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February 2019

This Month's Featured Athlete

Mike Edem
Saskatchewan Roughriders - CFL, #15 Defensive Back
Mike Edem, 6 year veteran of the CFL and former Calgary Dinos player, only started playing football in grade 11. “All the kids in the neighbourhood played football except for me, I played soccer. So that summer I decided to tag along to football practice and the rest is history,” says Mike. 

Success came quickly to Mike, early in his university career he won the defensive player of the year award, then he was drafted 3rd overall, and once he turned pro, he was nominated for Rookie of the Year and Top Canadian for the Montreal Alouettes. Now a member of the Saskatchewan Roughriders, Mike remains very passionate about football stating that “it’s the ultimate team sport. I love the art of competing against an opponent and literally trying to take his will away.”

Last year after completing his second off-season training at AF, Mike produced a career high season for defensive tackles. Recently re-signed by the Roughriders, crediting his versatility due to his size and speed. “Many athletes struggle with improving both size and speed, this is something we do especially well at AF because of our very different approach to coordination in both strength and speed training," explains Director Paul Balsom. 

Mike enjoys his off-seasons with AF and the structure and focus provided. “The Athlete Factory has helped me. In the past three years, I can proudly say that I have only missed maybe 5-6 games in the past three CFL seasons.” AF is working with Mike to help him achieve his goals, both winning the Grey Cup, and having much sought after longevity in the sport. “Playing 10 years has always been my long term goal in the pros, but if I can reach a level only a few have gone playing 13-15 years, that would be awesome!” he states.

Mike's Performance Coach Nick Gies explains how after a long in-season, a football player's body is pretty beat up. The first few weeks back training focus on developing a good base to build off of in the later parts of the off-season. "We started with basic movement patterns and building up sprint and jump volumes. Once Mike's aches and pains came down, we started ramping up the sprint work, specifically his initial acceleration," explains Nick. "This consisted of improving the activation and sequencing of his hamstrings for more explosive hip and knee extension. As a fast athlete over long distances, Mike needed more of a focus on the shorter distances, his first 3 steps. We spent the majority of the time focusing on how much power he could apply over the first few meters of a sprint, which better complimented what he was already good at in the longer sprints." Aerobic capacity is something needed even in power speed sports, because the ability to recover faster between bouts of high-intensity running is key. Thus the early part of the off-season also focused on building an aerobic base through tempo runs which serve as aerobic conditioning, but also help to improve running technique, making an athlete more efficient and waste less energy while sprinting. "Now that a proper base has been established, the program is going to intensify and include more speed sessions and a focus on how quickly Mike can produce force. This will set Mike up to be the fastest and most powerful he has ever been this coming season," says Nick.

When asked about what advice he has for young football players, Mike talks about the importance of goal setting, saying that "Having a big goal can sometimes seem scary, but breaking it down into little daily attainable goals that can be accomplished on a daily basis, can be very encouraging to a young athlete and also motivate them.”

Our Clinic is now
WCB Approved!
What is WCB?
WCB (Workers Compensation Board) is a classification of patients that were involved in a work related accident and as a result are seeking treatment for the injuries sustained.

How do I start my WCB claim? 
Here are the steps to opening a WCB claim:
Step one: Report your injury to your employer within the first 72 hours.
Step two: Book an appointment with our WCB approved chiropractor. This will be reported to WCB within 48 hours.
Step three: Tell WCB. You will need to complete a report of injury form. You can get this form from your employer or at any WCB office.
To ensure your first visit is smooth you can fill out our intake paper work.

What am I entitled to? 
This will be dependent on the severity and nature of your injury. The number of treatments you are approved for are dependent on your treatment plan. Your practitioner will provide you and WCB with a specified treatment plan after your first WCB assessment.
CALL 403 255 7703 to book
Services offered: Chiropractic | Physiotherapy | Massage Therapy | Acupuncture | Shockwave | Concussion Management | Laser | A.R.T.

