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Welcome to the October 2014 edition of my newsletter :) With Halloween being yesterday, I realized that to release my newsletter when I planned, earlier this week, might have it go unnoticed - we are all just so busy doing our prep for October 31st. So, I chose to hold it off and release it today. The bonus is you, my readers, will receive 2 this month!

Fall Into Autumn

With October, came the fall weather: storms with winds and rain and quiet walks in the falling leaves. I actually love this time of year when the hustle and bustle of summer life slows down. I feel it's the month that we all get to breathe in and enjoy the days leading up to Halloween before the panic of Christmas shopping slips to the front of our minds.

Let the Words You Speak Set You Free

I am a sensitive soul who tries to live my life in truth. In the past, I've wondered if my truth confused people, or made me seem complicated. Nevertheless, as I've aged, I've slowly shifted to ignore this question. I work hard instead to try and stay focused on the process of embracing that me that needs to be set free; the inner voice that deserves to be heard. I've honed in on the necessity for me to stop giving power over myself to others. I've embraced the quote that my Dad, Gord, told me long ago: "You can't keep trouble from coming, but you needn't give it a chair to sit in." I've seized hold of my life's reins, stopped allowing any influence from negative voices and done what I needed to do - focus on me in a both productive and demonstrative way.

Now don't get me wrong, I'm still human and I'm always learning. So, like any obstacle that is placed in our pathways of growth, I can still trip over the "snakes in the grass". These days, I tend not to linger anymore on self-defeating thoughts, or get caught up in another's drama - I am there to support, but I'm no one's punching bag. My recovery times is lessening - yay! My mission is to stay true to the fact that I'm not anyone’s puppet. Trying to stop another person from pulling on my strings while I try to break free has been, at times, exhausting. But, please let me share here that I overcame when I learned to pull just a wee bit harder than they could so I could snap the imaginary strings ;) I also began to smile at those who try to bring me harm in their path to self-destruction. My smile might upset them since they portended I was weak, but my smile will protect my inner self from being trampled. I honestly hope that they too will find that for themselves – to have that moment of revelation - or as Oprah likes to call it, the "Uh-huh moment". I just don't let them drag me into their battle. Please hear me, I understand that we are all souls searching for a place to rest in gratitude and love. I think we all should recognize that at any time a person can decide to change their ways for the better. So, I give deserving second chances without hesitation or limitation now. Try it yourself, my friend, open your arms wide and be gifted with the surprising gifts you might find there from broken person, who just needs a friend.

Find Your Own Voice

I encourage you to embark on on your own journey too, to find out who you are inside and liberate that unique you to the world , without fear. Hear me when I say, it's refreshing to not worry about what other's think!

I invite you to read my article, Hope - My Parents' Divorce on my websiteKim Friesen - Mogillow Arts, so that you can read some intimate thoughts regarding my own father's departure from my life 43-years ago. His walking away had a permanent effect on my life, but it helped me as a survivor of abandonment to face other curve balls thrown my way. Reading it may assist you in working through your own life's pauses, and I'd be honored to bare my soul knowing it has helped to set you free.

Thank You to Both My Husband and You My Readers

I take this moment to say a special thank you to my husband for the countless hours he's spent as my personal confident. He would be rich if I'd paid him counseling sessions for each time I poured over myself and the life I'd lived up to this very moment. He's comforted and supported me and let me ask and answer my own questions, without judgment, and I am so grateful to have him in my corner. Without his guidance and love, I would be way behind on being "me".

I may have given others the impression that I shared a lot about myself before I launched my website - Kim Friesen - Mogillow Arts and writing these newsletters. Yet, at the root of it, I used to be rather tight lipped about who I was deep inside and what my true thoughts were of others and the situations that had transpired. Setting up my website to show case my writings; however, has helped set me free and allowed me to let out who I am inside. I'm indebted to you my readers that you accept me for who I am and do not judge me, thank you. If I scare you with my statements in any way, just remain by my side, we'll get through this together :)

My thirst is unquenchable when it comes to being an authentic "me". I hope my writings bring you closer to you too being okay with sharing your brilliant and beautiful self as well. Fear not of another's judgment, for as I said above, for most is but a projection by a person because they are not letting themselves conquer their thirst for being themselves.

