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Aaron Hill, Watershed Watch Salmon Society executive director. says no funds  were explicitly earmarked in Budget 2019 for wild salmon.
Watershed Watch's Greg Taylor says the number of sockeye salmon that made it to the Fraser River last fall was lower than originally predicted, and DFO allowed the area to be overfished.
Only a handful of un-diked islands remain in the area know as the Heart of the Fraser, but now three of them have been bought and logged by developers, while conservationists mount a last-minute attempt to buy them.
Last week a federal court ruled that government’s non-testing policy for piscine orthoreovirus (PRV) — contravened the Fishery General Regulations, made a mockery of the precautionary principal, did not honour First Nations rights, and failed to consider the health of wild Pacific salmon.
With scientists deadlocked about the potential risks of aquaculture, B.C.’s salmon farming industry should be shifted out of sensitive wild salmon migration pathways, federal fisheries minister Jonathan Wilkinson says.
Australia has reached its international conservation commitments through Indigenous Protected Areas, creating 3,000 jobs in the process. Will Canada follow suit?
Increasingly, scientists are relying on data gathered by volunteers to make their research happen.
Government strategies for saving animals at risk are showing a troubling trend of relying heavily on killing one species to save another.
The Lower Mainland’s food security, transportation links and power supplies are at risk if an estimated 42 percent of the Fraser Valley floods as a result of climate-change-induced spring runoffs, .

An international team of scientists left Vancouver on the weekend for a research expedition to the Gulf of Alaska where they will conduct the first comprehensive study of Pacific salmon in the region.
Jim Cooperman, Shuswap Environmental Action Society, weighs in on analysis by Watershed Watch's Greg Taylor showing DFO allowed overfishing in 2018.
As fragile humans, we try to cope with habitats of many styles as we struggle to survive or at least be somewhat comfortable during these winter months.

The global seafood supply chain is incredibly large and complex, leaving many confused about what types of seafood are truly "sustainable." What can you do to be a conscientious consumer of fish?
Even as we explore new forms of conservation governance, we must continue to hold governments accountable, in court and at the ballot booth, for losses and suffering caused in our name.
 Blaming one animal for another’s decline is just the way to take pressure off the humans who are the only animal that is responsible for another species’ destruction.
British Columbia
A new IMAX film displays the splendour of B.C.'s Great Bear Rainforest, the risks it faces and the vital relationship First Nations groups in the area have with the ecosystem—and the mystical spirit bear.
Video, mural and song about saving the salmon claims the top prize.
Vancouver Island University researchers are taking a deeper look at snow packs in unique alpine forested watersheds on northern Vancouver Island in BC.
The expedition is an opportunity for scientists from both sides of the Pacific to collaborate on questions related to the health of salmon.
While photographing winter on the river, a local photographer was there when otters caught a fish.

Richmond-based Pacific Balance Pinniped Society is convinced that a pinniped explosion is a contributing factor to declining populations of wild salmon and other finfish along the B.C. coast.
The provincial government is putting $75,000 into the first-ever study of Pacific salmon in the Gulf of Alaska.
Should we be siting fish farms on wild salmon migration pathways? Given the debate around pathogens, probably not,’ says federal Fisheries Minister Jonathan Wilkinson.
In this first year of the Fund (2018-19), DFO is supporting six projects totalling over $790,000.
A former Fisheries and Oceans Canada scientist is accusing his former employer of skewing research to allow for the continued operation of Nova Scotia Power’s Annapolis Tidal Turbine.
United States
 The U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service and NOAA Fisheries have released a new final recovery plan for endangered Atlantic salmon. 
The decision to close commercial fishing for Quinault River blueback (sockeye) salmon for conservation purposes this year is part of the ongoing effort by the Quinault Indian Nation to deal with the very tangible costs of climate change.
The Senate on Tuesday approved legislation to designate portions of three New England rivers as "wild and scenic" - including two in Connecticut.
Lawmakers, whale watchers and environmentalists reached a rare consensus at a hearing on a proposed speed limit for boats operating near Puget Sound’s endangered southern resident orcas this week.
The Delaware River Basin Restoration Program received $6 million in funding  to address the Delaware River Basin’s environmental challenges.
More than 1 million adult coho salmon are expected along the Oregon coast and Columbia River in 2019.
A diverse group of outdoor enthusiasts, ranging from hunters to environmentalists, sent a message Tuesday to lawmakers in Olympia: fully fund the Washington Department of Fish and Wildlife.
Bipartisan legislation aims to protect endangered albatrosses and petrels.
Last July a female orca named J35 captured worldwide attention for her unprecedented vigil.
A newly minted management plan for the Flathead National Forest to guide a wide range of uses on 2.4 million acres will face opposition.
The federal government has outlined an ambitious, potentially costly new plan to restore Atlantic salmon in the United States, where rivers teemed with the fish before dams.
An early forecast from a group of state, tribal and federal fisheries managers indicates the upcoming spring chinook season could be as, or even more, disappointing than recent steelhead runs.
The plan would take decades to fully implement, and it focuses on strategies such as removals of dams, installations of fish passages and increasing the number of salmon that survive in the ocean.
Ducks Unlimited and numerous partners protected, enhanced or restored 1,509 acres of wetland habitat across 17 Ohio project sites in 2018.
Lawmakers, whale watchers and environmentalists reached a rare consensus at a hearing on a proposed speed limit for boats operating near Puget Sound’s endangered southern resident orcas last week. 
Though the Colorado River has been dammed, diverted, and slowed by reservoirs, efforts are underway to revive sections of the river and restore vital riparian habitat for native plants, fish, and wildlife.
While federal officials consider breaching one or more dams in Washington to increase salmon survival, state officials are considering increasing spill over the dams to help more smolts survive in the meantime.
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The International Year of the Salmon aims to bring people together to share and develop knowledge more effectively, raise awareness and take action.

Researchers analyzed Northeast Atlantic fisheries from 1960-2015 and found that increases in biomass were highly correlated to fishery policy implementation.

A comparison of fishery management approaches (and their outcomes) is highly useful. What is the best way to manage commercial fisheries?
Protests poured in over a decision to allow mining operations on a mountain plateau in Finnmark, which willdisrupt Samis’ reindeer grazing while dumping debris and tailings into the fjord below.
Despite almost 20 thousand tonnes of salmon and trout are produced in Iceland per year there are still over 200 tonnes of fresh salmon imported to Iceland. 
Sites in Shetland, Stirling and Fife were visited as part of an anti-competitive practices investigation.
Officials raised concerns over the import to Scotland of salmon eggs from a Norwegian company after the outbreak of a deadly virus.
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