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In the small fishing community of Port Renfrew, people who have made their livelihoods off sport and commercial fishing are coming to terms with new restrictions introduced this spring by the federal government, and thinking hard about what comes next.
A new film from Patagonia explores the threats to wild salmon and asks questions about how we value wild animals.

Extreme hot dry weather has left streams and rivers across the province running low and that's creating drought conditions more commonly seen in late July.

A B.C. provincial court judge lamented the state of protections for Canadian fisheries as she tore a strip off a commercial skipper with a history of repeat fishing violations.

Imperial Metals, the company responsible for the Mount Polley tailings pond disaster, has applied to drill in southwestern B.C. in the headwaters of a river that provides water for millions of people.
Fish farms were boarded under the authority of the Tla-o-qui-aht Hereditary Chief Ray Seitcher.
Weakened permafrost in Canadian Arctic a further sign that global climate crisis accelerating faster than scientists had feared.

‘The overhauled Fisheries Act has the potential to be one of the most transformative things that has happened for our oceans in many years’ — Josh Laughren, Oceana Canada

A look at urban streams with international paddler, conservationist , and World Rivers Day founder and chair, Mark Angelo.

The House of Commons has passed a non-binding motion to declare a national climate emergency in Canada, kicking off a week that will test the Liberals' promise to balance environmental protection with economic development.


As much as eight per cent of global oil goes directly to plastic production — an estimate that excludes the transportation of single-use plastics to global markets, the energy used to transport plastic to landfill, and the energy used to sort or recycle items, or incinerate them.

We oppose the EPA push to repeal effective water-quality safeguards, and so should the entire state of Washington.

Prime Minister Justin Trudeau, caught between environmental and economic concerns, greenlighted the $5.5 billion Trans Mountain project.

We’ve been told that water is essential for life. There are many phrases in every culture that reference this. We can’t go very long without water. 
Taking down dams without taking down hatcheries is like rescuing a dying man only to slowly poison him.
British Columbia
The Tsilhqot’in Nation says it continues to stand strong despite the Supreme Court of Canada deciding not to hear the Nation’s appeal.
Once numbering 500 pairs in BC's southwest mainland, the last owls barely hang on in the Fraser Canyon region.

The trio snagged an 11-foot sturgeon from the Fraser River near Chilliwack while on an expedition led by the company SturgeonHunter Tuesday.

Hound hunters in the Cariboo-Chilcotin region provide equipment and local knowledge.

It's a rare sight in Vancouver's False Creek, but a pod of orcas was spotted swimming the city's most inner waterway on Wednesday.

BC Hydro is predicting low water levels at the John Hart dam this summer due to the dry weather conditions the area has seen since February.
“We need a healthy environment, clean water and good soils for farming, and we need those for fish too,” Watershed Watch's Lina Azeez said.
City must raise dikes, flood proof sites and boost water supply to respond to shifting climate.

Experts say Tl'uk is not an albino, but have not yet settled on what caused its unusual white colouration.

Lytton is consistently one of the hottest places in the province, sitting deep in the Fraser Canyon at the point where the Fraser and Thompson Rivers meet. For the 2,000 people living in the area, it's simply summertime.

Federal fisheries officials are holding off, at least for now, any suggestion of implementing two fishing bans along sections of local rivers.


The Trudeau government’s rewrite of the Fisheries Act is set to become law after senators opted not to press on amendments they made to the bill that were rejected by the Liberal-majority House.

Prime Minister Justin Trudeau and his cabinet have again approved the Trans Mountain expansion project, a crucial next step for the much-delayed pipeline project designed to carry nearly a million barrels of oil from Alberta’s oilpatch to the B.C. coast.

Member of Parliament Richard Cannings spoke passionately in Parliament on Friday about a proposed amendment to the Fisheries Act that would, among other things, mean that decisions under the act would need to take local First Nations into consideration.

"Fish couldn’t even go upstream." In a video publicizing their concerns, Elders say water levels at the northern Alberta First Nation are as low as they recall.

Editor's note: Bills C-48, C-68 and C-69 have now been passed by both the House of Commons and Senate.
United States

Swarms of anchovy can be seen swimming through the South Sound.

Members of the Lummi Tribe, along with activists and scientists, launched the Salish Sea Campaign this weekend to save the southern resident orcas and restore their home.

The Alaska Department of Fish and Game is increasing the limits of sockeye salmon to 12 per day and 12 in possession in the Resurrection River, and the northern saltwaters of Resurrection Bay, and opens a section of the Resurrection River freshwaters.
Oregon spent five years and close to a million dollars to find out how many people and companies follow state logging rules — and came away with an answer that’s being called essentially worthless.
Sport anglers will have the opportunity to reel in salmon off the Washington coast starting Saturday, June 22.

Senators from Alaska and three other states want to see more oversight and accountability for transboundary water quality from British Columbia.

Scientists find the salmon dining hotspots in the Gulf of Alaska.

So many dead grey whales have washed up this year that the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration Fisheries department says it has run out of places to take them.

Sockeye salmon are back in droves on the storied Russian River. So much so, the Russian River/Upper Kenai bag limit has been increased to nine per day starting Wednesday at 12:01 am, with 18 in possession.
Numerous businesses have publicly declared support for the initiative Against the Current (Á móti straumnum).
A written challenge to salmon farming in Iceland, Norway, Scotland and Ireland has received 140,000 signatures.
Ocean plastic is a problem we can solve. We know how to pick up garbage and how to recycle it. But now is the time to pull together the necessary institutions and systems before the ocean becomes an irretrievably lifeless soup of plastic.

'We’re losing hundreds of thousands of tonnes of edible fish to fishmeal and fish oil exports, potentially impacting 40 million African consumers. West African governments must protect regional fish stocks and put the food security rights of their citizens first, by quickly decreasing the amount of fish going into fishmeal production,”[2] said Dr. Ibrahima Cissé, Oceans Campaign Manager for Greenpeace Africa.

We spoke to Dr Ciaran Byrne from Inland Fisheries Ireland about the worrying decline in wild salmon numbers in Ireland.
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