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December 2018

This Month's Featured Athlete

Marisa de Groot
13 years old
Gymnastics - High Performance Status
Marisa de Groot happened upon gymnastics by chance. At the age of 4, she attended a summer day camp. A coach from the competitive side asked her to come over to their side. At the end of the day, the coach spoke to her mom about joining competitive gymnastics. As she had a lot of fun, she said yes! Almost 10 years later and Marisa’s passion for gymnastics continues to grow. “I love to move and flip,” she says. “I love the excitement of when you learn a new skill, or when you hit that routine when in competition. It is the greatest feeling ever”.

With a short-term goal of making the National Team and a long-term goal of going to the Olympics, Marisa seems to be well on the path to gymnastic success. In 2017, she attended her first Nationals, winning Gold with her team. The next year she was National Champion on the Uneven Bars at Elite Canada, and placed 8th all-around, thus giving her High Performance status. Most recently, Marisa returned from her first international competition in Marseille, France where she placed 1st on bars and floor, 2nd on beam, 4th on vault and 2nd all-around.

Marisa sees great benefit in her training at the Athlete Factory, “it helps me get a lot stronger for gymnastics, and my coach is amazing,” she says, “I learn a lot from going there”. “They have also helped me come back from a big injury 4-6 months earlier than anticipated,” she adds. Her conditioning goals are ambitious, but specific and achievable to align with her gymnastics goals. Marisa only came to the Athlete Factory after suffering a serious hamstring avulsion, an injury many athletes in her sport never recover 100% from. It seemed unlikely she would be able to compete at all in France. Athlete Factory’s distinct work in posture and coordination allowed not only a speedy recovery but significant performance benefits within the process.

At such a young age, Marisa is very profound with her outlook on sport. “You need to believe in yourself, and do the best that you do. You should be doing the sport because you love it, not because you want to win, or beat someone. Because then that will get boring and if you don’t win, you will be sad, and you shouldn’t be sad, because if you did the best you could do, that is all that matters.”
Concussions Matter! We are proud to offer a full-service Concussion Clinic!
- Up to 10% of contact sports athletes will sustain a concussion every season.
 -87% of boxers have sustained a brain injury. 
- 50% have little to or no knowledge about concussions.
- Among female athletes, the leading cause of high school sports concussions is soccer.
- Most concussions do not involve losing consciousness.
- Nearly every concussion causes whiplash.
- 40% of athletes with concussions return to play too soon. 
- Kids are more susceptible to concussion injuries. 
- Concussions are not just from sport.
Through our partnership with Complete Concussion Management, the Athlete Factory Sports Therapy Clinic strives to provide our patients with evidence based:
  • Concussion Assessment 
  • Concussion Treatment & Rehabilitation    
  • Coach and Trainer Education
  • Return to Work & Play protocols
  • Multimodal Baseline Testing
  • Teacher & Parents Education
Baseline tests measure areas of brain function that could become affected following a concussion. If and when an athlete sustains a concussion, we can compare their post-injury state to their baseline parameters to ensure:
  • An accurate diagnosis is made
  • Complete brain recovery**  
  • The affected brain area is determined 
  • Safe return-to-sport
**A second concussion prior to full recovery of the first may cause long-term or cumulative brain damage. Without a baseline test, clinicians cannot determine brain recovery.

  • Medical history & symptom score
  • Visual track & processing speed
  • Balance & orientation
  • Delayed recall 
  • Concentration & auditory memory
  • Strength & motor performance
  • Reaction time
  • Neurocognitive testing
We offer team and group rates!
CALL 403 255 7703 to book
Services offered: Chiropractic | Physiotherapy | Massage Therapy | Acupuncture | Shockwave | Concussion Management | Laser | A.R.T.
New Personal Training
Packages Available!
We are now offering 10 session discount packages for our one-on-one and semi private personal training, as well as 3 month discount packages for our group personal training.

Savings of up to $200!
All our regular 30, 50 and 100 session packages and 6 and 12 month packages are still available and at even better rates. Talk to your coach about the package that is right for you!

Check out Some Outstanding Accomplishments from Our Athletes

Goalie Matt Davis makes the Team Canada West final roster ahead of the 2018 World Junior A Challenge.  

UFC fighter Hakeem Dawodu is the main card event in Toronto on December 8th. 

CFL Roughrider Mike Edem makes free-agent All Star team. 

Soccer player Kalen Park makes the Canadian Premier League watch list. 

Chloe Elliott has committed to Lindenwood Women's Lacrosse. 

Tess Domes signs with the University of Lethbridge Women's Rugby Team. 

Regan Kane and Shae Corasiniti, with their Calgary AA Rouge ringette team, won the Saskatoon Bernadette Price Memorial Tournament and the Edmonton Wood Tournament.

Imogen Valias-Hall placed 7th in Western Canada for Irish Dance and is off to Nationals.

Did we miss highlighting your accomplishment? Have a newsworthy 'win'?
Speak to your Lead Coach and they can ensure you are included in our next edition!
By the Numbers - November
3 Double Leg Hop: Alex Wong (8.48 m) / Abigail King (7.4 m)
10m Test: Tobi Gbobaniyi (1.508 sec) / Ella Clayton (1.7 sec)
30m Test: Tobi Gbobaniyi (3.875 sec) / Brooklyn Stephen (4.319 sec)
T-Test: Tobi Gbobaniyi (6.878 sec) / Ella Clayton (7.707 sec)
PC Test: Chudi Obi (47.25 lengths) / Ella Clayton (47.5 lengths)
Important Dates
November 17th at 2pm
November 26th at 8 pm
December 24th - 6am-12pm
December 25th - Closed
December 26th - Closed
December 31st - 6am-12pm
January 1st - Closed

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