2015-16 Economics Department Newsletter #1
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Economics Department Newsletter

September 14, 2015
About The Newsletter:

This is the first edition of the Economics Department Newsletter for the 2015-16 academic year. The newsletter is emailed approximately weekly during the academic year and is a way to alert you to what's happening in the economics department.

You are receiving this if you are an Economics or Political Economy major or faculty member, or if you have shown an interest in the field by taking a class in either department this semester.  

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Interesting Talks Around Campus:

Friday, September 18 at 1:10pm
Wege Auditorium

Statistics ColloquiumThe World is Calling: Should We Answer? by Roger W. Hoerl, Brate-Peschel Assistant Professor of Statistics at Union College

This non-technical talk will describe how statisticians are involved in solving some of the world's greatest challenges including HIV/AIDS, global warming, and political corruption.
On-Campus Opportunities:

Research Assistant – Survey Lab in Development Economics
Prof. Godlonton is piloting a new initiative, the survey lab in development economics (SLIDE). She is looking for three undergraduate students interested in acquiring survey design and programming (SurveyCTO) skills through paid work this Fall semester, with the possibility of extension into the Spring semester. Students will be required to commit to five hours of work per week, including group meetings every other week. Students interested in economics particularly in developing countries and with an interest in learning more about the practical aspects of conducting research are encouraged to apply. No previous experience is required. To apply, please send an email to Prof. Godlonton ( indicating your interest.  A short application form will be sent to interested students and is due by 5PM on September 16th.


Post-Graduation Opportunities:

Resources for the Future - Research Assistant
Applications are currently being accepted for a
research assistant position at RFF.

EY QUEST (Quantitative Economics and Statistics) - Staff Analyst
EY's QUEST practice invites seniors and recent graduates to join their team.  QUEST is a group of economists, statisticians, and other professionals that assists EY's clients with a variety of sophisticated quantitative analyses.  See fliers
here and here for more information.

Green Corps - Organizer
Information about a paid training program with Green Corps, a non-profit field school for environmental organizing, can be found

Meet the New Econ Professors:
Professor Chao
My training and interests are at the intersection of psychology and economics, i.e. behavioral economics. My research examines how firms and institutions use (non-monetary) cognitive and social incentives to influence individual decision-making. Some of my current projects evaluate the effectiveness of these incentives in marketing and fundraising campaigns, in employee compensation systems, and in regulatory policies on conflicts-of-interest. My research utilizes a range of research methods including observational data analysis, computer lab experiments, and field experiments. I hold a Ph.D. from Caltech and a B.A. from Dartmouth College. I spent most of my childhood in New England and I'm excited to be back in the region once again!

Professor Gibson
I work on environmental and labor economics, including the effect of air pollution on test scores, firm responses to environmental regulations, and the effect of sleep on wages. (Naturally my undergrad major was Russian literature.) I lived in Moscow and DC before heading to graduate school at UC San Diego. Outside economics, I enjoy hiking, cooking, and the blues.