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Watershed Watch's Greg Taylor says DFO's approach is the right one, but whether it will be effective is another story. “It really will come down to whether the department is prepared to monitor the actions they’re proposing to take.”
According to the BC Wildlife Federation, the few remaining Interior Thompson steelhead trout are stuck at the base of the Bonaparte River fishway near Ashcroft, which is a major tributary of the Thompson River.

Keeping water on our landscapes and in our rivers, lakes and aquifers is our best approach against an uncertain and chaotic future.

The NDP candidate in Nanaimo-Ladysmith says that faced with evidence that PRV may be wild Pacific salmon’s smallpox, the minister is sitting on his hands.
Ship engines, underwater blasts, sonar and oil drilling are filling the seas with sound. Researchers are now trying to pin down the damage humanity’s growing acoustic footprint has on ocean life.
The approval comes with 172 conditions that must be met during the mine's construction and operation to reduce or eliminate any harm that could be done to the environment.

The river advocacy group American Rivers has been rating U.S. rivers since 1984. Here's its selections for 2019.

On February 4, 2019, the Federal Court of Canada ruled that DFO's policy not to screen farm salmon for piscine orthoreovirus is unlawful, a violation of the precautionary principle, and ignores both the critical state of wild salmon in BC and the high degree of scientific uncertainty around impacts on wild salmon.
Patagonia's new documentary Artifishal launched in Vancouver last night. Stay tuned for a screening near you.
Labelling of genetically modified foods has been a contentious issue for years.
Decades-long study shows that the more time we spend outdoors as kids, the less chance we have of mental illness as adults.
"Our sockeye have survived insurmountable odds just to still come back every four years to live out their life cycle. They deserve our respect and help."

The return of gillnets would work against state efforts to increase salmon numbers and help orcas.

British Columbia
As fracking booms, a report finds we know little about impacts.
Minds will be broadened during this year’s Earth Day event at the Agassiz United Church. At least, that’s the plan.
Watch footage of orcas hunting off Bowen Island.
Trawling through international waters in search of salmon had its ups and downs according to geography PhD student, Perumthuruthil Suseelan Vishnu, who spent six weeks aboard the Russian vessel, the Professor Kaganovsky.
TV, couch, needles and more picked up along shores of Chilliwack-Vedder River during cleanup.
Max and his big brother Jayden, 9, felt like young Indiana Joneses after their find – a stone-age knife.

The herring roe fishery on the Strait of Georgia has wrapped up. And those who are against the fishery are gearing up their opposition for next year.

The Canada 150 project will be in place in the Township council chambers.
Genetically modified salmon are ready to hit grocery store shelves for the first time in Canada.

Conservation authorities in Windsor-Essex and Chatham-Kent have heard from the province that they will receive only 50 per cent of what they used to get for flood management programs.

Although a new competition will give one lucky angler some serious bragging rights, it’s not the reason why people are meeting regularly to perfect their technique.

A biology class that tested nine different types of fish sold in sushi restaurants and grocery stores in southwestern Ontario was shocked to learn seven of the samples were mislabelled as different species of fish. One sample contained a body louse.

The draft for a federal plan to restore Canada‘s largest national park suggests Ottawa is unlikely to ease international concerns about threats posed to its status as a World Heritage site, say environmental groups and First Nations.

The U.S.-based company is about to start commercial production of genetically modified salmon in Rollo Bay, P.E.I.

It’s been seven years since the last open pen fish farm was approved in Nova Scotia. Now, Cooke Seafood wants to increase production in Liverpool Bay, but there's local opposition to the project.

The Brooks Motocross Club and a member of its executive have each been found guilty of contravening the Fisheries Act and Species at Risk Act, and face thousands of dollars in fines.
Burgeo has made its mark on the fishing industry in the province, and now the industry is making its mark on Burgeo.
A new study works to unravel the complex interactions between landscape features, geomorphology, geology, and vegetation - that create vital cold-water habitat for wild Atlantic salmon.
Fisheries and Oceans Canada (DFO) has announced that mandatory catch and release management measures for the Atlantic salmon recreational fishery remain in place for 2019 in the rivers draining into the southern Gulf of St. Lawrence.
United States

Despite winter snowstorms the amount of snow in Cascades and water in reservoirs is below average

Sonar readings from New York's Hudson River hint at a revival for the embattled Atlantic sturgeon.
Members of the Lummi Nation held a ceremony close to the U.S. San Juan Islands to pray for the dwindling southern sesident killer whale population.

The Gila is America’s most endangered river. What do we stand to lose if it disappears thanks to climate change and overuse?

A stakeholder forum on the Lower Snake River dams is an opportunity to bring people together, explore possible futures and support informed decision-making.

Activists want state regulators to consider alternate sites before approving new seafood farms.
Addressing the problems caused by dams is still the biggest challenge facing the recovery of the Atlantic salmon.

Chris Johnson, Nooksack River Steward of the Native Fish Society, shares where to see Chinook salmon in Whatcom County’s very own Nooksack River.

A wide swath of former farmland next to the Colorado River is being transformed into a natural habitat of cottonwood, willow and honey mesquite trees.

Seychelles' leader delivers a speech in defence of the Indian Ocean from inside a submersible.
Salmon on psychotropics, platypuses on prozac, and other strange tales from the wild

This new study suggests that healthcare practitioners can definitively prescribe 20-minute “nature pills” to soothe their stressed-out patients.
The report reviews the latest scientific research on the impact of reduction fisheries and the lack of transparency and sustainability in the aquafeed sector.
Salmon are being fed with the help of the legs of locally-culled deer to help boost their survival rates.
Artifishal, a Patagonia documentary about threats faced by wild salmon, premiered in Hveragerði, South Iceland last week.
Salmon scale project aims to use information to help conserve fish stocks.
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