Athlete Factory Monthly Newsletter - October 2015
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Name: Nick Blevins & Gordie McRorie
Sport: Rugby
Level: National

How does it feel to be competing for Canada in the Mens Rugby World Cup?
Nick: It’s a dream come true. I'm very honoured to be representing my family and friends along with the staff back at Athlete Factory. Just goes to show if you work hard it can happen, that simple.
Gordie: It’s the pinnacle of every rugby player to represent their country at a rugby World Cup, so it feels very special indeed especially with all the hard work and sacrifices made to get to this point.
Describe your ascent to playing for Canadas World Cup Rugby Team?
Nick: It started at Bowness high school in 2006. It was an easy transition from football to rugby loving the physicality of the sports and I got to touch the ball (I played defence in football)! My love for the sport trickled down from my coaches and my buddies. Rugby parties were also the best. After leaving high school I realized I was actually pretty good at rugby so I committed to the sport by moving to Victoria to take part in full time training and a higher level of rugby. After years of following the rugby seasons back and forth from Calgary to Victoria, and working what I thought was hard enough, I got my first cap in 2009 against Japan in Sendai. I felt like I had reached the pinnacle. I had my sights set on the 2011 World Cup. The following two years I was in and out of the Canada squad and in the end I missed out on the 2011 World Cup. Realizing I had in fact not reached the pinnacle I new something had to change. This was the turning point in my rugby career. Shortly after I met Graeme Moffat who reinvigorated my love for rugby and took my on field skills where they needed to be. Around the same time I started training at Athlete Factory taking my training and training mentality to a whole new level. Since then I have not missed a tour with Canada and here I am now on the world stage.
Gordie: I made my way over to Canada in 2011 from Scotland, and played for the Calgary Hornets with fellow AF athlete Nickalas Blevins and under coach Graeme Moffat. I was eventually able to represent the Prairie Wolfpack in the Canadian Rugby Championship in 2012 through to 2014 when I became eligible to represent Canada. My first cap was against Japan in Burnaby in June 2014. I've been on every campaign since and have been lucky enough to be selected as a part of the World Cup squad.
What has been your biggest obstacle in getting to this point in your career?
Nick: Being complacent in my younger days. Realizing how hard you actually have to work. So I guess my biggest obstacle was me. "Get comfortable with being uncomfortable" Rob Lagore 
Gordie: Moving from Scotland and making Canada home has been a great experience, but it has meant leaving family and friends behind. Sacrificing time away from them has been tough, but I've had nothing but support from them which has made life a lot easier.
Who has influenced you most in your career as a rugby player?
Nick: There’s so many people out there that have contributed to my success so I'm gonna take the easy route and say my parents. Honestly couldn't have done it with out them. They've been so supportive and always backed my love of the sport. Thank you Bobby and Nancy Blevins.
Gordie: My family are my biggest supporters and have influenced me most. My parents would watch me play from when I first picked up a rugby ball to now when they get up in the middle of the night in Scotland to watch my games online. Graeme Moffat has been my rugby coach since I set foot in Canada and has been a massive influence on my career in terms of performance and setting goals.
How has training at the Athlete Factory helped you?
Nick: Athlete Factory is cutting edge. I've been lucky enough to have training that very few of my teammates get. As I said early I haven't missed a tour for Canada since I started training there. You purely focus on speed and power which corresponds with almost every sport. It's not just the lifting and the track work, its the mentality you have after training there. Always striving to get better, a lot of days I walk out of there feeling fast, even if I wasn't ha ha. They've got a coach there for everyone, I was drawn in by Paul Balsom's philosophies and have grown a connection with Doug Brown which has allowed me to get to an elite level. Thank you Athlete Factory for pushing me to where I never thought I could go.
Gordie: Ive been training at the AF since the winter of 2011 and it's been great. The training and the commitment shown by the coaching staff is outstanding. I've been able to improve my strength, power, speed and agility which are all important attributes in rugby. I've also been injury free in the last four years which is a huge part of my success.
What are you career highlights so far leading into the World Cup?
Nick: All the relationships I've gained along the way. Being surrounded by so many good people is definitely a highlight for me. Ask me the same question in four weeks, I might have a good story for you.
Gordie: My first cap for Canada is a highlight, a very special moment in my career. Also, winning the Canadian Rugby Championship with the Prairie Wolfpack for the first time this year.
Do you have any advice for young rugby players and athletes who dream of playing for their country?
Nick: Stay in the process. Goals are great to have but those end up being a pass or fail result and can be harsh. Work as hard as you can in that moment - every rep, every pass, every tackle. If you do that the end goal should take care of itself.
Gordie: Train hard and play hard. If you do that, you will enjoy a lot of success and one day will surprise yourself at what is possible.




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Golfer Logan Carver wins the CJGA Alberta Fall Series, this event qualified him for the Aaron Bradley Invitational. 

Synchronized Swimmer Cassandra Winkelaar along with her Canada Winter Games Team teammates received the 2015 President's Award.

Soccer players Madi Epoch, Aspen Marsden and Keeley Burke on Blizzard Celtic won the U15 Surrey SX Cup.

Figure Skater Nicole Joe finished first in the short and long at the Canmore Fall Invitational.

The following rugby players are invited to National Team Camps: U18 GirlsHarley Tucker, Keegan Brantner, Mikhi Lagmaat, Kate Jensen, Darcie Weir, Amber MAH-FiFi, Rylee Stone, Genna Wright, Alyana Scramstad & Holly Phillips. U17 BoysConnor Gowan. U18 BoysCole Davis & Brandan Mangold.


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