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June 2019

This Month's Featured Athlete

Danny Williamson
Martial arts: Jiu-Jitsu, Judo, Soccer, Volleyball
Danny Williamson grew up playing most team sports in junior high and high school, including captaining his school soccer team. From a young age, he also competed in Jiu-Jitsu and Judo, and with the opportunity to train in Japan for two years he went on to achieve black belts in both martial arts. 

Danny first came to the Athlete Factory 2.5 years ago, looking for some help with his recovery from a sports related hernia. “In my search for answers, over the course of three years, since the beginning of my injury, I had seen around 25 specialists from a variety of backgrounds and settings. Most had trouble diagnosing my injury and almost all had no idea how to rehabilitate it. What I noticed about AF from my research before contacting them was their definitive approach to training and rehabilitation and their interest in working with athletes with injuries. From my experience, many places did not have this type of rehabilitation knowledge,” explains Danny. Since joining AF, Danny’s initial sentiments have only been reinforced and strengthened. He goes only to say that what sets the Athlete Factory apart are their training methods, their research is current, and their collaborative approach. 

Performance Coach Dan Balsom explains our approach to rehabbing Danny. “Our key focus with has been utilizing our specific knowledge on posture and dynamic core stability. This ensures that the major core stabilizers are doing the role required, distributing forces more evenly through the area, and addressing lifestyle imbalances which can negatively impact muscular imbalances. It is these imbalances which cause a large proportion of injuries that occur in everyday life and sport, e.g. back pain, knee injuries, ankle injuries etc.”

Danny’s goals when starting with us were simple, to be able to participate once again in activities that require any level of physical exertion without aggravating his injury and to avoid surgery. At first, even bending over to pick something up would exacerbate the injury. Danny gives credit to his AF coaches for how far he’s come. “I have had previous experience working with trainers in the past, but not like what I have been experiencing / learning at AF. I am now sprinting and lifting heavy weights, using proper technique. They have played a huge role in restoring my confidence and peace of mind,” he says.  

Initially our programming focused on addressing base strength levels, all the while ensuring Danny was maintaining lumbo-pelvic integrity and posture. This is critical, as the scientific literature shows that even 4+ degrees of flexion can have a huge impact on injury rates (Chaudari et al, 2014), and typical back squats have been shown to have up to 26 degrees of flexion (McKean, Dunn and Burkett, 2010). Balsom further explains that “our rehab programs always have to be based on a slow progressive build, taking a test and measure approach. Once Danny had built base strength levels, we began to integrate controlled dynamic work into the program, importantly still addressing coordination and posture in every task. This focus has allowed us to ensure Danny does not need surgery for his injury, and he is now jumping, sprinting and completing everyday tasks without further issue.”

When asked what he would say to others considering joining the Athlete Factory, Danny asserts that “Whether you are joining to improve results in a sport, rehabbing an injury or both, you will need to practice consistency, persistence, and patience to achieve your goals. I have learned a lot about patience through this journey. Trust in the process. You will see results. You’re in the right place.”

Our Sports Therapy Clinic welcomes our new Physiotherapist Mark Robertson

Please join us in welcoming our new physiotherapist, Mark Robertson. Dr. Robertson attended Arkansas Tech University in Russellville, USA on a golf scholarship. During his
time in school, he competed in a number of international competitions. After completing two years in the States he moved to Lethbridge to complete his undergraduate degree, where he graduated with a BA in Kinesiology.

Dr. Robertson then traveled to Australia, where he attended the University of Canberra, Faculty of Health. He graduated with a Master in Physical Therapy and moved back to Calgary to begin his career. He has special interest in spinal manipulation and treating sports injuries, whiplash and low back pain. He has taken courses in manual therapy, spinal manipulation, whiplash management and acupuncture, including Kinetacore dry needling.

In his spare time, Dr. Robertson enjoys golfing, snowboarding, playing squash and hanging out with his dog Winston.
Services offered: Chiropractic | Physiotherapy | Massage Therapy | Acupuncture | Shockwave | Concussion Management | Laser | A.R.T.
*Note: Not all our services/practitioners may be available for online booking. If you do not see what you are looking for CALL 403 255 7703 to book.