If you are new to my website and newsletters, greetings! I'm honored that you're reading my writings :) Check out my previous monthly newsletters too on my websiteKim Friesen - Mogillow Arts.

In Gratitude,

Hold onto my heart
           As it all
           But disappears
           Into the depth of hell
           The cavernous retreat deep inside of myself
           As I stare face-to-face with lies and heartache
           Twisted moments I can never reinvent
           Stagnate yet cyclic as they churn hurt upon me

           I feel my breath sucked out of me
           My life derailed from passion and hope
Let me heal
Hold onto my heart
           As all I have come to know
           In the outside world falls away
           As I try to release my struggles
           And receive your love and kindness
Stand with me now, encase me in your strong arms
The wane
Disperses aches that seem endless
Hold onto my heart
           As silence
           Encapsulates me
           Damage surrounds and tries to overpower, repugnant
           Despair tries to eradicate my emotions
Hold even tighter to me, please
Pull me towards you now
            Hold onto your surfer riding this wave of discovery
            Wipe the tears that flow
            Take heed that the venomous words I speak
            Are not yours to own
           Let my healing begin
Seek comfort as now grasp you tighter
Know that this is
All I ever wanted
                        You beside me, strong
Stand with me and witness to my transformation

Share in the good will
Stand with me in this moment 
And let the deep love I feel but have never expressed
Surround us both
Remember that
I have always been
And will forever remain

© Kim Friesen

"Truth is everybody is going to hurt you:  you just gotta find the ones worth suffering for."

Bob Marley

I so agree with Bob on his quote. We, as a whole, need to stop wasting our lives worrying about the "not worth it" people. It's more important to ensure that energy is used instead to respect and treasure those who truly matter; those souls who love us for who we are and who are not interested in making us someone we are not. Remember to make amends with only those not worth letting go. Never compromise your needs!
Wasted Time

Many years ago, when I lived with one of my best friends, we were listening to our stereo and 2 songs immediately connected to us. As a lyricist, I instantly became enraptured with the Eagles' song Wasted Time and for her, whether she remembers, it was the Eagles' Desperado song. We both sunk our teeth into the words the Eagles sang and could relate. For me the title of my song itself spoke volumes to me.

Fast forward many years later, and I still relate to my song in the exact same way. It still makes me cry, allows me to bear my soul and able to tap into those emotions living in the depth of me. I love to sing it in solitude and let each word swallow me. Belting the words out to my animals makes me feel incredible and at ease. Yes, my animals are my unconditional personal audience who squint their eyes, wag their tales and make me feel that I am brilliant, lol. Of course, my husband and little boy support my moments of emotional descent as well. My little boy loves to hear his momma sing :)

I would suggest if you haven't found your own little audience who does not judge, do it now. Sometimes singing is not about others, but about what we ourselves tap into thus allowing ourselves to grow. Music is a strong part of all of us in some unique way. Let yourself fall into a song and shake free any cobwebs or blocks on your path of growth that is trying to destroy you.

As an example for you of how I let my song, Wasted Time (and now a host of many more), soothe me and make me think about my life, just read the next paragraph.

If you don't already have the Eagles' song Wasted Time in your library, download it now. Sit quietly and listen to each and every word and then ask yourself, "Have you ever been afraid that it's all going to be wasted time?" Not just with friends and love interests, but even with jobs, school, neighbors, etc. Allow yourself to let these thoughts embrace you so you can honestly assess if there are any areas in your life that have produced wasted time. The next step is to take active action to address these areas and make them more productive. There is always the hope, of course, that after pondering things, you see that today is the day that "maybe someday we will find, that it wasn't really wasted time". That the trials and tribulations that we go through in life  are necessary for growth; that we needed to go through a tough time to get to the place we are today. Try it with a song that resonates with you and see what road of self-discovery you may be taken down.

