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Adrian Anderson Ph. D., author of books and articles on anthroposophy

Feb. 2016: Our  Soul  And  Our  Solar  System

Rudolf Steiner once told an audience that “Anthroposophy is a path of knowledge which leads the spiritual in our soul to the spiritual in the cosmos”. A very useful way to understand this sentence is to contemplate the link between the planets and our inner life, that is our soul, or ‘astral body’. The astral body is derived from the great sun gods, the Spirits of Form, long ages ago. But in addition to this, our soul has astral energies in it which ray in from the planets. All of this forms our new aura or astral body, as we begin the journey down to a new earthly life.

So although our soul has its threefold dynamics of thinking, feeling and will, it also can be seen as a sevenfold reality. And this has many important implications for us. Our so-called Double or lower self can therefore also be seen as sevenfold, as Rudolf Steiner informed a group of people during an esoteric lesson. He then hinted at the extraordinary fact, that as people spiritually develop, they are also having an impact the solar system, ennobling it spiritually.

This dynamic is best understood through an anthroposophical approach to the horoscope; for example in the relationship of Venus to Saturn. Venus is present in our astral body as our ‘sentient-soul’ or emotions; and higher Venus energies underlie the Spiritual-self. Saturn is present in our astral body as a subconscious karma-awareness, and at its best, this gives us intuitive insights into our life..

If Venus is in a positive angle (called a ‘trine’) to Saturn, then the soul quality this creates, is psychologically defined in the Horoscope Handbook - a Rudolf Steiner Approach, as “sincere spiritual insights ennoble the emotions”. In such a person, the ‘spirit-intuitiveness’ or spirit-closeness of Saturn (its ‘Geist-Innigkeit’ in Rudolf Steiner’s words) refines and inspires the emotions, creating a capacity for wisdom within the feelings.

But if Venus is in a negative angle to Saturn (called a ‘square’), then the negative soul quality this creates, psychologically defined, is “karmically inhibited emotions oppress the life”. In such a person, the capacity for the emotions to intuitively sense one’s own emotional needs and desires, is clouded over; leading to a feeling of being isolated from other people.

If you want to learn more about the effect of the planets on our psychology, my book, the Horoscope Handbook - a Rudolf Steiner Approach is useful. It is the only comprehensive book based on an anthroposophical approach to interpreting the horoscope. It is available in many book-stores or from, etc. If you wish to know more about the sevenfold Double, my book, The Way to the Sacred has a commentary on the rare esoteric lesson involved here.

For more about these themes, see my book: the Rudolf Steiner Handbook  (available from Steiner book stores, Amazon/Book Depository, etc)

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