Telecoms and network services to make your BID members smile!
If your BID members never had to think about telecoms, network services, mobile phones or IT again, would that make you and them smile?  Meercats can take it all away.  Well, not literally, but we will take away the stress and bother and throw in up to 30% off their existing charges while we’re at it!
What they want is a seamless, reliable service designed to meet the needs of their company. Designed to make life easier. Where everything works, where networks don’t go down, where cracked mobile screens can be sorted and where technology helps business.
Whatever is required, we can create a telecoms and digital solution to make their business more effective, help them achieve faster results and pay less than they currently are.
Our telecoms and digital experts delete stress and replace with positive solutions. We can supply everything from one landline to a telecoms and digital network for a business in multiple locations.  Once everything is in place we will maintain it and upgrade it as necessary – your members don’t have to do a thing and they don’t have to pay us a thing either.  Our unique funding model provides financial control to BID managers and no charge to BID members.
In addition to the peace of mind of having someone to look after their telecom and digital systems, we are also at the end of the phone should they need help.
This table shows our services in a little more detail:

IT services
Cheaper calls guaranteed
IT support - monthly or ad-hoc
Flexible and dynamic
Calls billed to a tenth of a penny
Remote support – no travel charges, faster response, environmentally friendly

High speed & high capacity – 10-100Mb
24/7 fault reporting
Hosted email – enabling small businesses to use Microsoft exchange

Rapidly scalable – from one location to site to site circuits
VoiP solutions IT equipment and installation
Totally reliable (99.99%)
One to one service Anti-virus solutions
One to one service and 24/7 support

Call performance management

Server supply and installation

Cloud ready internet
Audio conferencing
Offsite data back up
Connection voucher scheme
Make telecoms and digital one less thing to worry about, in fact, make it something to get excited about. Call us and provide a system that truly enhances your BID members’ business.
Call 01444 416529, sit back and smile!
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