To Desperado, if you're out there somewhere reading this, this Eagles' song should remind you now that if you haven't found beauty and fulfillment in your life, it's time now to reach for that and "come down from your fences". You deserve nothing more.

A Song I Wrote and Sang at a Songwriting Workshop - RAW!

I wrote a song and listening to it tonight made me realize that even in its raw form, untouched, I needed to be brave and just throw it out on the wind to let it fly on its own. Please check it out on YouTube and remember not to listen for the musicality of it, but the lyrics. I cry when I play it on the guitar still to this day. I realize that for Janie and Johnny despite the things that happened to them, there was always a reason to believe - to not give up. I don't want to tell you what happened though, so I encourage you to have a listen to Comin' Undone by clicking on the title below or by visiting Kim Friesen - Mogillow Arts where you can find it too :)


Tough Mudder

I did it, wahoo! I officially joined the elite and ever growing class of Tough Mudder finishers. I ran it with returning Wholly Fit mudders and us new to the challenge Wholly Fit mudders. The part I enjoyed the most about Tough Mudder was the innate sense of teamwork. The coming together of both minds and bodies of all the mudders, young and old, was inspiring. I had so much fun! Going out on the circuit, we all believed that we could do it. We were nervous sure, but we were also there for fun! We all came together as a conducive unit and overcame our individual fears and met each of our individual goals.

At Wholly Fit, we always set goals and choose events we are going to do together or cheer for our Wholly Fit family if we are able. As you know, I have done some previous mudder races (not as long or intense), but I also did the Kusam Klimb, Goddess Run, Oak Bay Relay and more. My fellow bootcampers have their goals too. including that run 1/2 marathons, marathons, triathlons and the mudders too with me. I personally love seeing Wholly Fit cheerleaders supporting me in my activities and take this opportunity to thank them :)

Above all, I love working with Jenn. She gets me and has my best interest at heart always. I'm appreciative of that, more than I could express in mere words. Jenn's cognizant of the road I've traveled down to find her and she knows that we are building a solid foundation together. I appreciate my fellow Wholly Fitters too! I'm committed to each of them and to each goal we set out together to conquer. No matter what anyone says or does, I have their backs and I like to think they have mine too :) Personal growth and fitness growth has its own unique challenges. So, I'm lucky to have a great group who supports me on my journey. The Tough Mudder crew actually meets soon to determine our next team goal - stay tuned!  

I have to give a shout out too to my Wholly Fitter friend, Sarah, who is working with me on my nutrition. Sarah is a wealth of insight and direction. During the last few months of reducing my meds, getting the flu and preparing for Tough Mudder, I dropped a few pounds that for me I can't afford to lose. With Jenn's support, Sarah is helping me back to my strong spunky self -during my Wholly Fit Challenge, Jenn nicknamed me Tigger :) Thanks Sarah!

As I said, I did my first Tough Mudder, I am so pleased that despite coming down with a flu 2 weeks prior and fighting it both at the race and after the race, I was able to rely on muscle memory. In other words, the hard work I'd put into my event training, allowed my body to handle the event and surmount this goal.

Have you thought of what your next goal is (I'm not even thinking fitness wise, but even emotional). Set out to conquer it. My twin brother, Shawn, and I text each other back and forth often now. He is working to get fitness back into his life. Get a buddy who supports you and let that support be another wing beneath your feet. Keep striving to crush your goal and have fun while doing it. A good laugh before a tough obstacle can do a world of wonders to make surmountable ;)

Below are a selection of my mudder photos. I hope you enjoy them as much as I enjoyed the race with my team, our fearless leader Jenn and my ever supportive husband (who came with me as driver, photographer and cheerleader extraordinaire for our team)!
Recipe To Enjoy
Kim's Clean Eating Vegetarian Chili:

Caveat this is my homemade recipe! There are no fancy pics to make it look enticing. Just know it smelt my house up in a delicious scent and tastes like heaven! I don't expect you to follow my tastes, so do what you like - add extra, or add less. In other words, make it your own special version :)

We had a night at Wholly Fit recently where we were asked to bring recipes we'd made to exchange that were fast and easy to heat up on a cold winter's night after an inspiring bootcamp. In other words, something that was ideal to serve the family that was quick and easy - a heat up and serve.

