical device and are privileged to be part of the global partnership aimed at preventing the spread of HIV in Africa.

Eddy Horowitz
Circ MedTech Ltd.
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