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I would call our first experiment with a loosely-themed Chomp & Chat to be a resounding success. The conversation was rich and varied and I so appreicated - though wasn't surprised by - everyone's curiosity about one another's take on last week's theme.

This week, I'm inviting us to start from a poem that I share more than any other:

by James Crews
(listen to the author read it here)

My friend and I snickered the first time
we heard the meditation teacher, a grown man,
call himself honey, with a hand placed
over his heart to illustrate how we too 
might become more gentle with ourselves
and our runaway minds. It’s been years
since we sat with legs twisted on cushions,
holding back our laughter, but today
I found myself crouched on the floor again,
not meditating exactly, just agreeing
to be still, saying honey to myself each time
I thought about my husband splayed
on the couch with aching joints and fever
from a tick bite—what if he never gets better?—
or considered the threat of more wildfires,
the possible collapse of the Gulf Stream,
then remembered that in a few more minutes, 
I’d have to climb down to the cellar and empty
the bucket I placed beneath a leaky pipe
that can’t be fixed until next week. How long
do any of us really have before the body
begins to break down and empty its mysteries
into the air? Oh honey, I said—for once
without a trace of irony or blush of shame—
the touch of my own hand on my chest
like that of a stranger, oddly comforting
in spite of the facts.

Wherever that thought takes you, I hope you'll bring it to Chomp & Chat today!
Thank you to mom/Cheryl, Chris, Alice, Kathie and Anthony for a delightful mid-week conversation!

This is your community - come pause with your people!

Today, Wednesday the 2nd

12 Noon to 12:30 Eastern

(Whatever time it is for you, click the link at 12 Eastern and we'll be there!)

By all means, invite anyone who could use a boost of community - you can just forward them this email! The joy is that this is time and space I create for you, my newsletter community, and then I hand it on over to make of it what you will!


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Enjoy your community!

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