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Fish are killed every time the McKecknie pump station (in Pitt Meadows) is turned on. (NB. This is why Watershed Watch is campaigning for fish-friendly flood infrastructure solutions. Find out more at

Wild salmon conservation efforts have received a $5-million boost from the province. The money going to Vancouver-based Pacific Salmon Foundation was announced Thursday, B.C. Wild Salmon Day.
River dredging, shrimp trawling and changes in climate are some factors that may have made this staple species for many B.C. Indigenous communities a rarity in the lower Fraser River area.
Lax Kw'alaams's Allied Tribes say Eagle Spirit Pipeline supporters did not consult them.
Salmon is sold as healthy, sustainable and environmentally-friendly but is that image accurate?

It is a troubling development after the death last year of a four-year-old orca known as J50, given that the total population of the species is believed to be 75.

A Canadian company has proposed exploratory mining for gold and copper in the headwaters of the Skagit River in British Columbia.

Marine conservationists are warning that sea lice outbreaks are a growing problem for young freshwater salmon.

From San Francisco Bay to southeast Alaska, every industrial herring-roe fishery has been closed, due to collapsing stocks and declining catch value.
Instead of “climate change” the preferred terms are “climate emergency, crisis or breakdown” and “global heating” is favoured over “global warming”, although the original terms are not banned.
The havoc caused by stocking the park’s lake for sport fishing ravaged ospreys, pelicans, bald eagles, grizzly bears and the lake’s own native cutthroat trout.
Readers discuss more ecological farming methods and raise concerns about eating chicken and farmed salmon.
Releasing your pets into the wild is not humane, ethical or responsible.

We will lose the iconic life-sustaining wild salmon if our elected representatives lack the honesty, integrity, courage, will, or intelligence to name the problem and change what needs to be changed.

In his op-ed on Monday, “Chinook salmon under threat”, Fisheries and Ocean Minister Jonathan Wilkinson described a way forward to sustainable fisheries and rehabilitated Chinook stocks based on a science-based approach.

British Columbia
When Jared Williams was growing up he would often accompany his late grandmother as she gathered and prepared food in their Cowichan territories, BC.
If completed, the project would see a single, continuous waterway connect False Creek and the Fraser River in New Westminster. 
How is a metals manufacturing plant in the midst of a fish-bearing estuary even possible?
Canada’s lone land-based Atlantic salmon farm expects to harvest its first crop of 3 kg-fish in September after a 13-month hiatus.
Failing to penalize parties involved undermines all salmon conservation efforts, MP says.

Port Moody resident Aniela Guzikowski is spending her spare time picking up cigarette butts to protect ocean life.

When Garry Wallace and his neighbour Byron Bustin went to take a look at a pile of old creosote ties sitting in a marsh next to the railroad right of way they were surprised to find the ties were being moved.

Fundraising is underway to mount winter scientific expeditions in the north Pacific Ocean in 2020 and 2021 to learn more about the lives of millions of salmon, as climate change alters the environment.

According to a BC Hydro release, the project required a parks boundary adjustment that will “ultimately lead to a net gain to the park, and another benefit was the Rotary Club-constructed Elk Falls Suspension Bridge.”

The climate is changing, and effects can be felt locally.

Recommendations to improve federal fisheries and oceans programs released by the National Indigenous Fisheries Institute.
The policy work is a sharp break from current rules that prohibit any wastewater releases and could deepen concerns about the ecological health of one of the world’s largest freshwater deltas.

Keeping deer and elk in check results in better fish habitat. But wolves are also known to fish during spawning runs.

United States
A group of students in Kirkland are raising awareness about a proposed copper mine in Bristol Bay, Alaska, the home of one of the last fully wild salmon runs.
Chinook salmon returns to the Columbia River will be the lowest in almost a decade this summer.
The wildfires that burned throughout Utah during 2018 made headlines due to the large amount of acres burned and several community evacuations.
By appealing to the hearts and minds of their white neighbors, Native Americans are carving out common ground. Together, these different groups are building unity through diversity.
It was supposed to be a subdivision back in the 1970s where you could impress your relatives with how near you lived to the mangrove-lined branches of Coral Creek.

As Delaware’s coast retreats, the Bethany Beach firefly is struggling to survive.

Governor Inslee expanded the drought emergency declaration to cover nearly half of Washington including the Wenatchee, Entiat and Chelan watersheds.

This year's summer Alaska salmon harvest officially begins today, May 16th, bringing first of the season Alaska salmon from sea to table.

The EPA said Monday that Manke Lumber has agreed to pay a fine and take other measures to settle allegations that it sent polluted water into Tacoma’s Hylebos Waterway.

The Skagit County town of Hamilton, where floodwaters pour in regularly, has considered moving for decades. Now outsiders from Seattle are pitching bold plan to create a new American town.

New research on the United State’s only known population of freshwater seals has found they’re unique.

The algae bloom has had a significant impact north of Nordland and south of Troms, but the government warns new sites are still being affected and yet more are at risk.
In early May, the Intergovernmental Science-Policy Platform on Biodiversity and Ecosystem Services (IPBES) released a sobering report that found one million plant and animal species are on the verge of extinction.
Yet another study has shown that glaciers in Antarctica are melting at accelerating rates.
How anglers and scientists try to conserve fish at one of Northern Ireland's premier salmon rivers.
The world's biggest salmon farming company is one of a number of firms under investigation for possible misreporting of chemical use. The BBC can reveal Mowi, formerly known as Marine Harvest, is among those being investigated by Scottish regulators.

When you picture a marine protected area, you might think of a diverse ecosystem where fish, sharks and corals thrive in a healthy, protected habitat. You probably don’t imagine industrial fishing operations scraping the depths of the ocean with large trawling nets

After the United Nations’ warning on May 6 that a million of Earth’s species are threatened with extinction, Drew Harvell’s new book, “Ocean Outbreak,” examines four sentinel animals that live under the sea.

The majority of the Parliamentary Industrial Affairs Committee wants to change legislation on fish farms to make all licences temporary.

A surge of algae has killed an estimated 8 million salmon at Norwegian fish farms over the past week.

A Scottish deer estate has created an innovative way to help boost the population of wild salmon in the country’s rivers.

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