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September 2019

This Month's Featured Athlete

Keegan Sharp
22 years old, Alpine Skiing - National Team
Keegan Sharp, Canadian Alpine skier, has been skiing almost as long as he could walk, so it is no wonder he’s so good at it! Keegan tells the story of his parents starting him skiing at just 14 months old, “I didn’t really have a choice as my parents just stuck the skis on my feet, but I’m glad they did. I started racing around the age of 10 and honestly it’s all I’ve ever wanted to do.” As a self-described naturally competitive person, always wanting to be the best, it seems fitting that an adrenaline filled individual sport might feed his competitive instinct.

Skiing is practically in Keegan’s blood (his father held Head Coach, Director and other positions with the Canadian National Ski Team for over 15 years) and his development has been a continuous upward slope. He started with his home club, Team Panorama, then raced for the Alberta Provincial Ski Team, eventually being named this summer to the Canadian National Ski Team. In terms of career highlights, Keegan shares that “winning the National Jr champs in Giant Slalom 2 years ago was pretty cool and being currently ranked 11th in the world for my age in Slalom was a nice accomplishment as well.” 

But despite the success, all the fun along the way, traveling the world doing what he loves and having some unforgettable experiences, it hasn’t been without challenges too. Over the last 5 years Keegan had two major setbacks with injury, which sidelined him for significant periods, including missing an entire season a couple years ago. Making the work he puts in off the slopes all the more crucial. “Luckily, I had a great facility in the Athlete Factory and great coaches to help me with my recovery and get me back on track,” he says. “Being surrounded by other athletes who share the same amount of motivation as I do is very inspiring and exciting, which makes physical training quite fun. I’m also very fortunate to be working with some class coaches in Performance Director Paul Balsom and Performance Mentor Dan Balsom. They really know what needs to be done in the gym, so that I can be in peak form when I’m on snow. It's great being able to work with someone who understands what my ultimate goals are and knows how hard they can push me.” The most significant challenges, facing our AF performance coaches, are that Keegan does not live in Calgary and the amount of time he spends travelling to ski. “He comes in for intense training cycles, then follows strict programs until the next time we can get him in” explains AF Founder and Performance Director Paul Balsom. “His dedication and professionalism are a huge credit to him. He’s an intelligent athlete so he has a good idea of how important his year round schedule is. Skiing is an uncompromising sport; Keegan realizes how quickly coordination imbalances can occur if he is only skiing and not following his programs. While he is away, we monitor his progress, recovery and well-being through Bridge and make tweaks when needed.”

Keegan goes on to explain that “I’ve done everything I could have in the past to get to where I am now and will continue to do so. So that week after week I can keep feeling those slight improvements. If I can keep the feeling inside me that I’m constantly getting better, I’d say I’m doing my job.” Thus, looking to the future, Keegan would like to once again improve his world ranking, have success on the North American Cup circuit and have success on the NCAA college circuit. Keegan will start attending University of Colorado Boulder in January 2020. His long-term goal is to continue on a path with the national team and work towards having success on the world cup circuit. 

When asked what advice he would give aspiring athletes, Keegan speaks from the heart “patience! The last 2 years I’ve learned that being patient is one of, if not the most, important thing as an athlete. For 99.9% of people things won’t happen overnight, and you just have to trust in what you’re doing and literally go with the flow. You will always come out the other end stronger.” For athletes starting at AF Keegan says “get ready to work hard but also really enjoy doing it. Training can be fun! The Athlete Factory will re-sculpt you and allow you to use your body in ways that you most likely haven’t.”

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Para swimmer Peyton Morey breaks 5 year old Canadian record (by 30 sec) in 1500m freestyle and claims silver at the Canadian Swimming Championships in the 400m freestyle. 

Aleah Rodipe had a great summer of golf with the following results: FCG International Tournament - San Diego - Finished 2nd (by 1 stroke) | IMG World Junior Championship - San Diego - Finished 21st | FCG World Junior Championship - Palm Desert - Finished 2nd (by 2 strokes) | USkids World Junior Championship - Pinehurst - Finished 8th 

Hockey player Alexis Bedier has committed to Ohio State University and will be attending the top 27 Hockey BC Camp this month.

Hockey player Matthew Davis, and team AJHL, bring home silver at the Junior Club World Cup in Sochi, Russia. 

Kaizen U14 Softball Team takes gold at the Western Canadian Championships.

Soccer player Daniel Willett won the Calgary Cup with Tier 3 Foothills and was awarded the Golden Boot.

Felix Morin is heading to Bonnyville Pontiacs Main Camp (AJHL) for hockey.

Mya Jones, Caleigh Boeckx and Tanya Boychuk were all selected to the latest Canada U20 Soccer camp.
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By the Numbers - August

3 Double Leg Hop: Travis Thorhaug (8.64 m) / Hailey Jackson (7.10 m)
10m Test: Travis Thorhaug (1.633 sec) / Hailey Jackson (1.707 sec)
30m Test: Travis Thorhaug (3.939 sec) / Hailey Jackson (4.350 sec)
T-Test: Dymitri Pavlove (7.074 sec) / Hailey Jackson (7.780 sec)
PC Test: Dru Krebs (49.75 lengths) / Julie Randall (44.50 lengths)

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