Corinna Horvath has a partial remedy for police violence 18 years ago
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"I am quite blown away that it has actually happened. It's them admitting they did the wrong thing, and I think that's important because they did do the wrong thing."

Corinna Horvath was 21 when police raided her home unlawfully.  She was tackled to the floor and punched in the face up to a dozen times by police, leaving her bloodied and unconscious.  Her nose was broken and she was hospitalised for 5 days.

She took the police to court and won, but under current Victorian law, the police force is not liable for the misconduct of on-duty officers.

Further, none of the police involved has been disciplined or prosecuted for what the court found to be trespass, assault, unlawful arrest and false imprisonment.

A win for
Corinna Horvath!

Remedy Australia celebrates its first big campaign success: an individual remedy for Corinna Horvath, who has received a written apology from the Police Commissioner, Ken Lay, and compensation for the violent and unlawful police assault on her 18 years ago.

Thanks to all of you who supported Corinna's right to an effective remedy.

The UN Human Rights Committee decided that Corinna ought to be compensated, which has now occurred, but it also said Victoria needs to change its laws to prevent similar human rights violations occurring again.  Anyone else assaulted by police should not have to wait 18 years for a remedy.  Victoria Police  should be liable for the conduct of its officers, as is the case in other Australian states.

Furthermore, the UN says Victoria Police needs independent and effective procedures to investigate and discipline police accused of human rights abuses.

What Corinna Horvath went through should never happen again.  To fail to provide an effective remedy is itself a human rights violation (ICCPR, art 2).  The UN says more needs to be done.

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Thank you.
Nick Toonen OAM
Remedy Australia
Dr Olivia Ball
Remedy Australia

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