In business, does 'every little count' or do we want the easiest and quickest solution?
Domestic consumers seek out bargains, refuse to pay over the odds for products, but when it comes to businesses, do we have the same standards?

Our newest service, Merchant Fees, promises no hassle and huge savings to BID members

One of our recent clients, a Boutique Hotel saved a massive 48%, which added up to £22,689 in just one year.  What an easy way to add £22,000 to their bottom line – no effort required, just provide us with a recent invoice.

On average we can save 30% on existing fees but for some clients who have not recently reviewed their merchant accounts, we’ve saved 60% or more. 

It has never been a better time to switch: in 2015 VISA and MasterCard  reduced their rates to the banks, but in most cases these savings have NOT been passed onto businesses. We want to change that!

If your members take payments via debit or credit cards, face to face, over the phone or online, there’s a 90% chance they’re paying too much!

In general, businesses are faced by an array of complex pricing and industry coding and are primarily unaware of excessive bank charges. Remember a Merchant Account is totally separate from a Business current account.

Meercats offer a bespoke service. All we need is a recent merchant account invoice and our analysts will produce a comprehensive report showing the potential % savings that can be achieved.

It’s a win, win situation – your members can save money with no effort required!

Act now and share this with your BID members. Better still, call the Meercats and allow us to work with you as your Savings Team and do all the work for you. 
Call 01444 416529 and help your members to save money now.
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