2015-16 Economics Department Newsletter #24
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Economics Department Newsletter

May 9, 2016
Upcoming Events:
Political Economy Presentations
Monday, May 9;  Tuesday, May 10;  Thursday, May 12
4:00pm - 6:00pm;  Griffin 3

Political Economy senior capstone presentations continue this week:
Monday, May 9:
Kyra Deeth-Stehlin, Max Dugan-Knight, Hannah Levin, Claire Swingle, and Bill Zito“Early Childhood Education and Care: Expanding Access and Improving Quality”
Tuesday, May 10:

Elijah Eaton, Chris LeFlore, Patrick McLaughlin, and Cesar Serrano“US Drinking Water: Financing an Infrastructure Overhaul and Promoting Water Affordability”


Thursday, May 12:

Nahiomy Alvarez, Peter Cihon, Todd Hall, Emily Irving, and Maggie Yang“Closing the Revolving Door: Solutions to Recidivism in California’s Criminal Justice System”


ECON Thesis Poster Session
Wednesday, May 11
6:30pm - 7:30pm

Come hear about the research done by this year's Econ thesis writers.  Posters will be set up in the first-floor hallway of Schapiro. You can wander amongst the posters, ask questions about the thesis process and the findings of our current thesis students, and then wander into Schapiro 129 for some light food.
Meet the Alum:
Jennifer Doleac, Class of 2003

"I'm currently an economics professor at the University of Virginia's Batten School, where I study crime and discrimination. I enjoyed all of my economics courses at Williams, but two econ tutorials made me want to get a Ph.D. This career path had never occurred to me before taking those classes, where we read and discussed academic papers and tried to make sense of policy effects (I specifically remember thinking, "someone would pay me to do this?"). I was lucky to learn from top-notch researchers who are also devoted to their students; that is a rare combination."
Meet the Thesis Writer:
Paige Wilkinson

"As an art history and economics double major, I decided to combine my interests in a year-long economics thesis examining the art market through econometric analysis. Specifically, I am determining the impact of exhibitions contemporaneous to the year of sale and career-to-date on the auction price of fine art for a sample of 375 living, contemporary artists for over 45,000 auction sales. An aspect of the art market which has never been empirically examined previously, using an entirely original data set I personally compiled, I am examining the impact of various types of exhibitions: solo, group, museum, gallery, and "majors" as defined through attendance, size, and expenditure. My results are also particularly interesting as they bear on controversies surrounding the increasing commercialization of art, growing commercial role of traditionally non-profit museums, and the rise of art as an investment class. That is something that I have always loved about applied economics - it really does help you understand the way the world functions and informs how we respond to real-world issues."
Employment Opportunities:

Economic Research Analyst
Jerome Levy Forecasting Center LLC
For detailed information on this position, please refer to their announcement.

Research Assistant
Temple University
The Fox School of Business has a full-time opening beginning in Summer 2016.  More details can be found here.

Global Canopy Programme
Global Canopy Programme has openings in environmental finance, agriculture supply chain analysis, and others.  Please refer to their website for listings.
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