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Adrian Anderson Ph. D., author of books and articles on anthroposophy

September 2016: The spiritual challenge for our emotions: a Goetheanum window

Rudolf Steiner arranged for unique graphic revelations about the Path to Self-initiation to be carved in the nine windows of the Goetheanum. The scenes in the windows are profound, but personally relevant for anyone on the spiritual path. For example, the south Green Window portrays the polarity between a deeply spiritual heart and self-centred, sensual illusory desires.  For the person on the path to self-initiation, it is crucial to become aware that their normal emotions, feelings, and wishes can be imprisoned by ego-centric, illusory yearnings. The South Green window depicts this awareness by showing a person in a burning fire beholding divine beings.

The central panel presents a spiritual seeker who is seeing through various earthly illusions, derived from Lucifer, in their emotions and desires, and now realizing that these are a barrier to experiencing the higher, eternal self. So, what was previously considered to be quite acceptable, indeed very desirable, and a source of pleasure, now is seen to be too sensual, too illusory, too self-indulgent, and dependent upon transient sense-world stimuli and sensations. It is just this lesson that the gesture of the three pure and noble Angels are pointing out to this person. Their ‘gesture’ is suggesting the joy and inner peace which purity and real spirituality brings to a person.

The side panels tell us how the overcoming of illusory desires radiates noble spiritual energies up into the germinal Higher Self, awakening and empowering it.
My new book, The Meaning of the Goetheanum Windows, provides the first comprehensive and clear explanation of these striking images, showing them as they were originally intended to be, in regard to their shape and colour, for the first Goetheanum.

In large A4 format, 95 pages, available in either paper-back or hard-back from many bookstores or the Internet:this link will take you to this book on Amazon:
The Meaning of the Goetheanum Windows 
All the best until October, when another new book of mine shall be announced,

All the best until then,

Adrian A.

For more about these themes, see my book: the Rudolf Steiner Handbook  (available from Steiner book stores, Amazon/Book Depository, etc

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