New On-Ice Energy System Programs

We are proud to announce our first ever on-ice energy systems development program with the creation of Final 20 Hockey Energy Systems. 
The final 20 minutes of the game and the final 20 seconds of your shift, these are the critical times when…

● Your team needs you the most
● Your reliability is tested
● You are closely watched by the scouts

Every player looks impressive at the start of their shift, but it’s the players who stand out at the END of their shift who get noticed...

You’re expected to be at your top level ALL game and ALL shift, and we expect to get you there!



Wednesdays July 3 - August 7, 2019
4:30 - 5:30 pm

Current AF athletes $210
Non-AF athletes $270 
Drop-in rate $50

Mondays July 8 - July 29, 2019
1:30 - 2:30 pm

Current AF athletes $140
Non-AF athletes $180
Drop-in rate $50
LOCATION: Flames Community Arenas, 2390 47th Ave SW

TO REGISTER: Email or call (403) 255-7703 with name, contact info, date of birth, level played and position.

FOR MORE INFO: Email Matt Howatt at or call (403) 200-8787.
*Spots are limited, register by June 17th.

A Stronger You: A Case for Barbell Training

In case you missed it the first time... our barbell seminar is back again. 

June 12th at 730pm at The Athlete Factory.
With so much information about health and wellness floating around on social media, it can be overwhelming to determine what is effective and what you should be doing. So many of our personal training clients have come to us after years of 'searching'. Turns out life is better, easier, and more enjoyable when you're stronger. To that end, the 'search' usually results in starting down at a barbell.

This presentation is designed to cut through the noise and tell you exactly what you need to know and why you need to know it.

In this seminar, you will learn:
- The unique benefits of strength training vs cardio
- The negative effects of not strength training enough
- How much activity should you be doing each week
- What "functional training" actually is and isn't
- What is so special about barbell training compared to other strength training methods; and why you should be incorporating it into your own exercise program
- Why barbell training isn't just for athletes

Join us as we share some perspectives on why barbell training is so often overlooked as a foundation to a great life. 
To Register & Secure Your Complimentary Seminar Spot

Check out Some Outstanding Accomplishments from our Athletes 

Marla Wheeler makes the Canada Junior Ringette Team. 

Christian de Groot and his lacrosse team for win the Lethbridge Floor Buster Memorial Tournament. 

Marisa de Groot finished 4th on the Beam at the Canadian Gymnastics Championships.

Long Drive Golfer Dan McIntosh is competing in the Atlantic City Boardwalk Bash. 

Gracyn Steeves and her team placed first in tech team, first in free team and first in combo at the Canadian Synchro Championships. 

Sydney Winder and her team placed first in routine at the Canadian Synchro Championships.

Jenna Roach, Jayla Seymour and Emily Speers had an amazing swim, placing 13th with their team at the Canadian Synchro Championships.

Joey and Charlie Andersen had personal bests at the BC Provincial Synchro Championships.

Joey and her team placed 1st in routine and she placed 4th out of 19 competitors in the solo event. Charlie and her team placed 8th and she placed 14th out of 80+ athletes in the figure event.

Jaydin Hofatt, Hannah Saver and Joban Khuber all achieved personal bests in City Championships for track.
Did we miss highlighting your accomplishment? Have a newsworthy 'win'?
Speak to your Lead Coach and they can ensure you are included in our next edition!

By the Numbers - May

3 Double Leg Hop: Dawson Hill (9.02 m) / Julie Randall (5.83 m)
10m Test: Jordan Innes (1.675 sec) / Emily Toole (1.790 sec)
30m Test: Travis Thorhaug (3.974 sec) / Julie Randall (4.887 sec)
T-Test: Sam Sabine (7.006 sec) / Abby Whidden (8.410 sec)
PC Test: Jordan Innes (48.5 lengths) / Julie Randall (43.75 lengths)

Important Dates 

Mondays at 8pm
Saturdays at 2pm
July 1st - Closed
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