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Adrian Anderson Ph. D., author of books and articles on anthroposophy

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May 2015 The Etheric Body and the Ethers In The Atmosphere

As I mentioned last month, the ethers and the human etheric body have a very significant role in Waldorf Education, in Bio-dynamics, and in anthroposophical medicine. But knowledge of the etheric body and its connection to the Earth's ethers is not easy to find in anthroposophical literature.

Rudolf Steiner taught that these four types of ethers encircle the Earth's atmosphere at some height, in four distinct bands or layers, and direct their influence down here in the air layer, see the accompanying diagram. In 1920 he described the Earth's ether body as having a structure formed of five layers, reflecting the four ethers, and also at the top of the Earth's ether body, a second warmth layer, a kind of cosmic warmth layer. There is now a new way to understand this topic.

Through a study of scientific research into the upper atmosphere, I have been able to correlate Rudolf Steiner's indications regarding these ether bands, to fascinating phenomena occurring in various atmospheric layers, like the 'noctilucent clouds' or the Aurora. This research explains why various mysterious phenomena occur in the atmosphere in distinct layers. Then it becomes clear that our etheric body is a replica of the Earth's ether body. This subject is discussed in detail, with illustrations, in The Rudolf Steiner Handbook by Dr. Adrian Anderson:

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