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Power of Numbers
Dear Clients & Friends of SH International:
Channel your inner geek, or borrow some of ours: Mathematically speaking, which of the following two scenarios is more powerful for your business?
Emerging Markets Expansion: Large, under-tapped, exponentially growing markets of consumers, compounded by increasing spending power.
Home Sweet Home: Already squeezed fruit may have remaining juice. Get ready for Herculean fights over share of a relatively slow-growth market.
Virtual Business Relationships
Social Media Numbers
Face-time is so critical in emerging markets business that it is easy to question the value of social media. How can social media possibly have impact in an environment completely driven by in-person relationships!

Experience and observation have taught us that this commonly held view is faulty.

After all, the Arab Spring was fueled by demonstrations organized through social media. With such dramatic restructurings of global power orchestrated through social media, it is impossible to argue that it  has limited applicability in emerging markets.

Here is the key: while social media does not come close to having the power of face-time in a relationship, it can be the precursor to a face-to-face relationship.

With billions of strangers out there, social media can be a great way to identify and get to know like-minded people before committing to a face-to-face meeting. We have met in person with collaborators and new clients on different continents as a result of our social media presence.
Send us your LinkedIn, Facebook, and especially Twitter handles so that we can get to know you! 
Social media is all about the power of numbers. However, the majority of people you want to meet may not be using it, so consider it a complementary, not primary, method of networking.
5 Strategies for Building Emerging Markets Partnerships
Sara for the Forum for International Trade Training
Numbers that Fund Visions
Regardless of size and length of operating history, our clients have this in common: they boast an entrepreneurial environment, and can make agile and effective decisions.
For entrepreneurs just starting out, the most viable way of financing their vision may be tapping into the Power of Numbers through crowdfunding.
Help crowdfund our pro-bono client, Sote Tunaweza Initiative. Empower women in emerging markets through leadership & entrepreneurship institutes.
Get cool perks, like an invitation to an exclusive DC-area "African Style" party that we will sponsor in the Fall, and a limited availability of discounted coaching sessions with Sara- all proceeds to Sote Tunaweza.
Some Advantages of Crowdfunding:
-You retain control, ownership, and future profits- in most crowdfunding platforms, you do not give equity
-On many crowdfunding platforms, you offer perks in return for contributions. Perks can include samples of product or service, which can help build and validate customer demand
-This creativity-driven funding process is also a marketing platform. This creates synergies which help entrepreneurs maximize limited resources
-Much crowdfunding is vision-based, without need for historical financials or due diligence. So it is a more accessible funding source for new entrepreneurs than debt, PE or VC funds.
Safe & Healthy Travel to Emerging Markets
Reflections from Sara (@HaqCast)

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