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August 2019

This Month's Featured Athlete

Calgary West Soccer Club
Henry Hauesler, Technical Director and Mary Liao, Executive Director
This month, rather than interviewing an athlete, we had the opportunity to chat with Henry Hauesler, Technical Director and Mary Liao, Executive Director of the Calgary West Soccer Club (CWSC). One of the longest standing associations we have worked with. 

CWSC runs a soccer program for girls and boys ages 5 to 19 years old, wanting to give their players the opportunity to learn how to play the game of soccer and enjoy continuing to play it into their adulthood. Their vision is that every player can improve to her or his best possible level given the right education and participating regularly in training sessions and games. When asked what sets CWSC apart from other clubs, Henry and Mary explain that “we are a unique soccer club that focuses first on the development of the individual player, not on team success. If we develop good players, then team success will come later, when it is appropriate and when it matters. We want to educate our players to play the game that is successful at international standards and thus we focus on ball control as the most important measurement of a 'successful' player.” As part of their mission, CWSC continues to work hard to improve their overall structure and programs so that they are able to best provide the right program for players on different levels. They want to support Canada Soccer to be the most successful they can be internationally. “We are most happy when our players have a good time and want to play life long. We want to provide a pathway that allows players to aspire to their desired level and we are happy that we have the expertise to provide a strong learning environment,” says Mary. 

As part of their program, the Athlete Factory provides the conditioning for CWSC players. “AF is the most advanced program for physical development you can find in Calgary,” says Henry, “their programs help our players to improve in a very significant area of an athlete’s development; coordination, agility, balance, speed, power and later stamina are important abilities a soccer player needs.” AF Performance Mentor Dan Balsom is the Lead Strength & Conditioning Coach for CWSC, liaising with the club and overseeing our coaches working with the teams and all programs. The programming for CWSC teams is focused around soccer players’ main performance demands, while also taking into account their individual team and player needs. Dan explains this further; “it means programming for teams on an individual basis, altered based on results and upcoming games and tournaments. The key element for continual improvements, especially after coaching some of these athletes for 6 years plus, is improving the athletes’ propulsive coordination methods, as discussed in AF Founder Paul Balsom’s doctoral research. This ensures athletes are continuing to improve power, speed and agility year after year, which differs to the results being demonstrated with traditional training methods.” Mary adds that “other conditioning companies say that they train athletes to be fast. However, my experience is that their training methods do the opposite. They do not train athletes to train at their highest speed for short, intense intervals. Instead they force athletes to pace themselves and this then trains them to be slower than their true potential. Athlete Factory is at the cutting edge of research.” When asked what CWSC would say to someone looking for a conditioning company in Calgary. They state that “we would always consider AF because the results we’ve gotten over the years prove that we made the right choice.”

With the recent Women’s Soccer World Cup, we asked Henry and Mary to share what impact such an event has on soccer in Calgary/Canada. Mary said that “the Women’s World Cup has shown that with increased support, including but not limited to, leagues, coaching and training standards, media support, the women’s game has taken off to a level that shows a high level of technical proficiency and tactical efficiency.” There is no denying that the World Cup revealed that the women’s game is very exciting to watch, proven by the attendance at the games and the television viewing numbers around the world. “There is now no reason why the women’s game should not receive the same level of support as the men’s game. The women’s game has not been adequately supported by FIFA and its national associations, but I hope that now, the governing organizations will provide the needed infrastructure/budget,” says Henry. They go to explain that “it is sad that women have had to prove their capacity for this to happen. We have launched a league for men in Canada, but we do not have a professional league for Canadian women. This must be a priority for Canada Soccer, along with increasing the player pool of girls across the country. We also need more female coaches and so we need to look at how we all, as a male dominated sport, foster opportunities for women in soccer. We are all a part of a culture which discourages women to work in soccer. I hope that girls and women watching the World Cup really see the potential that they have in soccer, and I hope that boys and men likewise have seen the quality of the women’s game and will support this potential.” 

CWSC are committed to do what they can to continue to grow and improve the sport in Calgary and Canada and were happy to share some of the priorities as they see it: 
•    Widen the player pool by looking at the models of competition and league play that we support across the country. Moving towards no scores and standing up to U12, as part of the LTPD (long term player development) model is the right trend because it stops coaches from playing to win at the expense of development. We needs more players playing, and more players playing until we can truly see what their full potential is; after puberty.
•    Educate coaches (and parents) more to stop playing to win at the expense of development. This includes playing players in multiple positions, focusing on individual technical proficiency, equal/fair play time, etc.
•    Improve our game officiating. Currently, our level of officiating does not recognize fouls and players cannot apply their skills in games where they are fouled brutally whenever they try to carry the ball. Coaches encourage this physical play and it destroys development. 

If you are interested in joining Calgary West Soccer Club, or want more information on how you can get involved, please visit their website

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Check out Some Outstanding Accomplishments from our Athletes 

Alpine skier Keegan Sharp is named to the Men’s Canadian Alpine Ski Team for the 2019/20 season. 

MMA fighter "Mean" Hakeem Dawodu dominated Japanese fighter Yoshniori Hori, ending in a third-round TKO at 4:09 at UFC 240.

Golfer Riley Fleming won the Inglewood Alberta PGA event, finishing 14 under par after two rounds, including a 63 which was one shot off equaling the course record.

Track and field athlete Jaydin Hofatt with his CALTAF team finished 3rd in the 4x400m hurdles at U20 Nationals, and finished 6th individually for 400m hurdles.

Golfer Kylin Fraser (r) won the Collicutt Siding Boys Division with a round of 76.

Grayson Taylor was awarded the Most Outstanding Offensive Lineman of the IronWill Football Camp for Senior High Lineman.

Kaizen U14 Softball Team will be representing Alberta in the Western Championships in Winnipeg, Manitoba Aug. 8-11.

Lacrosse player Oliver Betteridge wins City Championships – LAX Midget – C division. Oliver got the call up as a Bantam affiliate the night before and scored the winning goal.

Lacrosse player Lewis Betteridge wins City Championships – LAX Novice – A division. Lewis is one of the team captains.

Dymitri Pavlove's baseball team (Calgary Blues AAA Babe Ruth) finished second at the North West Prairie Regionals in July. Facing off against teams from Alberta, BC, Washington, Wyoming, Montana and Idaho.

Matthew Davis was selected to represent the AJHL at the Junior Club World Cup in Sochi, Russia. The tournament will take place from August 23-31.
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By the Numbers - July

3 Double Leg Hop: Chase Felguieras (8.51 m) / Carmen Izyk (7.38 m)
10m Test: Mack Bannatyne (1.592 sec) / Carmen Izyk (1.660 sec)
30m Test: Mack Bannatyne (4.022 sec) / Carmen Izyk (4.161 sec)
T-Test: Youssef Abdalla (7.250 sec) / Carmen Izyk (7.266 sec)
PC Test: Dawson Hill (50.5 lengths) / Ainsley Jordan (46 lengths)

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