Win Golf Driver Lessons with World Long Drive Golfer Dan "Smackintosh" McIntosh 

Every new Personal Training and Sports Conditioning client that begins training in the month of February will be eligible for a chance to win a golf driver lesson with Dan “Smackintosh” McIntosh. Smackintosh is the World’s Longest Left Handed Golfer, professional Long Driver and AF athlete! His record competition drive is 479 yards which happened after starting with The Athlete Factory. 

Existing AF clients are eligible to enter the draw by referring a new client during the month of February. Each referral would contribute to one entry, with no limits on number of entries.
Email for more details.
Some conditions may apply.

Check out Some Outstanding Accomplishments from our Athletes 

Cole Davis completed his first World Rugby 7s Tour in Sydney, where he was DHL's Leading Impact Player, and he now rejoins the Canadian Sr. Men's 15s team. 
The Saskatchewan Roughriders signed Mike Edem to a two-year contract extension, keeping him with the club through 2020.

Marisa de Groot placed 10th in the country in the junior category as a first year junior at the Elite Canada competition. 

Skier Dawson Hill tops the podium at the FIS FGS Series in Eldora, dropping his GS FIS points by almost 20 points. 

Peyton Krebs, the WHL's first overall pick, led all rookies in scoring and is poised to be a first round NHL Draft selection.

Matt Davis committed to Denver University, the top ranked NCAA D1 school, for hockey and he made the NHL Central Scouting Midterm Rankings as a 2019 Draft Prospect.

Henry Petersen won both the morning and afternoon U8 Giant Slalom races at the BVQ Invitational at Norquay, and his team won the U18 team event.

Did we miss highlighting your accomplishment? Have a newsworthy 'win'?
Speak to your Lead Coach and they can ensure you are included in our next edition!

New to Our Personal Training Services - the Athlete Factory Circuit Series

What you get from the Circuit Series:
  • World leaders in strength and mobility development
  • No training experience required
  • A safe and fun way to burn over 500 calories per session
  • Increased energy and mental alertness to get through the day
  • Fast paced circuit style training 
  • 60 minute session includes warm up & cool down
  • An experienced coach in every session to keep you motivated and fix your technique
Sun @1pm | Tue @12pm | Thu @12pm | Fri @6pm | Sat @10am
Price for Existing AF Clients: 
  • $15 / session
  • $125 / 10 session package
  • $200 / 20 session package
  • $75 for monthly unlimited sessions
Price for Non AF Clients: 
  • $17.50 / session
  • $150 / 10 session package
  • $250 / 20 session package
  • $100 for monthly unlimited sessions
Speak to your coach or our administrative team for more details.
All prices subject to GST.
Klean Athlete Products now Available by Order
We are now offering Klean Athlete™ supplement line for order for all of our athletes, clients and parents. Klean Athlete™ has received NSF Certified for Sport® certification, which was created to meet the growing demands of athletes, coaches and health care professionals to certify that sports supplements are safe and free from banned substances. 

Unfortunately the supplement industry is unregulated, therefore the majority of supplements available to the public have not been evaluated by any regulatory body and may not contain what the product claims: Klean Athlete™ products undergo rigorous testing to ensure that all the ingredients are free of fillers and banned substances and therefore safe for athletes. You can be confident that the product label claims are accurate and that you are putting only the highest quality of ingredients into your body.

Products available to order:
Klean Isolate - $45.00
Klean Recovery - $50.00
Klean-D - $20.00
Klean Creatine - $25.00
Email to order.
Free shipping on orders over $150. $15 shipping charge for small orders. All prices subject to GST. Delivery to Athlete Factory within 72 hours of order being placed. Other conditions may apply.

By the Numbers - January

3 Double Leg Hop: Matt Dunn (8.50 m) / Chioma Obi (6.84 m)
10m Test: Jalen Doan (1.704 sec) / Chelsea Crocq (1.839 sec)
30m Test: Ash Krishna (4.224 sec) / Robyn Lumby (4.594 sec)
T-Test: Jordan Innes (7.271 sec) / Chioma Obi (7.846 sec)
PC Test: Youssef Abdalla (50 lengths) / Robyn Lumby (4 lengths)

Important Dates 

Mondays at 8pm
Saturdays at 2pm
February 18th - Closed
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