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Dear Friend,

We have a framed bit of paper propped in the window next to our dining table. It holds a cropped page from The Thanksgiving Reader on which Thich Naht Hanh has shared a traditional Buddhist meal blessing (if that’s the right word for a Buddhist pre-eating reflection).

It starts, “This food is a gift of the whole universe – the earth, the sky, and much hard work.

I heard or read once that Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr., had a practice of pausing before eating to consider all of the people who were involved in getting that meal to his plate.

When I do it – even when I’m eating a meal made up of food grown by local farmers, people to whom I hand money in exchange for the literal vegetables of their labor – the number still gets very big, very fast. There are the people who cultivated the seeds used by those farmers, and the people who built the tools they use. There are the people who run the farmer’s market, and those who create the energy that powers our stove.

Already, we’re in the thousands.

Over the weekend, a coaching conversation reminded me of an interview with a friend, Rachel Winstead, some years ago in which she asked me how I learned to trust myself. I instead talked about our inevitable interconnection – with each other, yes, and with the earth and the sky and all the potentiality swirling around in this unfathomably massive universe.

When I think of all that swirling potentiality and how all of our experiences here on Earth are a part of our ways forward (since time, as we experience it, goes inevitably forward), then all I have to do is be in awe and embrace curiosity.

I wonder what might happen if I put this seasoning in this dish?
I wonder what might happen if I ask this client that question?
I wonder what might happen if I invite that person to work with me?
I wonder what might happen if I tell that person how very much they mean to me?

The answers, whatever they are, are also, just like the food in the Buddhist blessing, gifts of the whole universe – the earth, the sky, and much hard work.

What might your awe and curiosity open up for you this week?

I wonder what might happen if the strings vibrated a little differently?

If you clicked through to read my interview on Rachel’s site, you saw that mine is a non-theistic kind of framework for awe. I found a playful poke at the religion I was raised on in the mini-series Good Omens over the last handful of days. It was SO much fun.

Yet, over countless conversations with who-knows-how-many-people of so very many iterations of belief (and lack thereof), I’ve found us saying the same things time and again. Ann Lamott said it beautifully in a recent NY Times essay:

Prayer says to that space, I am tiny, helpless, needy, worried, but there’s nothing I can do except send my love into that which is so much bigger than me…

I have the theological understanding of a bright 8-year-old, but Jesus says we need to approach life like children, not like cranky know-it-alls, crazily busy, clutching our to-do lists.


I wonder what might happen if I start a quirky Etsy shop?

A big thank you to those of you who clicked through and found enough quirk or charm or what-have-you to purchase a zine or three from my brand new Etsy passion project, Humaning: Zines about Human Things.

This glorious order, filled with gifts for friends and family, ships out today!
A bundle of 43 zines going out

I’m working on getting a subscription going with all sorts of fun twists but apparently hit the wrong buttons last time so will endeavor to get the correct buttons pushed soon and on the shop!

As we go into this fresh new week, I am working to keep my curiosity trained on seeing “the earth, the sky, and much hard work” in every moment and every interaction.

In myself and in Theresa.
In my clients and in the people and happenings in the news.
And, of course, in you.

With love and gratitude for all you are,

p.s. Scroll all the way down for a captivating look at the "much hard work" part.

p.p.s. These emails are a labor of love for me - emphasis on both labor and love. If you find value in today's email, please share the love. It might just inspire someone else and it for sure gives me the warm-fuzzies.


Your community,
co-created conversation,
and a whole lot of laughter, authenticity, and breath.

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