2014-15 Economics Department Newsletter, Vol. 19
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Economics Department Newsletter

February 24, 2015
In This Edition:
  • Seminars and Events
  • Employment Opportunities, Internships and Fellowships
  • Student Conferences
Seminars and Events:

Wednesday, February 25;  4:00pm, Griffin 6
Economics Department Seminar:  English Proficiency and Labor Market Performance in the Economics Profession by William Olney, Williams College

From the abstract:  "This paper investigates whether the global spread of the English language provides an inherent advantage to native English speakers. This question is studied within the context of the economics profession, where the impact of being a native English speaker on future publishing success is examined. Using a ranking of the world’s top 1000 economists this paper finds that, after controlling for other factors, native English speakers are ranked approximately 96 spots higher (better) than similar non-native English speakers. This advantage applies both to the economist’s quality adjusted number of papers and the number of citations they receive. A variety of extensions dispel other potential explanations for these findings."


Thursday, February 26;  4:00pm, Griffin 6
Economics Department Seminar:  The long run effects of labor migration on human capital formation in communities of origin by Taryn Dinkelman, Dartmouth College

From the abstract (joint work with Martine Mariotti at the Australian National University):  "Many economists recognize that labor migration is one of the most direct strategies for escaping poverty.  Yet, considerable debate remains over whether and how migration affects communities of origin over the long run. This paper provides new evidence of one channel through which circular labor migration has lasting effects on origin communities: by raising human capital formation of the next generation. We estimate the net effects of labor migration from Malawi to the South African mines using a difference-indifferences strategy, newly digitized Census and administrative data on access to mine jobs, and two plausibly exogenous shocks to the option to migrate. Twenty years after these shocks subsided, human capital is 4.8-6.9% higher among cohorts who were eligible for schooling in those communities of origin with the easiest access to migrant jobs."


Friday, February 27;  12:15pm, CDE Building
CDE Development Dialogue:  "
Learning About Pathways Out of Poverty Using Historical Data: Measuring the Long Run Impacts of Labor Migration on Economic Outcomes in Communities of Origin" by Taryn Dinkelman, Dartmouth College

[Note: for Development Dialogues only, reservations are required due to limited seating.  If you are interested in attending, please email Karima Barrow at and she will let you know if there is space available.]
Employment Opportunities, Internships and Fellowships:

Data Analytics Associate - Mathematica Policy Research
MPR is currently seeking spring 2015 or recent graduates who have some professional work experience (can include internships) with data management and analysis, and software quality assurance, testing, and development of testing tools. 
Please refer to their job listing for more details.


Census Pathways Summer Internship Program - The U.S. Census Bureau
The U.S. Census Bureau has posted summer internships. For more details, see or the posting on their website, here
Student Conferences:

Watson Undergraduate Conference:  "Governance and the Global Economy"
Brown University will be holding the Watson Undergraduate Conference, a one-day conference on April 11 that provides undergraduates with the opportunity to share their original research with fellow scholars from around the region.  More details, including the application deadline, can be found in their announcement.
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