Now first I have to be honest and say that I have a master chef for a husband, not ticketed, but his dishes are to die for.  In saying that though many are not aware that I too can cook and I'm actually pretty good. So, yes me NOT  my husband made this personal version of vegetarian chili.  I think off the top of my head when I cook, so it's always different.  Below is the basic ingredients and directions for this batch.  You can make up a big batch ahead of time, put it in the freezer and bring it out to quickly warm up. You can add a  slice of fiber filled bread as a side to it too!



3 teaspoon or so of olive oil
Small can organic corn
Small can organic black beans
2 small cans pinto beans
About 1.5 - 2 cups cubed  squash
1/2 cup chopped organic onions or one large (I mean large) shallot
Chili powder
Sprinkle of Tabasco sauce
8 or so okra
Yellow pepper chopped
Red pepper chopped
1 small can of organic no salt tomato paste
1 large can of organic no salt tomato's (28 ounces) - 28 ounces
Pink Himalayan salt to taste
Pepper to taste
A few jalapeno flakes or a couple pieces of raw jalapeno cut fine


In olive oil, cook onion (or shallot), okra, and garlic for a few minutes. Add red and green peppers., cook for about 30 seconds. Add tomatoes, tomato paste, corn, pinto beans, black beans and squash. Bring to boil, reduce immediately to simmer. Simmer for about 3 hours or until tomato skins are soft.

Adjust spicing as necessary and bon appétit!
Are you looking for a boot camp to "be the best version of yourself" and live in Victoria, BC? If so, check out Wholly Fit's website at and sign up. 
Look What I've Found

This is a new section that I unveiled in last month's newsletter.  It's for passages, words of wisdom, books and websites. Anything that I feel is worth sharing.

Last month was for a member of my Wholly Fit family, Kate Zealand, and her personal coaching website, Zealand Coaching.

This month I'd love for you to check out my big brother, Ray’s, website, Love Your RV
Starting in September a lot of snow birds all over the world begin to fly south for a winter in warmer abodes. Ray and his wife, Anne, are two of these people. His website is not just for us here on the West Coast in Canada, but for any of my readers in other parts of Canada, US and the world.

Ray takes loads of pictures of spots they've boondocked or camped at, which he posts on his website, Love Your RV. It's also full of blogs, tips, ideas, how to videos and trip reports. There is a wealth of information for both beginners and seasoned camper and RVers alike! Even if you are not a full time RV'er no worries, just go to Love Your RV and bookmark it for next season's camping trips (or for things to work on in your trailer/camper this winter).  

You'll also find pictures of the star of my eBook, Angelina Beaglina Saves Summer.  Click here for your free exerpt of her book now! 

Feel free to drop me a line anytime at and I'll be glad to forward the name of his website if you forget. Or visit Love Your RV anytime and let Ray know your thoughts, opinions or ideas. You can even contact me and I'll pass them on to him if you prefer.

Now sit back my friends, relax and enjoy this wonderful website! 

Love Your RV!

Next month is November. I'm busy working on my stroke eBook and hope to release it next month or early December. To my faithful subscribers, when I do I will be offering you a free copy. Taking the time to subscribe to my newsletters deserve a reward and so I'm happy to pay it forward to you for your support. It means a lot to me. To those who have not subscribed to my newsletter, no worries, I appreciate you too and understand why you choose not to subscribe. I am honored that you take the time to read it on Facebook. All of you, please feel free to share it with your friends and if they like it, encourage them to subscribe, read it, share it - whatever they wish to do. I promise I won't bug them!

For now my friends, I hope you had a Happy Halloween yesterday! Tonight is the night that we get to turn back the clocks an hour! That makes my heart sing, lol!

Until next month,

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