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Name: Dawson Hill
Age: 16 years old
Sport: Alpine Ski Racing
Level: U18/FIS

How long have you been skiing for? And what keeps you motivated in this sport?
I have been skiing since I was three, racing since I was eight. What keeps me motivated is simply the desire to do better and to improve my points over the course of the years. I also just love the sport.
Who has been your biggest influence in your career?
Both my coaches within my ski club ( and at the Athlete Factory. All of my coaches of my career have always been so supportive of me and pushed me farther than I thought I could go.
What is your most memorable moment as a skier? And what are your greatest accomplishments?
My most memorable moment as a skier would have to be the first time that I won a race, it was the first race of the season when I was thirteen, I can still remember my time and the feeling I had reading the results board and seeing no time that topped mine. Due to many of my races being regular and not very special my greatest accomplishment would have to be placing third at the Canada Winter Games 2015, let alone simply qualifying for the event. It was my first multi-sport event and I hope I will get to compete in more events of that nature over the course of my career.
How has training at the Athlete Factory affected your skiing? What's the biggest difference you notice as a competitor?
When I first started to train at the Athlete Factory I noticed a huge improvement to my skiing and my results. The first year I came here I began placing in the about 20th place I made small improvements the next year and started to place top ten, top fifteen. The next year I was placing top five most of my races and I was feeling my confidence building every year, that was the year I achieved my first podium at the season closing race in Panorama. The next year was when I won my first race. The biggest difference I noticed as a competitor was that my confidence in my skiing ability rose exponentially every year, I always felt better about how I was doing than I did before.
What is your ultimate goal in skiing?
My ultimate goal in ski racing would be to attend the Olympics, it is such a hallowed multisport event that it is something I can’t help but make it my goal to qualify for.
What advice can you give young skiers who aspire to get to your level?
I know it sounds cliché but, never give up. Period. There were times when I really wasn’t happy with my results, the first year I started to come to the athlete factory I was on the brink of giving up ski racing simply because I wasn’t getting the results that I wanted. As I got older and my results started to improve it also got harder, the times started to get closer at races and I had to remember that my competition was getting better as well. In order to make it to your goals and be the athlete that you want to be you have to train harder, work harder and push yourself though it no matter the cost and don’t let anything stop you. There will be times when things don’t go right but that happens, you have to pick yourself up and push through it. “The only easy day was yesterday” that’s the motto that I live by because you need to know that in any sport there is always someone out there that is training to beat you. You just have to train harder to beat them.




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Athlete News

Michelle Salt won 2 silver medals at the Paracycling Nationals.

Coleman Vollrath’s of the Victoria Royals, WHL, sets franchise record for most wins.

Isaac Bot (lacrosse) verbally commits to UMass Lowell 2017.

Sheldon Rempal is leading the BCHL in scoring with 28 points in 14 games.

Noah McDonough and his St. Francis High School football team secure the number 1 spot in the country.

Brad Aldridge and the UofC Dinos Rugby take Can West.

Julia Fox, Sharnae Sedres, Kennedy Morgan, Rachel Barlow won U14 Club Canadian National Soccer Championships.

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