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We announce the 2015 Middle East Power Expansion Program, and explore the themes of gratitude and collaboration.
Dear Clients & Friends of SH International:

November is a special month. The leaves have yet to fall from the trees in the Mid-Atlantic region of the US where our company is based, and have taken on many hues of red, yellow and orange. Also, it is the month of Thanksgiving, one of the most popular American holidays. 
This month, we would like to thank you for engaging with SH International. We are honored to have the privilege of being in this business. It gives us the opportunity to share our gifts - our unique hands-on implementation strengths, multilingual capabilities and emerging markets business know how - to improve our clients’ profitability and positively impact the world.  To show our gratitude, we made a donation to a non-profit organization to provide ten deserving American families with the means to put a special feast on their Thanksgiving table. While we are planning emerging market charity projects for the future, we have decided that giving begins at home.
2015 Middle East Power Expansion Program
Power up your global sales

We are proud to announce the 2015 Middle East Power Expansion Program. This is the first of three programs to dramatically increase the international reach and visibility of your company’s service or product. In the future we will launch the Latin America Power Expansion & East Asia Power Expansion Programs.
The Middle East provides tremendous opportunity for US companies, with a growing population of over 400 million consumers that need your service or product. There was an overall positive GDP growth in the region during the last seven years, particularly impressive since these years include the Global Financial Crisis and the Arab Spring. While some countries have yet to recover or are facing significant difficulties, others like Turkey and the United Arab Emirates present incredible opportunity. Many consumers in this region can afford to buy premium products, and view American products as the ultimate status symbol.
A company for whom we successfully established Middle East distribution channels is New Jersey based Pure Inventions. Jerry Cionci, President & COO states: “Our favorite part about working with SH International is their expertise and ability to penetrate complex international markets that many companies would either not pursue initially or would take a great deal of time to plan to pursue. SH International has accomplished this relatively quickly from our perspective.” For details, see our case study.
The Middle East Power Expansion Program is comprehensive. It includes region-specific market analysis and establishment of a viable pricing strategy. We also create localized foreign language marketing materials to ensure that your company’s value proposition is clear and transcends language barriers. We market your product or service extensively to potential partners and buyers in private meetings, and through other high-impact channels. Our out-of-pocket travel expenses are included in this highly cost-effective program.
We limit this program to 15-20 clients to ensure that your service or product gets the concierge-style attention it deserves. Ten of the slots for 2015 are filled. Companies which sign up by 12/31/2014 will receive a 10% discount on fees for the 2015 Middle East Power Expansion Program. Send us an e-mail for more information or to request evaluation for inclusion.
Competition vs. Collaboration
Joining forces to achieve incredible results

Businesses tend to view other companies as competition, too quickly excluding the possibility of creating invaluable synergies. It is definitely important to understand your competition in order to highlight areas for growth as well as potential pitfalls. However, we suggest that our clients complement a competitive analysis with an in-depth collaborative analysis.
A collaborative analysis involves understanding the various parties that your company is connected to or can connect to. It considers how you can enable these parties to reach their objectives, while simultaneously increasing the likelihood of accomplishing your own. It also involves examining how to establish and deepen those connections. Relevant parties may in fact be competing businesses, but that does not mean that you cannot also effectively collaborate.
A major part of our everyday job is creating partnerships for our clients to alchemize their goals into reality. We are continually assessing their collaborative strategies, actively reaching out to new partners for them, and helping them establish deeper relationships.
The following are some examples of how we collaborate to enable our clients to meet their objectives:
-We work with investors to seek funding for our clients
-We seek to understand distributors’ needs and preferences to bring global reach and revenues to clients
-We leverage a proprietary network of specialists and partnerships to bring deep expertise to emerging market projects across different regions and sectors
-We interface with government agencies to help navigate trade restrictions
Our preference for a collaborative business style is influenced by our focus on business in emerging markets, where relationships and interconnectivity are at the core of every business transaction.  Accomplishing objectives at any level in these markets necessitates collaboration.  Even large, multinational conglomerates that have the resources equivalent to a small country will collaborate with competing companies - for instance, to lobby a ministry for more favorable laws in their shared sector.
Get all of the latest news on our emerging markets business ventures and adventures by following us on LinkedIn. It is also an easy way to support us as our business grows, and we greatly appreciate it.

We expand businesses into emerging market countries through hands-on consulting services. Half of global commerce is now conducted in emerging markets, and access to these markets defines the future prosperity of US companies.

We offer multilingual expertise with practical experience in five continents. We go beyond theoretical market analysis, operating on a results-oriented basis to open up emerging market opportunities to companies of all sizes. We leverage a proprietary network of resources, specialists and partnerships to achieve powerful results.

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