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Adrian Anderson Ph. D., author of books and articles on anthroposophy

January 2017: Exploring Aries in Rudolf Steiner's lost zodiac,

 Last year I announced the publication of my book presenting my re-creation of Rudolf Steiner’s great Stuttgart zodiac, painted in 1912 but destroyed in 1937. This month we shall explore the image for Aries.


This image is from the zodiac painted on the ceiling of the  Stuttgart centre. It shows a very evocative image for Aries, being a masterly transformation of the traditional symbol of Aries, having two horns of a ram’s head. The two horns here are now two interfaces of the human being with the world around them, thus showing two faces in profile. The outermost face is gazing at the sense world, whilst the inner face is gazing into a radiant spiritual realm.

This image is directing our attention to a spiritual perceiving (or seership), in addition to the normal sensory perception. This part of the zodiac, in the Stuttgart ceiling design, is about our consciousness in a distant epoch, and it is pointing to a future time when we can see into spiritual realms as the normal state of consciousness. This way of depicting such seership takes on a deeper meaning when we know that the Aries person of today has a natural capacity for  ‘inner seeing’, so to speak.


That is, she or he subtly perceives ideas, and then acts on them. The urge for activity, which is so strong with Aries people, starts with an idea, an idea which they usually have perceived more clearly in their mind’s eye, than other people. Rudolf Steiner tells us that thinking clearly and intuitively about spiritual truths is a kind of subconscious clairvoyance. This Aries image is a meditation on such truths.

All the best until February,

Adrian A.

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